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Mebius and Clarice Games are planning to bring Bases Loaded to the PlayStation 4, according to an image posted on Mebius' website. Both companies are based in Japan, and Clarice Games has previously worked with fellow countrymen, Hamster Corporation, to help port other old Jaleco properties (like Exerion and City Connection) to the PlayStation 4 as a part of Hamster's ongoing "Arcade Archives" digital series.

Bases Loaded was a big hit for Jaleco in the late 1980s, beginning its career at Japanese arcades and on Nintendo's Famicom in 1987. Bases Loaded later came to the American NES in 1988, and appeared on the Game Boy in 1990, though that handheld version was missing the franchise's famous behind-the-pitcher camera perspective.

It's unclear which version of Bases Loaded Mebius and Clarice plan to publish, or if they are even attempting some kind of remake, but a straight port of the arcade version seems most likely, given the recent style of Hamster's "Arcade Archives" titles. Past entries in this digital-only series have released first in Japan at a price of 823, then arrived weeks (or even months) later in America for $7.99, if they leave the Land of the Rising Sun at all.

Even if this Bases Loaded reissue stays in Japan, it can still be downloaded on an American PlayStation 4 by creating a Japanese PlayStation Network account. And if you want to satisfy your nostalgia right now, you can currently download the NES version of Bases Loaded from Nintendo's eShop for $4.99.

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# 1 Peter_OS @ 07/16/15 09:24 PM
I remember spending countless hours playing this game on my NES. Brings back memories.

Ahhhh the Good Ol' Days of sports gaming!
# 2 videlsports @ 07/16/15 10:47 PM
LOOOL I can hear the music every time lol. OKO, PASTE, or Marcus homerun... LOOL

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