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The mere mention that there is an outside chance of limited collegiate branding in NBA 2K16 has made plenty of folks excited. So with that said, we want to gauge your feelings on a potential return of college games in the future -- do you want it? Do you care? How soon would you want one?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what sports you'd like to see come back as collegiate sports video games...

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# 1 tripleh1142 @ 07/17/15 09:55 AM
I would have purchased a PS4 if NCAA Football was still being produced. I'm not a Madden(or NFL really) fan so I miss having a college football game.
# 2 Broke Box @ 07/17/15 10:01 AM
Give it to me now
# 3 elgreazy1 @ 07/17/15 10:04 AM
We desperately need options. Oddly enough, I'm not a fan of college football, but felt that NCAA was a better product than Madden.

I mainly used NCAA for Team Builder and creating my own custom league/dynasties.
# 4 jb12780 @ 07/17/15 10:17 AM
Should they? Absolutely.

Will they? Remains to be seen.

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# 5 Cowboy008 @ 07/17/15 10:32 AM
I hope it returns. I had more fun playing NCAA than I did with Madden and I'm a big NFL fan.
# 6 Branchurian @ 07/17/15 10:39 AM
Much needed, it hurt that NCAA was canned. At least there you had plenty more options, updated equipment and a deep franchise. It also gave us another option besides madden. I also like the fact battling online you wouldn't see the same 4 superpowered teams often. Sure everybody would roll with Alabama or Oregon, but they didnt know what they were doing, the scary guys were the ones who repped the alma mater. Good times, I miss having options.
# 7 lbrown531 @ 07/17/15 10:49 AM
NCAA sports should make a complete come back. I like the NFL game, but not a big fan of the pro game. love college sports and all the tradition that comes along with it. I was really disappointed when Ed O' Bannon came up with this nonsense. Those avatars look nothing like the individuals they claim to portray. He was just broke and needed money. It wasn't about principle! I was always with the idea of college players getting a little extra to get themselves through college. But don't ruin my fun at your expense.
# 8 fballturkey @ 07/17/15 10:49 AM
Abso-fricking-lutely. I still play NCAA more than I play Madden, and I even pop in the last college basketball game for a season right before the real season starts.
# 9 drugsbunny @ 07/17/15 11:03 AM
Madden is pretty useless to me due to the fact that I don't have players to draft from my college game. I would have been happy if they allowed you to use the draft class for ncaa 14 on this generation madden. Same thing with 2k. I love to 2k15 but still play nba 2k8 and college hoops 2k8 simply so I can run players through college an then draft them to the nba.
# 10 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 07/17/15 11:25 AM
Is this a trick question lol? Of course they should return! My life has been voided from July through late August ever since NCAA Football met it's untimely demise smh. Granted the game had its issues but I always enjoyed the NCAA series over Madden. As far as College basketball, College Hoops 2K8 is still one of the best sports games to date! We need the return of college sports games desperately.
# 11 Cabish @ 07/17/15 11:27 AM
No!..not in the future. Right now dammit
# 12 Peter_OS @ 07/17/15 11:52 AM
Do you even have to ask??

YES YES YES! Please!
# 13 micdaduke21 @ 07/17/15 11:56 AM
I would absolutely love to play NCAA Football on PS4 I think the experience and gameplay would really be enjoyable with the graphics now being so crisp and smooth. The stadiums would be a sight to see and all the traditions of certain historic programs would really come to life. Recruiting would be fun and interesting on a new platform as well. Lets hope the legal issues can be ironed out so these games can come to the next gen consoles...
# 14 beedl001 @ 07/17/15 12:00 PM
Without question collegiate athletics should return to gaming.
# 15 gjb @ 07/17/15 12:05 PM
Absolutely. My mid-summer is ruined without EA's NCAA Football. A 2K College Hoops on the Next gen systems would be unbelievable!
# 16 Ziza9Noles94 @ 07/17/15 12:17 PM
Yes, yes please!
# 17 NC12 @ 07/17/15 12:21 PM
The discontinuing of NCAA Football hurt worse than when my gf left me... That pretty much sums up my answer.
# 18 Thrash13 @ 07/17/15 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by Aggies67
That pretty much sums up my opinion. I enjoy playing a lot of different kinds of games, but the college football and basketball games have always ranked highly on my list. My all-time video game wish is for a new college baseball game, but I've just about given up on that ever happening. So I'll turn my focus to basketball and football at least. Haha
# 19 CHIBHAWKSRULE @ 07/17/15 01:20 PM
Yea I'd like NCAA games back. If they dont oh well as I never was a total NCAA game nut but i did play them on occasion and variety in games is always good! Kinda like to see college basketball return a bit more than football.
# 20 countryboy @ 07/17/15 01:31 PM
I am dying for them to return. NCAA Football, Basketball, and heck I wouldn't mind a NCAA Baseball game as well.

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