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# 1 4thQtrStre5S @ 08/15/15 12:29 PM
Very nice tutorial of the catch system..I also like how the players follow through after a play; in M15, once a play was ended, players just stopped; same thing after a TD...NOw they appear to continue through...

Seems more physics are present...
# 2 wlucky @ 08/15/15 01:04 PM
True the physics seem updated but is anyone noticing on those aggressive catches if a db is in the vicinity to defend there is some bad warping going on. Just to get in position to trigger the animations. Check out the agg catch in the end zone. Second to last throw I believe.. Might me the last throw. But in most videos I've seen when the agg catch is triggered they warp together
# 3 wlucky @ 08/15/15 01:06 PM
Actually on the first catch sorry. The deep ball to Dez. The db speeds up in position at the last moment.
# 4 wlucky @ 08/15/15 01:10 PM
Still looks great just something I noticed. No game is perfect and Madden is making strides in the right direction now. This may be the most posted version to me since 12. Can't wait. If only they had coach mode I'd be in football heaven lol
# 5 wlucky @ 08/15/15 01:10 PM
*played not posted
# 6 BleedGreen710 @ 08/15/15 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by wlucky
Actually on the first catch sorry. The deep ball to Dez. The db speeds up in position at the last moment.
you are totally right. he does it while his back is turned to the ball too, making it look even worse.

# 7 JoedicyMichael @ 08/15/15 01:59 PM
Interesting little bid. The "high pass" looks cool. Wonder if there is a back shoulder fade in here. & boy those deep ballz look accurate to me.

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# 8 TreyIM2 @ 08/15/15 02:01 PM
Revved. Can't wait to play this. Loving the new mechanics on both sides of the ball. Adds more game play strategy and depth. And the new animations compliment things wonderfully. Yea, won't be perfect but still.
# 9 SolidSquid @ 08/15/15 03:37 PM
the play at 1:50 to Witten is what we've been asking to NOT see anymore madden for a long time. Makes the catch stumbles then breaks 3 tackles, a complete disregard for physics and momentum.
# 10 wlucky @ 08/15/15 04:06 PM
It kinda leads me to believe animations are just that..animations. They don't lead to anything else like the stumbling player isn't off balance, in this world even if the player is stumbling he is still in perfect form able to use his break tackle rating. They should have a balance attribute or something but its already so many in the game that do nothing so fudge it
# 11 k2thaz @ 08/15/15 05:19 PM
he dropped that first pass
# 12 bigbuckeyeboi @ 08/15/15 05:33 PM
I can see already that there's gonna be a ton of cheese in this one.
# 13 Smoke6 @ 08/15/15 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by bigbuckeyeboi
I can see already that there's gonna be a ton of cheese in this one.
I agree, especially with the option u have on what type of catch u wanna make on passes. I see this being an issue with the same wr all gm long.
# 14 balljonesjr @ 08/16/15 01:56 AM
I've watched most of the guys EA let come get some early footage and I'm really hoping they all have been playing on pro or rookie those aggressive catches look over powering ... is there a way to excited but discouraged at the same time? :/
# 15 videlsports @ 08/16/15 02:53 AM
For years I wanted the receiver to fight for the Ball because the cpu would just recover and block the pass or intercept it. With some guys over blitizing, using a certain type of Coverage all game, Throwing deep would be the perfect counter for the nonsense, but This could be used to overused., BIGtime
# 16 GameBreaker35 @ 08/16/15 03:37 AM
I think the aggressive catch will be abusive on default, but most of the footage in the main post was of the game tutorials. Whatever tutorial you are practicing has an increased chance of success in that mode from my experience.

I want to see how successful these aggressive catches are with over the top coverage and play man mechanic in effect.
# 17 Fifa fan 90 @ 08/16/15 10:04 AM
Like mj said "all I wanna say is that they (ea) don't really care about us."
# 18 d11king @ 08/16/15 10:28 AM
I'm sure I'm going to stay away from online ranked games but my main concern is hoping these WR animations can happen without switching to the WR. I saw somewhere someone say that you don't need to, but I'm trying to confirm.
# 19 VTKombat @ 08/16/15 10:34 AM
I'm easy to please. My favorite part of the video was seeing the little graphic next to dez that said "second TD today". I hope we get a little bit more of the onfield stats that pertain to that game.

One thing I've always hated in madden is being 5 years into the franchise and having the announcers talk about your star players' past season, even though it was six years ago!
# 20 Black Bruce Wayne @ 08/17/15 03:49 PM
Im ready to see a good breakdown of the pass defense controls now. That is my only concern left

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