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NBA players continue posting their NBA 2K16 player ratings, along with in-game screenshots of themselves in action. Below are the players that have either posted on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram today.

(Click the name(s) below, to see the screenshot.)Previously confirmed player ratings: (Click the name(s) below, to see the screenshot)

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# 1 derrtyRedd @ 08/28/15 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Terrence Ross (Overall Rating - 73)
Not a bad rating, I felt he was a bit OP and overrated in 2k15
# 2 lvnba @ 08/28/15 04:36 PM
# 3 Steve_OS @ 08/28/15 04:40 PM
Langston Galloway (Overall Rating - 72)
# 4 Jrocc23 @ 08/28/15 04:42 PM
This is a nice shot. From afar, the sweat looks good, but zooming in, it seems a little excessive to me. But one of my fave screenshots.
# 5 HakeemOlajuwon @ 08/28/15 04:47 PM
So Evan Fournier and Langston Galloway have the same rating ?
that's makes no sense...

Nice pics
Terrence Ross is really great
# 6 ataman5 @ 08/28/15 04:47 PM
I already love the new Overall Ratings scheme!!!
# 7 Steve_OS @ 08/28/15 04:58 PM
Aaron Brooks (Overall Rating - 75)
# 8 Goffs @ 08/28/15 04:59 PM
Oh hey a knick! Langston was just a CAP last year and he looks good scanned.
# 9 eko718 @ 08/28/15 05:00 PM
Decent Langston Galloway. Something about it not quite capturing him. Maybe a different angle would be better. His shoulders don't slump like that also.
# 10 swac07 @ 08/28/15 05:03 PM
The patches on the jerseys...nice touch

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# 11 LO6IX @ 08/28/15 05:03 PM

Did Ronnie even watch the Raptors this year? All T-Ross did was shoot corner 3s. He added nothing else to his game. No playmaking, no mid range shot, scared to get to the line, sucked on defense, inconsistent. There is no way he should be rated higher than 73. Ross being a 77-81 is just like giving Lowry and DeRozan 92 overalls. All they need to do is fix his release. Giving him a boost would be good for me since I use the Raptors online but it is bull****. I hope Ronnie has no influence at all on ratings.
# 12 drewwright @ 08/28/15 05:04 PM
Ross needs to at least be a 76.
# 13 LO6IX @ 08/28/15 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by drewwright
Ross needs to at least be a 76.
No way. He did nothing but jack up 3s. NOTHING. He was a major part of the Raptors decline.
# 14 24ct @ 08/28/15 05:15 PM
Terrence Ross is trash lol.

I wonder what he would have rated himself.
# 15 TheBarcaBoy @ 08/28/15 05:15 PM
John Wall!
# 16 eko718 @ 08/28/15 05:21 PM
For all the concern about the new ratings system, many of the ratings are similar to the latest roster update on 2K15 (prior to the global shooting decreases). The only real anomaly so far has been Durant.
# 17 Hangtyme24 @ 08/28/15 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by TheBarcaBoy
John Wall!

This pic makes me want to run a season or two with Wall and Beal...
# 18 Oldhead80 @ 08/28/15 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by TheBarcaBoy
John Wall!
I can already tell the HQ version of this Wall pic will be amazing. Very nice.
# 19 BluFu @ 08/28/15 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by TheBarcaBoy
John Wall!
Why is 2K always 3 seasons late when adding beards to players
# 20 ojandpizza @ 08/28/15 05:34 PM
Holy ****, Ross's build looks incredible.

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