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With colleges seemingly in NBA 2K16 in some form or fashion, we still haven't fully figured out what exactly you'll be doing with several college brands in the game. An info leak earlier this week tends to point that you'll be playing as a college player in MyCAREER for a time.

So what kind of involvement do you think teams are going to have in NBA 2K? Will we get to play a season? A tournament? Only a couple of games of the tournament? Will there be any collegiate teams at all actually playable in the game?

Sound off by voting in our poll on what you'd like to see and comment on what you think is going to be the case!

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# 1 Cleve07103 @ 07/24/15 03:34 PM
I think because it will be a limited number of teams, there will be some sort of tournament style games and how you play affects teams interest.
# 2 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 07/24/15 04:20 PM
All major Universities to be included. Saw the leaked list of schools but I noticed some Heavyweights like North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, etc.. we're missing. I hope they at least get all the big time schools in. With Jordan being on the cover, they at least have to get North Carolina in!
# 3 Don Jon @ 07/24/15 04:45 PM
I would love a full season, with tournament, and the option to stay all 4 years or bounce after one. That would be nice, but I realize this is NBA 2k16, so I will keep my expectations in line with that. I voted for option C, but if A and B are in then I will be pleasantly surprised.

I'm just glad they have colleges in the game, and hopefully the modders on PC can expand it to include a full college experience.
# 4 zello144 @ 07/24/15 04:46 PM
I hope they don't force it on us what if I want to skip college and play overseas they have the Euroleague teams in the game I hope it's an option. Unlikey though
# 5 asu666 @ 07/24/15 04:48 PM
It's too much to ask, but I'd like NCAA 2K16.
# 6 ven0m43 @ 07/24/15 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by asu666
It's too much to ask, but I'd like NCAA 2K16.
Same as above, full version of College Hoops 2k.

At the least I'd like to be able to start my Coaching career in the NCAA with a lower D1 team, recruit my team/players, play a full season, conference tourney and then go to the big dance to win the national championship. Full selection Sunday show, what to watch for/match up overview pregame show, Halftime adjustments, post game highlights and highlights around the league each week. Ability to gain experience and a reputation around the NCAA/NBA based on my/team performance, leading to better coaching jobs in the NCAA or NBA, or even fired if I fail to improve the team after so many years. Full coaching history, with play style, coach/player relationship, salary, win/loss record, titles won, tournament appearances/final 4s.
# 7 Fifa fan 90 @ 07/24/15 05:39 PM
If they can do this I really don't get why they don't make a college football game even if it's extremely stripped down version... I would play it if it had like 25 teams...just my thoughts
# 8 miamidaddy @ 07/24/15 05:58 PM
I'd like a full tourney, but I hope we can play multiple years
# 9 Junior Moe @ 07/24/15 07:07 PM
I went full season even though I know it's wishful thinking. In all honesty, I'm just thrilled to see college ball (however limited) on this new gen. Cant. Wait. Hopefully more can be added in future years.
# 10 pietasterp @ 07/24/15 07:44 PM
I'm with the "full college game or I'm not interested" crowd. Positive first step, though, maybe?
# 11 fballturkey @ 07/24/15 08:02 PM
I'll be pretty surprised if it's more than a final four or maybe sweet 16. It's probably just going to replace the two or three pre-draft games you play now.
# 12 TGsoGood @ 07/24/15 08:54 PM
I'd like to choose from any of the colleges that are in the game database. I don't really care about playing one or two collegiate games with the one of the licensed teams if everyone will be forced to choose from the same list of like 12 schools.

I don't want to go on youtube and see every My Player choosing the same 2 or three schools because you are forced to choose a licensed school.
# 13 WishListGOD 1 OF 2 @ 07/25/15 03:22 AM
Depending on how many colleges are in the game that will decide how large the tournament is and where it will start. If there is a large number of schools expect a larger longer tournament but i doubt there will be a full season/tournament fake or not to many teams needed.
# 14 dirk.93 @ 07/25/15 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by zello144
I hope they don't force it on us what if I want to skip college and play overseas they have the Euroleague teams in the game I hope it's an option. Unlikey though
IMO You'll be able to choose between one of those 10 colleges or play in Euroleague, They have the license of 25 teams so i guess it's not an impossible thing
# 15 tril @ 07/25/15 05:26 AM
most like the ncaa tournament. it may start from the elite 8.
tournament time is when players increase their NBA stock/ draft positions. so I can see the way a player performs in the tournament, will determine where they will most likely get drafted.
this can also determine which teams a player will work out for. so if , they allot a limited number of points to a player, said player would have to realistically choose which team one can work out for.

I think the college mode is all about determining your draft value.
I do wish it were a complete CH2k game though
# 16 eaterofworlds888 @ 07/25/15 06:57 AM
I really hope Kentucky is on it. I can't be totally happy with it until then but it's at least cool they are trying to bring some back.

I too just wish it was a full CH2k game.
# 17 WMoore75 @ 07/25/15 11:11 AM
How About This, Since It's 2K16 They Should Have 16 Teams And You Should Start Off In The Sweet 16 And See If You Can Make Yourself To The National Championship Game.
# 18 HARLEE23 @ 07/25/15 01:52 PM
I can see it being a full season, maybe. I don't know if they have enough teams for a full season. However, it does say that you start in high school and pick your college so what are they gonna do skip months of the season?

Edit: I bet a lot of people will complain a full college season will take too long, so I can see it being the tourney or sweet 16 at the least.
# 19 strawberryshortcake @ 07/25/15 05:40 PM
On Topic:

For those that don't care, hopefully 2k would have a "simulate" option. For those that do, unrealistic expectation would be for a full season, and if not, a consolation prize for a full 68 team tournament.

Originally Posted by WMoore75
How About This, Since It's 2K16 They Should Have 16 Teams And You Should Start Off In The Sweet 16 And See If You Can Make Yourself To The National Championship Game.
That would be a consolation prize. It would be cool but hopefully 2k would further expand on that.

Off Topic:

Pet peeve of mine. Capitalizing the beginning letter or each word in a sentence makes things extremely difficult to read and digest. It took me about 2 minutes to read and re-read this post, and a 3rd time trying to decipher the meaning. Never knew why individuals do this on the internet. Hopefully, these individuals don't do this in the "real world."

Isn't it more difficult to have to hit the "shift" button each and every single time.

I'm going to retype it so it makes things easier to read...

"How about this. Since it's 2K16, they should have 16 teams and you should start off in the sweet 16 and see if you can make yourself to the National Championship Game."
# 20 Cusefan @ 07/25/15 06:37 PM
Id wager that it is the final four.

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