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Madden is here! Its now time to do our annual state of the game poll with your votes! Be sure to vote in the poll on how you think the game is shaping up after a day of playtime and comment below on what mode you are currently playing in the game!

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# 1 Benz87 @ 08/26/15 09:34 AM
Gameplay is improved over last year, which was already good. Game modes still leave room for improvement, specifically lack of CFM control and ease of use with MUT. I feel the menus in MUT could still be more streamlined and less time consuming so I don't have to go to 3 different screens to auction a card. I would like to have the ability to view current auctions for a specific card so I know a price line without having to go to the actual auction house, or if it must be done this way allow me to place a card up for auction through the auction house instead of having to go to back to my item binder. I thought I had read they improved this with MUT and made it more user friendly, I don't see any changes beyond menus or cards being brighter and shinier.
# 2 teeteegardner @ 08/26/15 09:51 AM
Once some patches get done, and some things are cleaned up and toned down, this may be one of the best overall playing Maddens ive played on a last gen/next gen system. im pleased , but would like to see some things tested and fixed before release date next go around.
# 3 Tomba @ 08/26/15 09:55 AM
Best playing football game since 2kdays
# 4 cmehustle @ 08/26/15 10:12 AM
Good game. Needs better differential between stars and regular players. By that I mean money plays shouldnt be the be all end all over money players. In Madden, its always been about the plays more than the players. 2K, its about the players, as most people dont even bother running plays. I know basketball vs football. EA needs to get it right with the stars, and the best players should be dominant. Ray Lewis shouldnt be falling for the same pass over the middle to the TE play after play, thats just stupid.
# 5 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 08/26/15 10:22 AM
Right now I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 mainly because of all the bugs/glitches in the game. After a solid patch this could change to an 8 out of 10.

I love all of the gameplay improvements this year (especially the cleaner physics, gang tackling, & passing mechanics) but I can't go higher than an 8 mainly due to presentation & immersion issues. CFM still does not engage me like it should. Every game still feels like a "play now" game as opposed to a strategic chess match. In the NFL teams have to game plan each week & use different strategies. For example, if I'm in week 10 & I'm going up against the Vikings with Adrian Peterson, I should fear him & have to game plan to stop him. We also need more story lines, a weekly wrap up show, highlights from games around the league, a ticker with updates & scores from around the league during games, etc...

Madden does a great job with the camera shots that make you feel like you're on the field, however great presentation consists of so much more than that (commentary, broadcast, Living Worlds, etc..) I hate to go there but that other football game that came out over a decade ago still immerses me more than Madden even with it's inferior technology. Madden is making strides but still not there yet in this area.

Just a few gripes....

-Sidelines are still holding the game back (every player wearing high socks, players not wearing accessories, no names on the back of their jerseys, players sliding all over the place to avoid contact, no chearleaders, etc..) This is an immersion killer & it needs a major upgrade. Sidelines need to be a priority going forward.

-I only play on the Zoom cam & there's an issue that's hindering it right now. When you're in a 5 wide empty formation, when pulling the camera back presnap to view your play / WR/DB matchups, your edge receivers are cut out of view & you can't see them on your screen. I know it's not my TV & I don't recall this happening last year. All they have to do is pull the camera back about an inch to fix this. EA please fix this! I hate all the other camera views so this is a must! We need to be able to adjust the camera views ourselves. Custom cam is long overdue.

-RB's still run up their blockers back without pushing off at times. RB's arms still bend behind their back with the ball stuck in their hand smh. This should've been fixed by now. EA, RB's should contextually tuck the ball when in traffic to prevent this from happening. Please fix this!

-Tackling (while improved) is still sloppy at times.

-There are numerous other bugs in the game that I'm sure they're looking into. Seems like I'm experiencing more bugs than years past.

Overall I like the game & the gameplay improvements are enough to keep me satisfied. However, I have a love/hate relationship with Madden. Every year I see stuff in the game that makes me say wow they're onto something here. Then there's other times where legacy issues pop up that make me say Madden is still Madden. EA is making great strides & I love the direction they're going. The game is not great yet but if they iron out these issues it's not far from getting there.
# 6 KennyJ1976 @ 08/26/15 10:34 AM
Haven't played the game yet, plan on getting it today, but from the videos I've seen, I have some nitpicks. First off, the cutscene graphics are still far superior to the gameplay graphics, even when gameplay is zoomed in, you can still see a difference. You would have thought EA would have fixed this problem three games into this generation. Second, as a Saints fan, I want to know why EA won't update the Superdome like they do other stadiums? This is the first thing I check for every year and every year I'm disappointed. The last thing I want to know is, what's up with the shoes? They haven't been changed in like three years and Under Armour haven't been changed since they were introduced. If the gameplay is improved like most people are saying, maybe I can look passed these nitpicks. If not, Madden may not make it passed September with all the other sports games coming out.
# 7 Dantecamp21 @ 08/26/15 10:42 AM
I'd give it a solid 8,0. It's knocking on the door of the upper echelon sports tittles (FIFA, NBA 2K and MLB The Show) but not quite there yet.

