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2K has just released the first in-game screenshots for NBA 2K16 showcasing the cover athletes Steph Curry, James Harden, and Anthony Davis.

To see the images in 4K, just click on them.

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# 1 Jrocc23 @ 08/04/15 11:02 PM
Like the new fan signs. Pics look good especially Davis.
# 2 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/04/15 11:02 PM
# 3 nova91 @ 08/04/15 11:03 PM
Somebody should have given AD some lotion before his body scan.

For real though, these look pretty good.
# 4 youvalss @ 08/04/15 11:03 PM
Faces look very realistic to me. Regardless of being 100% accurate or not, it looks good. Textures, facial hair, eyes. And I like the skin tones.

Would have been nice to see full body.
# 5 Da-Man @ 08/04/15 11:03 PM
I think they finally got the jersey fit right.
# 6 Elbowz @ 08/04/15 11:04 PM
Didn't think it'd really be possible for them to improve the visuals much from 2k15.....and yet they continue to do so. Very impressive
# 7 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/04/15 11:04 PM
That Curry is creepy real

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# 8 swac07 @ 08/04/15 11:04 PM
That steph curry pic is crazy.....as stated above the eyes, hair,fitted jerseys, even the new flesh tones are
# 9 youvalss @ 08/04/15 11:07 PM
^^ That wasn't necessary...
# 10 King_B_Mack @ 08/04/15 11:08 PM
These ninjas even got ashy elbows in the game. Dudes was on here talking about not being impressed by 2K's graphics and these fools got ashy elbows represented hahaha I'm done.
# 11 WaddupCouzin @ 08/04/15 11:08 PM
They have parts in the haircuts! Hopefully, my boy D'angelo Russell will have his as well.

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# 12 stillfeelme @ 08/04/15 11:10 PM
Yeah those 3-D body scans are legit. You come in Ashy Larry you will be Ashy Larry for the whole season lol.

  • I am glad they redid the hands they are much better this year. It made some of the close ups and halftime stuff with Doris look bad. AD has knuckle hair we have reached the point of knuckle hair in basketball games.
# 13 AceDawg5 @ 08/04/15 11:11 PM
Just filthy, well played 2k
# 14 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/04/15 11:12 PM
I want this game like right now
# 15 The 24th Letter @ 08/04/15 11:13 PM
Does AD have a Jergens badge where he can handle that ash at halftime?

In all seriousness, all 3 screens looks good....esp Curry
# 16 youvalss @ 08/04/15 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by nova91

What is the purpose of this?
It's like Johnny from Airplane....

Some people can't help it, I guess.
# 17 juicey79 @ 08/04/15 11:17 PM
DOPE!!! Skin tones look even
# 18 lakers24 @ 08/04/15 11:18 PM
God 2k has to do something about their afros textures as they have looked terribad. It looks like they just took the create a player hair and put it on Steph lol. The body scans is definitely noticeable in the Harden and AD pics though, the updated scans look really good. I'd love to see some of the rooks next.

P.S. please god let Glen Davis, Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, Jeff Teague, DeAndre Jordan, Rodney Stuckey, Robin Lopez, Jeremy Lin, Deron Williams, James Johnson, and Gordon Hayward be scanned this year. Also praying for rescans or atleast updates of Al Horford, Kevin Love, MCW, Noel, Jordan Hill, Jrue Holiday, and Omer Asik.
# 19 iNolaNightmare @ 08/04/15 11:18 PM
I know, I know I'm nitpicking, but I'm a little disappointed.

As you can see in the AD pic, the New Orleans arena (Smoothie king center) is still incorrect. Look how high the seats are off the ground. It's been that way as long as I can remember. Here's a look at the screen and an in game pic:

Don't get me wrong, the faces look AMAZING! Lighting looks improved, but I'm really curious to see how arena lighting looks. Crowd looks kinda dark in Harden pic, but then again that arena isn't very bright.
# 20 IGhostUlt @ 08/04/15 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by Elbowz
Didn't think it'd really be possible for them to improve the visuals much from 2k15.....and yet they continue to do so. Very impressive
What? You got to be kidding lol

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