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Kenny "The Jet" Smith has joined Shaquille O'Neal and Ernie Johnson in the NBA 2K16 pre-game, halftime and post-game shows. Check out the video here and post your thoughts!

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# 1 MarkWilliam @ 09/10/15 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by Daddy123

NICE FIND!!!! But where are the TNT logos!?

Haha just kidding.....
# 2 Trackball @ 09/10/15 02:19 AM
Man, this is so weird.

I remember playing AS Kenny Smith in NBA Live '95, my first basketball video game, 21 years ago.

And now he's in the game again, as an analyst.

It's like they tried their darndest to get the TNT license, couldn't get it, so they went "here, have the next best thing: the people involved."



# 3 strawberryshortcake @ 09/10/15 02:22 AM
Pregame, Halftime, Postgame.

Sold. Speechless. Lost for Words. One of my wishlist item came true.

# 4 Futurestyl3 @ 09/10/15 02:24 AM
Idk how you got this, but nice find lol

If only Chuck could get in on this....
# 5 vannwolfhawk @ 09/10/15 02:25 AM
Nice! I like the jet is making appearance, but I wonder if someone else will be calling the game as it would be weird to have Kenny do pre, halftime, and post game along with calling the game. Looks like lots of fresh stuff though from shaq and Ernie! Is there an area of this game they didn't improve? Love that we will have halftime and post game highlights. I'm sure to much to ask for around the league weekly or nightly recap just yet in leagues. But 1 can dream! Can't wait for presentation blog!
# 6 swac07 @ 09/10/15 02:26 AM
Hot Damn!!!!!
# 7 SageInfinite @ 09/10/15 02:30 AM
# 8 strawberryshortcake @ 09/10/15 02:36 AM
I'm going to give everyone a thumbs up in this thread.

I'm so freaking elated. Also notice how their outfits change as well. They're not always wearing the same outfit. Nice little touch. Also love the fact the camera was pulled back a little during the halftime highlights and postgame highlights. NBA2k14's halftime camera angle were a little too close.

This. Is. 2k. Sports. NBA2k.

# 9 hesko @ 09/10/15 02:36 AM
2 Words. Gone fishin'!
# 10 antdoggydogg @ 09/10/15 02:41 AM
I had a feeling presentation was gonna be huge this year, this is awesome.
# 11 CavsFanSteve @ 09/10/15 02:50 AM
Oh my the arena lighting during that quick broadcast shot of Oracle during the halftime highlights..........

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# 12 MarkWilliam @ 09/10/15 02:52 AM
It was peppered with some gameplay in there also boys..... nice little gift for us haha.....

NBA 2K16. The COMPLETE package.
# 13 Taer @ 09/10/15 02:55 AM
I really hope to see at least the half-time show in MyCareer; not getting my hopes up but for consistency I hope it all is there.
# 14 SonicMage @ 09/10/15 03:03 AM
I'm pumped for this, halftime and the player of the game highlights postgame were really lackluster in 2k15 compared to years prior. This looks great!

For those wanting for MyCareer, does it really make sense for consistency's sake to be looking at the halftime show when you're role playing as one of the players? I'd be fine with them bringing back the coaches' locker room pep talks if they weren't so boring and repetitive, and were more useful.
# 15 swac07 @ 09/10/15 03:04 AM
Annnnnnd just like that.....it's gone.
# 16 MarkWilliam @ 09/10/15 03:04 AM
Originally Posted by Daddy123
Edit: looks like the video was taken down.. here is the backup


Haha nice work! You are short circuiting their "coming soon" philosophy.....

Their presentation blog must be imminent! Haha.....
# 17 Daddy123 @ 09/10/15 03:06 AM
Originally Posted by swac07
Annnnnnd just like that.....it's gone.
edited it with a new link, it's up there
# 18 Cripterion @ 09/10/15 03:07 AM
Game of the generation.

Very impressed 2K!
# 19 swac07 @ 09/10/15 03:09 AM
Sooooooo because of the early leak does that mean we might get a presentation blog either tomorrow or friday???
# 20 vannwolfhawk @ 09/10/15 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by Daddy123
Edit: looks like the video was taken down.. here is the backup

I think it's funny 2k takes that stuff down and has streams saying they can't talk about this or that yet when the game is 2 weeks from release. I get it if it's a month or 2 out but hiding this with 2 weeks to go when some people will probably have the game in a week anyways is funny to me.

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