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Steph Curry has just posted a quick NBA 2K16 video clip of himself in NBA 2K16, complete with mouth guard. Steph mentions on his Instagram that a Beyond the Shadows video is coming Monday.

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# 1 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/07/15 09:26 AM
Omg omg omg omg
# 2 MoneyOvaHuds @ 08/07/15 09:27 AM
# 3 Teddy_Long @ 08/07/15 09:30 AM
they didn't scanned steph's teeth lol

# 4 Dmanning2 @ 08/07/15 09:34 AM
2k trolling!
# 5 Dmanning2 @ 08/07/15 09:35 AM
this game is going to be great

# 6 jayman504 @ 08/07/15 09:37 AM
That looks really authentic...even down to the written message on his kicks "I can do all things"

If that's in the game I'm gonna enjoy cooking with Chef Harden and the "mixin the pot" shot celebration!!!
# 7 jeremym480 @ 08/07/15 09:40 AM
Whew! At first glance it looked like Steph had a tooth in the exact center of his face like Tom Cruise... but after inspecting it further it looks fine now. I guess I'll go ahead and keep my pre-order.
# 8 cthurt @ 08/07/15 09:41 AM
I'm usually very hard on 2k but I was impressed with everything about this short clip so much of the little things being captured in one small clip, well done 2k very impressive.
# 9 grodbetatted @ 08/07/15 09:47 AM
Looks good, but no trolling but the lighting just looks off he looks somewhat pink/purple
# 10 King_B_Mack @ 08/07/15 09:47 AM
That was nice. Very, very nice. Loving the addition of the Steph Curry ankle braces. Hope they haven't made that something that's locked just to Steph and make them available for everybody. 2K's accessory game is past due making it's step to the next level.
# 11 Bexthelegend @ 08/07/15 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by MikeGSW
The lighting on his mouth guard isn't right. We should see a reflection from the saliva. And I can't quite make out the molecules that form his nose hairs. His face is a little too fat and he has at least 15% more arm pit hair in that clip than he does in real life.

Perhaps if we discuss this for another 40 pages they'll rescan his teeth and nose hair?
Or would you rather 10 pages of you crying over people's legitimate complaints/concerns ?

Since obviously you're the guy who determines how many pages each topic should have dedicated to it. Might as well appoint you super moderator
# 12 baysday34 @ 08/07/15 09:50 AM
So I guess we just need to give up our fight over the lighting and graphics. Clearly they have not made any effort to at least bring back elements from 2k14's superior engine. While this is incredibly disappointing, and somewhat offensive considering the overwhelming requests from the community for lighting and graphic improvements, it looks like we just need to hang it up and hold out for another year
# 13 jayman504 @ 08/07/15 09:51 AM
Currently having a brainfart right now...at the end of this clip you see Steph close his eyes, past 2k's never had players blinking right? Not that you'll EVER notice while playing but a cool/creepy touch for replays ..lol
# 14 Sundown @ 08/07/15 09:56 AM

Definitely approaching uncanny valley. His eyes get really scary when he looks down and when the mouthguard pops out it somehow reminds me of some morph animation in a horror game, like Resident Evil.

Something is a little bit off about the likeness in the eyes, possibly because his eyelid folds often look "sleepier" or thicker in real life.

But that little side sneer-- that's so spot on. And one of the things I've wanted was for 2K to animate the wrist bounce in shot animations. SO NICE that they got it in his free throw routine.

Yes, this is me going into weirdly specific detail. I only watched him for several hundred hours this year.
# 15 Daddy123 @ 08/07/15 09:57 AM
Bad screenshot but I love the detail on his shoes.."I can do all things"

# 16 stillfeelme @ 08/07/15 10:00 AM
That was impressive.... Ish just got real! (All puns intended)
# 17 Gilley @ 08/07/15 10:02 AM
I love the little details they added. They go a long way.
# 18 Insight23 @ 08/07/15 10:03 AM
He sort of has Klay Thompson's complexion here but overall it looks great

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# 19 DIRK41NOWITZKI @ 08/07/15 10:03 AM
Ok I wasn't all too impressed with the screenshots but I loved everything about this clip. They got so many little details it's insane!!!!

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# 20 LeBron_On_Mars @ 08/07/15 10:13 AM
Great so lemme guess that the mouth piece addiction pretty much made this THE DEBUT "2K16 gameplay" since he's just walking up to the free throw line himself and no other players are shown

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