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In case you've missed it, you can get the EASHL Beta Right now on Xbox One. The EASHL mode's absence last year has certainly led to a lot of hype for this year's mode, and we're interested in how many OS'ers plan to partake in the mode.

Be sure to vote in our poll and let us know what your plans are with the mode!

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# 1 johnnyg713 @ 07/30/15 03:16 PM
Are the developers serious with the matchmaking lobby's? No drop in games where you can join up with 12 guys quickly and get right into playing. You have to join a club and sit in the dressing room with 15 people and wait until the game in progress is finished and hopefully you get a spot in the line up
# 2 snc237 @ 07/30/15 03:36 PM
Played handful of 2 on 2 games . Absolutely a blast. It's very nice the cpu is the same skill level as yourself, very hard to abuse them. Game balancing it's self is very good. Can't wait to play the full version but this is a great taste.
# 3 juice2142 @ 07/30/15 03:56 PM
can't wait to play. been two years since ive been able to play this on ps4
# 4 murph17 @ 07/30/15 04:43 PM
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Fell out of EASHL after the 2nd (maybe 3rd) year. Just didn't have time to grind like some of those guys. Not to mention many of them are just better on the sticks than me to begin with. they certainly didn't need any crazy boosts just to make me look bad. I just wanted to play with a couple of friends, but they still had the time to grind and get Legend cards. So I couldn't even just play with them without being the weakest link.

I had moderate success with NHL15 in H2H and HUT, really looking forward to playing EASHL again with friends and having a chance again.
# 5 juice2142 @ 07/30/15 06:19 PM
anyone know when the PS4 download will be available?
# 6 KennyJ1976 @ 07/30/15 06:23 PM
Happy for the guys that actually play this mode that its back but me personally I could give 2 @$?#% about it. Just give me a good career mode, a playoff mode, and some H2H online or off and I'm good.
# 7 ajs41072 @ 07/30/15 11:00 PM
Why are there no drop in games? You have to join a club with a number of people in it, and it seems like a club can only play one game at a time. So you're waiting more than you're on the ice.
# 8 Jet Sufferer @ 07/31/15 01:03 AM
# 9 bghost @ 07/31/15 01:14 PM
got my boys together last night we havent played in 2 years now, kicked off the rust and this will be the only mode I play and the only reason I purchase this game.
# 10 sir psycho @ 07/31/15 02:38 PM
If I get the game(I'm still undecided) I will try it out, but probably won't use it too much. I haven't played the mode since 09 when it was first introduced. I'm more of a Be-a-GM guy.
# 11 asu666 @ 07/31/15 03:28 PM
No, I'm a single-player franchise mode fan.
# 12 elgreazy1 @ 07/31/15 03:28 PM
I'd love to but I can't get the beta to work.
# 13 GlennN @ 07/31/15 03:33 PM
Strictly offline franchise sports gamer. No interest in playing online at all.
# 14 Skyflame21 @ 08/01/15 01:44 AM
No plans to play this mode. I'm a franchise mode guy. It would be nice to have the online leagues from a few years back again. Nothing like connect with some friends and playing through a season with your team... Working trades and free agency, trying to out smart your buddies. Definitely miss that. I'm not much of a BE A PRO type player.
# 15 BelfourThibault @ 08/01/15 02:56 AM
I've always been an offline type when it comes to sports games, and most games in general. That won't really change in NHL 16.

However, it's a lot of fun to get a group of friends in an EASHL league and have fun. Too many people take the mode way too seriously, but I've had a blast playing the mode in the past, especially as the night goes on and the beer flows. You may BE alone, but you're not really drinking alone if everyone on the team is cracking cans during intermission!
# 16 giantsharks @ 08/01/15 03:22 PM
I know this is a small sample size but maybe its a good indicator of what ea should focus on and thats gameplay and AI. I'm in the not planning to buy category and thats not because i dont love hockey or because i dont want a hockey game. I just cant play a hockey game where you just skate end to end and shoot or try to set up one timers. I dont deny EASHL is popular but i feel EA is missing out on people like myself, solo offline gamers or just one vs one matchups online.

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