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Check out the latest NBA Live 16 video at the LIVE Spot tattoo shop, showing off some of the various tats you can add to your Rising Star.

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# 1 lakers24 @ 08/20/15 02:47 PM
God I hate Young Thug lol. Nice tats though
# 2 The 24th Letter @ 08/20/15 02:58 PM

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# 3 Rob. D @ 08/20/15 03:30 PM
Man I need the 15th to hurry up, I'm ready to get online.
# 4 mrprice33 @ 08/20/15 03:42 PM
We met this guy when we were at the studio. Nice guy, definitely believes in his own work lol

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# 5 charlesadams3rd @ 08/20/15 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Rob. D
Man I need the 15th to hurry up, I'm ready to get online.
Bruh! Who you tellin'?

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# 6 mlp111 @ 08/20/15 04:22 PM
graphically, this game cant be touched!
# 7 k1lo5 @ 08/20/15 05:30 PM
Man, this is dope! Level of customization for your player is sky high! Short socks i see too!

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# 8 kolanji @ 08/20/15 05:46 PM
Very nice....c'mon guys lets hear about the post game already...sprinkled with some gameplay videos
# 9 swac07 @ 08/20/15 06:07 PM
Dope artwork!!! Meh at young thug tho lol

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# 10 youvalss @ 08/20/15 06:12 PM
Tattoos look nice. And I like the player model, looks realistic.
# 11 Black Bruce Wayne @ 08/20/15 06:36 PM
I'm looking forward to buying this game and 2k16. Back in the day we bought multiple sports games from different companies. I like that I can do that again with basketball.
# 12 grodbetatted @ 08/20/15 06:40 PM
Yea i honestly love the graphics in this game. It doesn't have a cartoony feel at all...
# 13 Kryptoniicz @ 08/20/15 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by kolanji
Very nice....c'mon guys lets hear about the post game already...sprinkled with some gameplay videos
Yes please im planing to make a post center especially for pro am
# 14 Muzyk23 @ 08/20/15 07:04 PM
I absolutely love the player models-long and thin. Really looking forward to trying the demo out.
# 15 DBMcGee3 @ 08/21/15 08:45 AM
I'm really getting excited for the possibilities with Live this year. I love 2k, don't get me wrong, but I've been playing the absolute hell out of that game for 5 years straight, and I'm DYING for something new (that doesn't suck). I still need to see more collisions at the rim, but the quick clip of Blake Griffin dunking on someone in the Pro Am trailer actually looked pretty good. I haven't played Live enough the past couple of years, because honestly it just failed the eyeball test too badly, but it sounds like the post game needed a lot of work too.

Hopefully EA has finally stumbled onto something we can all appreciate this year.
# 16 JODYE @ 08/21/15 09:23 AM
Sheesh, remember back in the day when you would add a tattoo and it looked like a plastic sticker on top of their skin?

The way the tattoo sits on the skin here looks so lifelike. Really great work.
# 17 The 24th Letter @ 08/21/15 01:39 PM
Really hoping the graphics shine during game play like they do in screen shots...

Crazy how you can't even tell all the stuff that has been upgraded in Madden until you zoom...
# 18 Nathan_OS @ 08/21/15 02:38 PM
Man, those tats look amazing.

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