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We've learned quite a bit about Madden NFL 16 thus far. With Madden's release now just a few weeks away, we wanted to take some time this weekend and ask OS'ers what their buying intentions were with Madden NFL 16.

As things stand right now, are you buying Madden or are you a toss-up or are you a firm no? Vote in our poll and leave a comment on what your exact plans are!

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# 1 jb12780 @ 08/07/15 01:05 PM
Pre-ordered a couple weeks ago.

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# 2 abbysinthe @ 08/07/15 01:11 PM
Buying at midnight launch party.
# 3 Jershy88 @ 08/07/15 01:13 PM
I already preordered on PSN to play at midnight! I am a CFM guy and seeing how little information we were given I'm not expecting much to have changed. I'll play it for a few months then get bored with it probably.
# 4 tsbmolina @ 08/07/15 01:14 PM
Same Madden different number year, I'll pass.
# 5 Grey_Osprey @ 08/07/15 01:37 PM
Like the past few years, I'll wait for OS reviews, the first patch, and rent the game before deciding if I'll buy it.
# 6 Turbojugend @ 08/07/15 01:45 PM
Still on the fence for now. I really enjoyed Madden 15 and if 16 is much improved then I'll make the jump. If not, I've already got NHL and FIFA preordered.
# 7 Roguegiant32 @ 08/07/15 01:50 PM
Womp Womp Womp, Give it a month for all the bugs to be sorted out and everyone will see its no different then the previous 5 versions
# 8 trey2k198003 @ 08/07/15 01:52 PM
Cant wait!!
# 9 grodbetatted @ 08/07/15 02:03 PM
definitely getting it.. im probably gonna go digital seeing i have two xbox ones
# 10 KennyJ1976 @ 08/07/15 02:10 PM
More than likely I'll be getting it at launch, but this is the least hyped I've ever been about a Madden release. Depending on how I feel when I get it, this may be the last Madden I get for a while unless it gets a drastic overhaul. Each year I find myself playing it less and less. I'm more hyped about PES and FIFA than I am about Madden and as much as I love football, even I can't believe that. I wouldn't be surprised if FIFA has overtaken Madden in popularity and sales in the U.S.
# 11 underdog13 @ 08/07/15 02:25 PM
Wasn't gonna buy it but my madden 2005 for pc keeps freezing
# 12 carnalnirvana @ 08/07/15 02:26 PM
i'm optimistic based on what i have seen, but too busy to drop $60 on it....
# 13 Hunkerdown @ 08/07/15 02:46 PM
Went to play test at tiburon , getting copy for free.
# 14 Yukon46 @ 08/07/15 03:00 PM
Still on the fence.

If there is no changes to EDITING from Madden 15... I will probably pass...

The game always seems to find a way to ruin my CFM experience, without editing I will just play something else.
# 15 x LuvMESumME x @ 08/07/15 03:00 PM
Can't wait I'll be picking it up at midnight
# 16 DBMcGee3 @ 08/07/15 03:04 PM
Same as I am every year...gonna rent it for a month until the soccer and hoops games come out, and by then I should be pretty much fed up with it.
# 17 Hey_Am_Spodermen @ 08/07/15 03:05 PM
Was unsure earlier, but the hype is now real. I'll be pre-ordering the special edition
# 18 schnaidt1 @ 08/07/15 03:11 PM
I'm skipping madden for first time since 2002...Gameplay should be improved...however...its ea..so u know the spectacular catches are going to be waaaay over the top. Also...i dont like the little button mini games added to the passing...similar to what they did on defense last year...

Adding dynamic goals in cfm games to drive u to play different than you normally would is another horrible idea that feeds the arcade ppls desires but does nothing for us sim guys....ea claims they going sim...or are sim...but button mini games and dynamic goals are exact opposite of sim...

Hopinh next year they start from scratch and go back to gearing more towards sim
# 19 SolidSquid @ 08/07/15 03:13 PM
New Wr/DB interaction and penalties are cool but they still leave out things we have been asking for for years. CFM still has no life to it and just seems like a bunch of play now games strung together. I'll play for 10 hours with EA acess then make a decision.
# 20 darknmild @ 08/07/15 03:28 PM
pre ordered through PlayStation store. I play CFM and I always find away to keep it interesting to me. I don't think we will get much of an upgrade this looking for that come next year which is fine. Madden is a good game not a great game yet but its on way. I don't get down on the negatives and I don't go over the top for the positives. Works for me still playing M15 up to the Aug. 24th

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