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Hey guys, so we recently re-launched our OperationSports YouTube channel (like, comment subscribe, etc.) We hope to expand our audience there as we continue to create videos here.

We've been focusing mainly on Madden for now as that's the most recent major release. Obviously we will be transitioning and playing more of the fall releases as they come out, but the question we have today is:

What do you guys want to see from us in terms of video content? We have plenty of ideas, but specifically when it comes to Madden what are you looking for as we move forward?

There's plenty directions we can go. We can tread in some similar territories others do where we do:
  • MUT pack openings
  • Gameplay commentaries
  • Draft Champions playthroughs
  • CFM follow-alongs and so on.
We can also do stuff that we're known for like in-depth breakdowns and critiques of anything and everything:
  • Why CFM works and fails as a franchise mode
  • The best way to play 15-minute quarters and get realistic stats
  • Etc.
An example of something a bit more in-depth would be the Penalty Analysis video I created earlier this week where I just looked at the amount of penalties and why they were called.

In addition, would you be interested in an OperationSports Twitch or YouTube Gaming stream to come hangout once or twice a week (at least for now) and watch and chat about sports, life and video games with the community? Either way we'll start streaming in due time, but if it's a priority for you all then we'll start it up sooner than later.

Feel free to reach out and give feedback in this thread, or via a private message to me, or via Twitter @ChaseBecotte. You can even tell me what you just DON'T want to see from our videos.

Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks guys!

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Member Comments
# 1 myownsun @ 08/27/15 02:11 PM
I'm good with anything as long as its 60fps!
# 2 ChaseB @ 08/27/15 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by myownsun
I'm good with anything as long as its 60fps!
At least from me, you don't have to worry about that. It's taken care of bud.
# 3 ehnProdigy @ 08/27/15 02:22 PM
Why CFM works and fails as a franchise mode

YES Please! We need more coverage and dialogue about this option. The only way EA will improve this play option is if people make enough of a fuss about it.
# 4 iLLWiLL @ 08/27/15 02:26 PM
Perhaps highlighting things that need to be addressed/fixed, gameplay-wise. simfballcritic often times does a good job of slowing down replay footage to show things, like player sliding or warping that needs to be eradicated with implementation of trustep for all players, for example. Replay breakdowns of CPU logic of players blocking or their awareness, etc. Even down to less important stuff like incorrect uniform details. Basically, anything to get the devs attention.
# 5 truffleshuffle @ 08/27/15 03:23 PM
Tips/Tricks things like that. You could also do things like Creating a player and following his career.
# 6 kenchun24 @ 08/27/15 03:49 PM
What ehnProdigy and iLLWiLL both said - CFM details/franchise stat and gameplay bug fixing so that the dev crew can start working on that stuff now for hoepfully a complete 2017 game (not just MUT MUT DC and a new feature - game plays good now start fixing the rest).
# 7 irishcardinal @ 08/28/15 12:06 AM
The best way to play 15-minute quarters and get realistic stats

This is a really interesting topic. I've never tried to do this but would be interested in learning more.

I also like anything CFM related and how broken it is (no edits).
# 8 rspencer86 @ 08/28/15 02:44 PM
Please, no MUT pack openings. There are hundreds and hundreds of Twitch channels that are pretty much solely dedicated to that kind of thing.

Please use the significant voice that OS has to discuss ideas for improvements, appreciation for positive changes that HAVE been done, and tips/tricks to get the most out of the game.

I like the idea of a live stream/hangout.
# 9 redsox4evur @ 08/28/15 02:53 PM
I'd like a video that shows all of the changes to both Franchise and MUT...to prove to the naysayers that EA doesn't focus solely on MUT and does care about it's franchise mode.
# 10 jb12780 @ 08/28/15 02:53 PM
Anything but MUT pack openings.

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