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NHL 16 continues to build on their authentic arenas and atmosphere with signature effects and well known props throughout the league. Check out a few examples in the images below.

Buffalo Sabres - First Niagara Center

The scoreboard at the First Niagara Center will now shoot smoke from the Sabres’ logo after the home team scores or wins a game. With a revamped roster, the Sabres will look to light the lamp a bit more in the upcoming season after finishing last in ‘Goals For’ in 2014-15.

Columbus Blue Jackets

The handcrafted Blue Jackets goal cannon makes its debut in NHL 16! When the puck goes into the visiting team's net, get ready to hear the BOOM as the cannon will go off followed by smoke exiting its full-scale barrel.

San Jose Sharks - SAP Center at San Jose

Visiting teams will never feel safe at the SAP Center at San Jose. At the start of each home game, the menacing shark head of San Jose will raise to the rafters and will exhale smoke after each home team goal and victory. When the Sharks go onto the power play, home fans will also engage in the popular Shark Chomp as the team gets ready to play with the man advantage.

Winnipeg Jets - MTS Centre

After waiting 19 years for playoff hockey, the Jets returned to the postseason in 2015 along with the traditional Winnipeg Whiteout. Witness the whiteout in NHL 16 for every home playoff game at the MTS Centre.

If you missed the previously announced arena atmoshere details, check them out below.NHL 16 arrives on September 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

For those of you that have missed out on the recent news about the game, we've highlighted some of them below.For more news and media on the game, check out the NHL 16 page.

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Member Comments
# 1 tangomike88 @ 07/17/15 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by bigwill33
Wish there was a way to play in these arenas for EASHL.
That might not be entirely impossible, I believe depending on the jersey you pick that you will also get the arena, or so I am hoping.
# 2 Simple Mathematics @ 07/17/15 06:54 PM
I was reading through the stuff about Buffalo... and a phrase caught my attention. Don't be throwing out the term "revamped roster" loosely when it comes to the NHL series.

In all seriousness, this stuff is all very welcomed in my opinion. The whiteout looks awesome. I hope the Flyers have the Orange Crush for playoff games. Like I said before, it's a shame the Flyers don't really have anything unique about their stadium that I'll see at my home games. I'm jealous.
# 3 tangomike88 @ 07/17/15 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by bigwill33
Can't see it working that way. It never has in the past, you play at the EASHL arena.

They want it uniform and even for all team and players, more so than in any year prior. Picking an international team for the larger ice, or Winnipeg with the whiteout and towels, would not provide an even playing experience in most people's minds.

It shouldn't be impossible, but it I am pretty certain it will not be the case in NHL 16.
Sadly I can confirm you are right from an inside source.
# 4 MizzouRah @ 07/18/15 09:32 AM
Anything on the Blues and the Scottrade Center?
# 5 JimmyDeicide @ 07/19/15 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by MizzouRah
Anything on the Blues and the Scottrade Center?
Hopefully that annoying dinging bell for every blues goal and the crowd chanting 1, ding, 2 ding, 3 ding.

That would be cool as much as its hated by the away team I'm sure.

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