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GoodGameBro has just posted a couple of Madden NFL 16 videos. One features the new pass controls, the other highlights player creation and editing options. Check them out and post your thoughts.

Madden 16 Passing Tips: How to Use the New Pass Controls

Madden 16 CFM: The Next Bo Jackson - Creation of Isaiah King

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Madden NFL 16 Videos
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# 1 Armor and Sword @ 08/13/15 09:54 AM
So no more left stick to control trajectory. Now we use bumpers and icons..plus an additional button press for RAC, Aggressive or Possession catch.

The trajectories look great. I also liked how sometimes the ball would flutter on the touch passes.

I still have always wanted a true route based passing system vs the rail system this seems to be. But that is Madden.

Looks good and a lot of fun. It should make the passing game more dynamic with the different catch options.

I can't wait to play it in game vs the drills (where it is more tuned to have far more success vs real game situations).
# 2 Fifa fan 90 @ 08/13/15 10:02 AM
Ultimate team is the root of all evil
# 3 FinsUp75 @ 08/13/15 10:09 AM
I like what I see re: pass control, TBD if it's implemented thoroughly. I'm hopeful.
# 4 Datninja619 @ 08/13/15 10:20 AM
Those catch animations for each type of throw looked very fluid!

Going to assume the game (and obviously practice) is played on the lowest difficulty. Majority of those throws had no business being thrown and the DBs just stared at the ball in the air.

Well, Practice mode isn't the best mode to judge defense, since it's just a "perform this action for credit"
# 5 Mauer4MVP @ 08/13/15 10:28 AM
The CAP's face looked really good. Maybe I just don't remember, but I don't think faces looked that good last year.
# 6 SageInfinite @ 08/13/15 10:32 AM
Was waiting on a video like this explaining the new passing mechanics. Smart thing EA is doing letting community guys do videos like this. Saves them the money, time, and effort, and gets these guys involved building their fan base. Good ****.
# 7 csamuelsvt @ 08/13/15 10:35 AM
Looks very fluid to watch and helpful indeed with the video.

Did notice that the DB(#23 on the falcons) at the end of the video speeds up/warps quickly to recover after Jackson beats him...wish stuff like that was out of the game as it isn't realistic.

Other than that, looks really good
# 8 l8knight1 @ 08/13/15 10:44 AM
I noticed in create-a-player there is qb and what appears to be new 'linebacker' style, although the guy who did the video didn't scroll in each to show us what that means/is. I hope QB styles are still in the game.

I don't necessarily like the concept of more button pressing when passing, as opposed to just the left stick control. Can't wait to get my hands on it though for a real review.
# 9 gabs485 @ 08/13/15 10:55 AM
I like the catching animations a lot but I'm concerned that the only way to catch a long pass in traffic is with the aggressive catch.

What about just catching the ball because you have a better position and are adjusting to the ball and the CB is clueless. Not every long pass is a jump ball catch.

Can someone confirm that the aggressive catch is not OP?

# 10 Luke Skywalker @ 08/13/15 11:11 AM
Editing- so we can now edit other teams players in CCM? Or are we stuck with a generated rookies that look terrible and wrong accessories?
# 11 schnaidt1 @ 08/13/15 11:15 AM
the passing animations look great, the qb animations are awesome and the way the receivers catch it look great...however....this video scares me...

he is throwing into triple coverage or double coverage multiple times and the wr comes away with it....i do not like that...i know they said they gave dbs some love...but i guess it doesnt look like it there...maybe its on super low difficulty...i just dont think you should be able to complete every pass in coverage if you throw the right pass and aggressive catch every time...

if...and its a big if....but if i get this game...it will only be if it is revealed you can turn off the aggressive, rak and possession catch button mini game...

and if you can turn off in-game dynamic goals for xp that i dont care about. it will ruin the experience for me..

but i will say the passing looks very nice
# 12 Godgers12 @ 08/13/15 11:21 AM
I read "Player creation" as "Play creation" when I first clicked on this thread. I was like, were they actually hiding that from us?
# 13 lakers24 @ 08/13/15 11:22 AM
Man, that aggressive catch seems like it'll be op in situations.
# 14 l8knight1 @ 08/13/15 11:26 AM
I noticed the where there was a high lob in the end zone at 1:43, the cb stays with the receiver (and the animation runs) but there's a safety there that should have laid the guy out, but he just goes on by...
# 15 redsox4evur @ 08/13/15 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by Shady Mike
Pass coverage looks God-Awful here smh. Here's to AGAIN going into a game hoping that Sliders can fix these issues...

Shady, I wouldn't be too concerned because it's only that practice/teaching mode. So they want to complete passes in this mode. And the difficulty is probably set to rookie or beginner.
# 16 SolidSquid @ 08/13/15 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Shady Mike
I understand that, I was referring to the gameplay clips tbh not sure I want to see my CB's getting Moss'd on every other play.
Honestly it's hard to tell. The gameplay clip was chopped up to show "wow" catches, but in most of the other videos on the site catching does seem to be OP.
# 17 elgreazy1 @ 08/13/15 11:49 AM
I will admit, this may be the first Madden I purchase since 2010. It's looking and moving great.
# 18 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/13/15 11:58 AM
I liked what I saw with the passing mechanics. The hope as some of you guys have mentioned that it isn't juiced in normal gameplay as it was last year with the DL/sacks. The creation/edit video was pointless because I know I'm not the only one who thought he was going to scroll through the accessories. I've been harping on equipment for so long now I'm sure it was the same stuff since 2010. How is NBA Live able to have the right accessories but Madden isn't? Anyway other than my gripe everything else wasn't too bad.
# 19 Cowboy008 @ 08/13/15 12:08 PM
Looks good. I just hope that the aggressive catches aren't OP.
# 20 giants665 @ 08/13/15 12:10 PM
Why can't they make a "create a player" that is actually improved? it's been the same for years like give the option to customize more and maybe fix the game face feature. pretty bummed we will never get a decent career mode as a player.

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