Gameplay has been coming along just fine and once they polish the presentation and focus on the little details, we'll have a winner.

For now, it's a contender. But hey, that's already awesome! At least it isn't a pretender anymore...
# 8 menloe24 @ 08/26/15 10:48 AM
I still want a ESPN Bottom Line-style ticker that gives me scores and news of other games going on in my Offline Franchise so the game feels more immersive, and i am being fed info in real time to bring my Season "alive", and make me feel aware.

The little XP pop-ups, and the icons that pop up over the catches feels "gimmicky", and more like I am playing an arcade game, instead of a real simulation of football.
# 9 sethisthegoat @ 08/26/15 10:48 AM
I've only played a couple hours. Did Draft Champions vs. CPU, then Draft Champions vs. Player, and have drafted another team. I really like it so far.

Vs. the computer, Draft Champions is basically not interesting until the third game. I won on a last-second TD drive with an aggressive catch by Jimmy Graham...it was really cool.

I lost my first game vs. another player (and I liked my team, too! Had Brady; Julio Jones; Jimmy Graham; a couple good linemen. On D, my secondary and linebackers were all pretty good, too.)

This may be my mode moving forward...though I do wish there was some kind of Draft Champions progression. At least, for the computer challenge, there just isn't enough to keep it going.

I am looking forward to diving into a franchise now.

Game looks great. The menus are a little slow for me (playcalling menus). Look forward to playing a lot more.
# 10 snc237 @ 08/26/15 10:58 AM
Gameplay wise it's fantastic (other the some glitchs). Presentation still has a ways to go. I'm not a fan of xp for franchise, this isn't an rpg I would like a very different system in place. However with that said gameplay is what truly makes a game so I give madden an 8.5. Future looks bright for the franchise since last generations crap fest.
# 11 TeamHawkins @ 08/26/15 11:35 AM
I give it a 6/10 maybe a 6.5/10... There isn't anything great about this game at all. I'm not impressed by anything. Football gaming needs competition back ASAP.
# 12 ranger91 @ 08/26/15 12:23 PM
I would give gameplay a 'great' rating, but Online CFM is pulling down my overall score greatly. I've never been a big fan of the scouting system, XP points, confidence system, or lack of control given to users/commissioner.
# 13 The_Gaming_Disciple @ 08/26/15 12:37 PM
I would give it a 7.5/10

This game plays really well, if you try to mimic what happens in real life on Sunday.

If you continue to play like this is 1993 arcade style at the movies before you go in to watch, then you will continually be disappointed.

One thing that does need to be addressed, the CPU should not celebrate after only gaining 2 to 3 yards on a play, also if its a long distance situation and only 5 yards are gained players are celebrating as if they picked up the first down. Additionally guys celebrating after a touchdown and it's clear their team is going to lose. Celebrations need to be toned down a bit.

@TeamHawkins, come on man, there are a lot of great things about this game. Have you ever heard of the expression beating a dead horse with a stick. That is how all of you 2k fan boys sound. It's old, it's tired, and it's childish.

For anyone saying they cannot generate a pass rush on defense that leads to a sack is just baloney. You need to step your play calling game/scheme up.

I have video evidence that demonstrates it can be done.

Go Bucs!
Go Winston!
Go Bridgewater!
Go A P!
# 14 petbeaver @ 08/26/15 01:29 PM
Just a question for anyone who has played it. Does it have CPU vs CPU in offline connected franchise?
Or are we once again having to do a workaround?
The original thread for this question has been closed
# 15 JayBillups36 @ 08/26/15 01:38 PM
idk but the soundtrack is 100% worse than the worst fifa soundtrack ever
# 16 Trent Booty @ 08/26/15 02:46 PM
I give it a 8/10, if they make good improvements with patches and tuning updates than it could be a 9/10 easily. There's a lot of game modes which is good and tons of things to do within those game modes.
# 17 Picci @ 08/26/15 02:50 PM
The game is the best football game I've ever played inside of "Play Now". It all burns outside of it.

You may pick up fast trade-in preown specials which will be abundant due to impatient fans.
Pending Patch could hopefully be game saving, which we all will benefit from.

7.5 out of 10 as is released
# 18 cool667 @ 08/26/15 06:34 PM
my is a 9.7 rating once patch it will be 10.0
# 19 MFLB410 @ 08/26/15 09:17 PM
Best Madden ever IMO. Not flawless by any means but much much better.
# 20 CujoMatty @ 08/26/15 11:39 PM
Originally Posted by JayBillups36
idk but the soundtrack is 100% worse than the worst fifa soundtrack ever
I like it. Way better than the stupid instrumentals from the last few years.

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