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Kevin Durant just tweeted out a screenshot of himself in NBA 2K16 and revealed his overall rating as 91. Let us know what you think!

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# 1 XxSpiritHunterX @ 08/21/15 05:07 PM
Looks much improved over last year

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# 2 Vitanz @ 08/21/15 05:09 PM
He looks great this year.
# 3 J_Posse @ 08/21/15 05:10 PM
They managed to make him look even better than last year. Definitely starting to notice the "red tint" coming off players from the lighting.

He looks a lot more "lanky" than last year too.

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# 4 DurtySoufReppin @ 08/21/15 05:11 PM
You can really see the impact the body scans will make in the game off this picture.

Kevin Durant's body type has never been done correctly in 2k.

Finally added some upper body weight.
# 5 Teddy_Long @ 08/21/15 05:12 PM
durant is clearly scanned, u can see the contrast by his shoulders compared to '15

want to see those legs though lol
# 6 strawberryshortcake @ 08/21/15 05:16 PM
Now that looks absolutely fantastic.

Can we get some full length body shot, pretty please?
# 7 woshihuxingtan @ 08/21/15 05:23 PM
Can someone make a comparison pic?
tbh, I can't see much difference between 2K15 KD
# 8 Goffs @ 08/21/15 05:30 PM
Jerseys look sorta tight. He definitely got scanned....not sure about his legs though...

I've watched a few games and this guy practically has no calves from what I remember. He looked really lanky....let's hope 2k has different leg models for certain players...
# 9 swac07 @ 08/21/15 05:32 PM
Geez that looks GOOD!

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# 10 2_headedmonster @ 08/21/15 05:32 PM
Now that looks good. Very realistic. If not for that red hue it could actually pass for a photo.
# 11 swac07 @ 08/21/15 05:40 PM
I like how his arms look lanky...he doesnt have any skinny "muscular" features

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# 12 eko718 @ 08/21/15 05:43 PM
Now this screenshot looks good. Gives me hope regarding the visual improvements.
# 13 cthurt @ 08/21/15 05:47 PM
Looks good I'm just not liking the red tint all these screenshots seem to have, but definitely the best looking body scan so far imo.
# 14 49UNCFan @ 08/21/15 05:49 PM
Body types are taking the graphics to another level

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# 15 GSW @ 08/21/15 05:54 PM
He looks swoll.

What them cankles look like tho?

# 16 23 @ 08/21/15 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by woshihuxingtan
Can someone make a comparison pic?
tbh, I can't see much difference between 2K15 KD
14 and 15

# 17 23 @ 08/21/15 06:03 PM
Looks really good right now I won't even lie.
# 18 woshihuxingtan @ 08/21/15 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by 23
14 and 15

thx 23
2K16's KD is better
# 19 youvalss @ 08/21/15 06:14 PM
Looks great. And KD looks much more realistic than AD. AD looks more cartoonish to me - in the trailer and in the screenshot that was posted here about 2 weeks ago.

KD looks very very close to photo-realistic. AD looks like himself face-wise, but not as realistic. Could it be that the AD video/screenshot was using an older build?

It's almost like KD's screenshot was captured from another video game.
# 20 LO6IX @ 08/21/15 06:26 PM
What did they take down from last year? Can someone explain this "compared to the all-time greats thing" for ratings?

LeBron IS an all time great and his rating dropped when compared to other all-time greats. Are they going to decrease the ratings of Jordan, Oscar, Bird, Magic, Malone, Russell, Shaq, Wilt, Hakeem too? Or am I not understanding this?

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