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NBA 2K16's Pro-Am mode debuted to the internet this past week with generally positive fanfare -- but we're specifically curious as to what you plan to do with it.

Are you going to get a team together and try to top the leaderboards or will you be sticking to the more established modes? Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what you want to see from Pro-Am mode to change your mind (if you are a no).

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# 1 SandStream Gaming @ 08/01/15 07:22 PM
I will definitely be playing thus mode. Team Play is the best part of this game as long as you have people that actually play "Team Ball". The ability to customize every aspect of your team makes this mode that much better. The only thing i'm hoping for is to be able to be on multiple teams. I play alot of team up with LD2K and SlateBaseball23. So, i'm hoping I can be on a team with my friends from my home town too.
# 2 porkys8077 @ 08/01/15 08:12 PM
I will try it out first.
# 3 sactown_13 @ 08/01/15 09:46 PM
Depends on the details. If allowed to play with AI teammates im in. Have just a few buddies who play nba with me
# 4 Gilley @ 08/01/15 09:51 PM
Definitely playing it. The customization adds even more of an incentive to play the mode.
# 5 Cowboy008 @ 08/01/15 10:18 PM
I probably won't be playing it since I just play MyGM and MyLeague
# 6 Shadojoker @ 08/01/15 11:38 PM
Not really
# 7 Shadojoker @ 08/01/15 11:40 PM
All this customization they are probably saving for 2k 17...not interested in ProAm.
# 8 rbfn04 @ 08/01/15 11:41 PM
Never been an online guy, but will have to try this. For edits possibilities at least
# 9 Clappington @ 08/02/15 12:04 AM
Without a doubt in my mind this is my #1 mode for me. Played crew more in 2k10 played black top more in 2k11 (because of the hack players) but yessir its time to ball! im ready!
# 10 masterchaoss @ 08/02/15 01:16 AM
Didnít play crew, so I probably won't play this but the customization they did show off is awesome and gets me hyped for the other game modes that have it.
# 11 Trakkstarr315 @ 08/02/15 02:34 AM
If you can't call defensive sets and you "always have to" have 5 to play then no you can have that bs should be 2 players or more waiting to get 5 is just stupid to me than on top of that you have to wait because of 2k's dookie servers the cpu plays ZERO DEFENSE in crew now on 2k15 ps3 at least they did on 11 if you bringing crew back it MUST BE BETTER than 2k10 and 11 crew waited 5 years now let's see if you going to be legit or just more empty promises
# 12 Jerseysoldier973 @ 08/02/15 04:14 AM
I plan on making a Sharpshooting SF Baller and i want to build a crew on PS4 I have already pre-ordered 2k16 anyone who is interested that can shoot let me know..
# 13 Jusdpn78 @ 08/02/15 04:52 AM
No. Just want a robust season mode with real life presentation style.
# 14 CaseIH @ 08/02/15 05:23 AM
Nope, Im a offline player only so anything online really don't interest me any. 30 team Association mode is really the only thing I have any desire to play. If they clean things up on MY GM, where you can have control over teams making idiotic trades,signings, and lineup rotations then I will be very interested in that mode.
# 15 Austin_Schultz @ 08/02/15 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by Cowboy008
I probably won't be playing it since I just play MyGM and MyLeague
Same, people that play online are all ball hogs and buy their my players skill levels
# 16 South318 @ 08/03/15 02:42 PM
I'm most likely to play exhibition games to get a good feel and VC, then move over to MyGM and MyLeague. I really wish 2k would apply a trade logic slider or something to MyGM. But I guess that's what MyLeague is for. I doubt I play Pro Am Mode.
# 17 RipCityAndy @ 08/03/15 05:09 PM
The real question:
Will be be able to play Pro-Am mode.
# 18 georgiafan @ 08/03/15 08:23 PM
Like a few other people have said it looks like a cool mode but I will only play my gm-league. I will prob try it out a few times but that's about it.
# 19 grodbetatted @ 08/04/15 05:43 AM
It will be a mode I try out, but 2ks servers are what determines if I will continue to play it or not... Also the people who just run and gun and dont pass, will make this mode a hit or miss for me
# 20 asu666 @ 08/04/15 02:45 PM
No, I'm a single-player franchise mode fan.

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