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Slightly Mad Studios have released Project CARS patch 3.0 for PC and PlayStation 4 users. It should arrive soon for Xbox One, we will update this post when it becomes available.

UPDATE: (8-28) - The Xbox One patch is rolling out now.

Below are some of the new and enhanced features of the patch. For a complete list of updates, read the final release notes at the Project CARS Forum (PC, PlayStation 4).
  • New – Friends Leaderboards – players can now toggle between viewing ‘ALL’ and ‘FRIENDS ONLY’ on the leaderboards screen.
  • New – Multiplayer Spectate Mode – players can now choose to ‘Retire to Pit Box’ during a race, and then spectate the ongoing race.
  • Enhanced MP vehicle grouping – online races now use real-world vehicle classes. This results in far better vehicle performance matching for online races.
  • Enhanced Setup and Pit Strategy system – players are now provided with information regarding current and upcoming weather, remaining session duration, current track temperatures, and more.
  • Enhanced HUD and Telemetry tyre info system – players can now see in real time which tyre compounds they are currently using, what each tyre’s pressure is, and how much each tyre is worn.
  • Enhanced Cut Track detection system – the system used to detect cut tracks is now far more accurate and 'fair'.
  • DLC Career Contract support – the game now supports the addition of career contracts for new DLC vehicles so that players can use applicable cars in their core career series.
  • Enhanced Replay system – players can now access Photo Mode from within a replay, and can switch between cars during a replay.
  • New – Force Feedback – implemented the ability via menu sliders for the user to manually tweak the menu spring strength, stationary / low speed spring strength, and overall steering gain.
  • New – the Force Feedback Calibration screen now features a multiple force feedback profile selection system whereby the user can select a base FFB style that suits personal preference, and then tweak it further as desired.
  • Enhanced Weather system – all vehicles are updated with new window rain effects, featuring dynamic rivulets, much more realistic looking water drops, and wiper blade trail effects.
They also wanted to point out all of the Time Trial leaderboards have been reset.

Please be aware that, as a result of the enhanced cut-track detection system included in Patch 3.0, all Time Trial leaderboards will be reset over the course of the next 12 hours. This is to clear out leaderboard times that were set under the old cut-track detection system where players could get away with driving off-track and gain time by doing so. The new system is far fairer and much more accurate. By resetting the leaderboards we remove all these 'contaminated' records and ensure that everyone has a fair shot at setting true and accurate Time Trial leaderboard entries.

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 08/28/15 08:19 AM
Updated the OP. The patch is rolling out for Xbox One users now.

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