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Mike Stauffer, AKA Beds, has just posted an in-depth look at the changes to the NBA 2K16 ratings system. It is definitely an interesting approach that will generate plenty of discussion. Read it over and post your thoughts.

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# 1 Canquain @ 08/21/15 09:48 PM
Well, get ready for LeBron to get every foul there is but I like the change.
# 2 Trackball @ 08/21/15 09:49 PM
...Did he just call Dennis Rodman the best offensive rebounder of all time?

Uh, don't get me wrong, he's top five, but I still think Moses Ma--

Wait, this is the former bedwardsroy19?...Well, shoot, now I don't know WHAT to think.

Well, whatever. Here's to hoping that improving your free throws in MyCareer doesn't automatically make you a better three-point shooter. Obviously looking forward to that news.
# 3 getzmunney @ 08/21/15 09:50 PM
I like this, but NO ONE is catching Michael Jordan
# 4 FM_Prospect @ 08/21/15 09:51 PM
Sounds great!...love the idea that they are scrapping inflated ratings!...would love to see some gameplay, be interesting to see if they have changed the sim engine due to changing ratings/tendencies!
# 5 Eman5805 @ 08/21/15 09:51 PM
Interesting way to do things. I like it.
# 6 BluFu @ 08/21/15 09:52 PM
Hopefully this means physical attributes as well. Too many point guards (and stars in general) had 90/95+ speed and quickness.
# 7 tonyt8605 @ 08/21/15 09:54 PM
I'm all about this.
# 8 2_headedmonster @ 08/21/15 10:01 PM
I really really REALLY like this approach. This is something I have wanted done for some time now. I hope this means that certain legends ratings aren't boosted anymore.

If this actually goes as planned, i may be able to leave raings alone and simply touch up sig shots.

sidenote: id love to see how "close" Kareem would be to Jordan on the greatness scale
# 9 bigeastbumrush @ 08/21/15 10:11 PM
Good job as always beds.
# 10 eko718 @ 08/21/15 10:16 PM
I agree with this approach and in fact, this is the approach I used to re-rate NBA 2K11(or 2K12), when the old school Rosters actually felt playable. Rodman was the person I used as the bar for rebounding, etc... Makes plenty of sense.

Hopefully during next season, the ratings fluctuations are not so extreme, especially for guys who though may be having a great season, do not so dramatically outshine their prior year stats(or change so much in ability) as to warrant an extreme overall leap(Thinking Harden and his 6 point overall increase specifically). It seems that with the Hall of fame scale as the bar, this could also naturally sober the temptation to over-rate or over-increase guys who are already rated accurately and happen to be on a hot streak. Not talking about the Whiteside's of the league who were rated incorrectly out the gate and proved to be under-rated.
# 11 nickthemajin @ 08/21/15 10:17 PM
This is something I've always wanted. Thanks for finally incorporating this.
# 12 LorenzoDC @ 08/21/15 10:21 PM
I like it.

Hopefully this attention to ratings has included attention to tendencies to support realism, including for draft classes in MyGM/MyLeague.
# 13 Meechyaboy @ 08/21/15 10:39 PM
So since curry has broken his own nba 3pt record will that put him at a 99 in threes?if so another year of three point cheese
But I'm thinking the offensive ratings are just a show and they changed the the game to lean actual percentage instead of user timing
# 14 Goffs @ 08/21/15 10:41 PM
So this is geared toward online play judging from the YouTube comment. What about offline players? Will player tendencies be touched so the cpu players act like their real life counterparts?
# 15 JerzeyReign @ 08/21/15 10:42 PM
That sounds really good and something seriously needed.
# 16 battle1436 @ 08/21/15 10:43 PM
I can't wait to play tired of bum players just jacking up shots with star players, now they have to fix charges before half court!!!!!!!
# 17 23 @ 08/21/15 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by Goffs
So this is geared toward online play judging from the YouTube comment. What about offline players? Will player tendencies be touched so the cpu players act like their real life counterparts?
Great question and hopefully so.

Doubt you'll get an answer right now.
# 18 SaruAqua @ 08/21/15 10:54 PM
Very interesting. Definitely liking what I'm seeing but the only killer for me is LBJ at a 94 and KD at a 91. No way should there be a three rating gap between those two unless their ratings are evaluated off of their careers. When healthy, KD is the best player on the planet, IMO. They should both be a 94 or KD should be a point higher.
# 19 Wolverines05 @ 08/21/15 10:56 PM
This is why 2k is better than EA. I love the idea of reexamining the criteria used to quantify player attributes, and I've always felt that a 99 rating should reflect the best ever. A huge issue with Madden is that player ratings range from about 80-99. They dont take advantage of the 100 point scale. In 2k, a legit 100 point scale is used to better differentiate players in all categories. Major props 2k
# 20 24ct @ 08/21/15 11:00 PM
So James harden has a 95 draw foul rating based on advanced stats of hall of fame guys too?? I'm confused how the HOF stuff plays into this if Harden has a 95 in that rating.

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