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We are just a few hours post-release of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, and we're wondering what your first impressions are of the game. We posted our fist impressions earlier today, along with some gameplay video.

Vote in our poll and be sure to leave a comment on what you think of the game thus far!

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# 1 CT Pittbull @ 07/14/15 08:34 PM
Its a good game on the links. You have to crank up the difficulty and make it hard on yourself to get a challenge though. Just not enough there to warrant my 60 yet. Courses look nice but not NEARLY enough of them. Same thing with golfers to choose from/PGA pros. Just not enough to pick from.

I will wait for the price to drop
# 2 oakevin @ 07/14/15 11:40 PM
Looks great,sounds great, LOVE the on screen HUD,looks clean ..... plays a real smooth game of golf. Yea,its lacking content but if they support it the way they did UFC we are going to be just fine. Overall, everything is better about than I expected
# 3 Behindshadows @ 07/15/15 06:26 AM
Love the gameplay and graphics...not enough content...
# 4 JHedges2 @ 07/15/15 09:19 AM
Really mixed bag of results on that poll. Very interesting...

I'm sure it's a good game, and the graphics from what I've seen look great. But I just can't justify $60 for a game that (seems to) lack so much with regard to # of courses, golfers, and 'options' when creating your own golfer.
# 5 ricky24 @ 07/15/15 09:27 AM
Gameplay is fun. I'm like 5 hours into my trial. Can't justify 60 bucks though. Just not enough to it.
# 6 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 07/15/15 11:05 AM
It's not that the game is bad but I was expecting a lot more. Still not clear on what the Frostbite engine is supposed to be doing for this game.......
# 7 mykull85 @ 07/15/15 01:02 PM
As others have said whether this game is worth $60 comes down to what they will add to it more than what it currently is. I bought UFC new and I have to say EA built up a ton of Goodwill on me with that game. That being said The Golf Club is a far better value right now.
# 8 Retropyro @ 07/15/15 01:09 PM
Feels like NHL 15 again. Bare bones, lacking content. If more content is to be added later to make it worth the purchase, then I'll wait. The trial was enough to make me wait.
# 9 chi_hawks @ 07/15/15 02:40 PM
I got it for 50 on amazon. Supposed to be shipped today. Anxious to see if its as bare-bones as others are making it sound.
# 10 Vermin @ 07/15/15 08:17 PM
The putting is starting to grow on me a bit. At first I couldn't stand it, but after getting a little more used to it I'm more consistently one- or two-putting holes again.

The online multiplayer feels atrocious. Sure it's nice to see the other golfers on the course, but it is strange to see them lining up a shot while I'm putting myself. Waiting for other members of the party to finish a whole is mind-numbingly boring. You can see them on the green in the distance while the scorecard is displayed but there's nothing happening to keep you entertained while you wait. No replays, no interesting facts about the round, nothing.
# 11 UMiami @ 07/16/15 10:53 AM
I would like to know everyone's thoughts on the sound affects. Wow.

Easily the worst sounding golf game imho. Gallery/nature sounds great. Ball/club sounds are laughably amateurish
# 12 woody2goody @ 07/16/15 04:54 PM
I'm really enjoying it so far. You can still hit the ball far too straight though. When you do mis-hit one it's usually left or right by quite a lot but for me there's little middle ground especially with the Pro golfers.

I enjoy the putting even though it took me a few rounds to figure it out properly.

The commentary is really good and actually helps you a lot with your approach to certain holes.

Obviously more courses and golfers need to be (and probably will be) added later. The courses that are there look very nice though.

A couple of issues with Career Mode:

The creation of the golfer is laughable for a game that used to have hands down the best creation suite available in a sports game.

Also the fact that you can't see full leaderboards in tournaments so you can see how other golfers are doing.

Overall the game is a 7.5/10 for me so far, could be an easy 9 with good DLC that we don't have to pay too much (or anything) for.
# 13 KnightLax27 @ 07/23/15 10:10 AM
i wont buy a golf game that doesnt have the masters

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