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2K has just announced 2K Pro-Am for NBA 2K16, which is a new mode for MyPLAYERS. Check out the new trailer here.

2K Pro-Am will feature instant matchmaking, with no waiting and games will start immediately. That means, no "Got Next" spots in 2K Pro-Am.

Grab your friends, design your own logos, jerseys and arenas for full branding of your team. After your identity has been stamped, rise up the leaderboards with your team to compete against the best in the world in 5 on 5 matches on full-sized courts with NBA rules in a venue that supports 40 players playing simultaneously.

2K Pro-Am will feature daily, monthly and overall leaderboards with league leaders, power rankings and more. You can completely customize your team and create your own uniforms with the ability to change colors, number size, stripe configurations, collar types, mesh patterns, resizing text and logos (which can be imported) and so much more.

You can also completely customize your arena from the ground up by selecting from various jumbotrons, scorer's tables, baskets and sound effects. If you don't like a particular floor pattern, change it up (Herringbone, Honeycomb and more), along with colors of any line you can think of (out of bounds, key, center circle, half court, perimeter, etc.). Users can create customized text on the floors and sidelines, along with the ability to upload custom images.

NBA 2K16 2K Pro-Am Features:
  • Play with your MyPLAYER - Walk on or form a team with friends
  • NBA style basketball including timeouts and fouls
  • No waiting. Instant matchmaking against similarly ranked opponents
  • Fully customizable team designer, upload images or choose from customizable logos
Read the details, watch the trailer and let us know what you think!

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Member Comments
# 1 Clappington @ 07/30/15 06:04 PM
Im speechless... all I can do is

# 2 snocone @ 07/30/15 06:04 PM
My god, its full of stars
# 3 dxyyz1 @ 07/30/15 06:04 PM
so if you dont have a squad you play in the rec and if you have a squad you play in an arena?
# 4 Jumpman14 @ 07/30/15 06:04 PM
This will make a lot of ppl happy
# 5 MarvellousOne @ 07/30/15 06:05 PM
Well count me in!
# 6 Scramz718 @ 07/30/15 06:06 PM

XBL Scramz B
# 7 Rain816 @ 07/30/15 06:07 PM
Its a wrap.....THANK YOU 2K. Everything they announce from here on out is just added incentive for me to buy.
# 8 BA2929 @ 07/30/15 06:08 PM
Yea, but where's Crew?!?!??!?


This sounds amazing. I might actually try playing online this year.
# 9 XxSpiritHunterX @ 07/30/15 06:08 PM
Holy immersion.... We didn't get crew back.. We got something many times better
# 10 Jesus White @ 07/30/15 06:08 PM
Was originally going to ignore this like I ignored the rec center but wow. If there's minimal to no lag and I can find a group of people to run with then I'll be on this all day
# 11 Chadillac110 @ 07/30/15 06:08 PM
Thank you 2K
# 12 CaCHooKa Man @ 07/30/15 06:09 PM
# 13 charlesadams3rd @ 07/30/15 06:10 PM
So what does this mean for those of us without crews to play with? I wonder what the "walk on" with your myplayer means. Honestly, matchmaking was all I needed to hear.

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# 14 snocone @ 07/30/15 06:11 PM
I guess this why we shouldn't trust leaks to tell us the full story
# 15 jmkh @ 07/30/15 06:11 PM
im kind of confused....trailer shows 4 courts just like rec but we can customize courts and play in an arena? confused....
# 16 2_headedmonster @ 07/30/15 06:11 PM
Doooope. If online is smooth this might bring me back to myplayer for the first time since 2k11.
# 17 grodbetatted @ 07/30/15 06:11 PM
finally something i actually like about 2k... seems to replacing the jordan rec center and on top of that there is no wait circles... COOL BEANS
# 18 UH53 @ 07/30/15 06:12 PM
As a football fan this saddens me.... I feel absolutely robbed that we don't get anywhere close to the innovation that 2k puts out. I know it's wishful thinking but it would make mine and a whole lot of people's day if 2k got back in the game. Big ups NBA fans you can continue to enjoy the best sports title in gaming once again!
# 19 cima @ 07/30/15 06:12 PM
If we can use this customization mode for jerseys, logos, and courts for regular modes too...it's a wrap, this game will be GOAT.
# 20 cb1115 @ 07/30/15 06:13 PM
that track tho


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