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The NHL 16 Early Access Trial is live for EA Access Subscribers. If you are playing the game, let us know what you think of your playtime thus far by voting in our poll and leave a comment on your overall impressions.

If you don't have the game yet, we are going to be posting videos of some gameplay on the NHL 16 media page, so stay tuned there!

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# 1 snc237 @ 09/10/15 01:27 PM
Much improved in all areas of the game. This is the game I think everyone expected last year
# 2 Retropyro @ 09/10/15 06:13 PM
Loving it. I actually liked the gameplay last year, but the game was just far too stripped down and missing too much. This year plays even better and has all the bells and whistles I need.
# 3 TDNY @ 09/10/15 07:59 PM
I like the puck physics
The on ice trainer seem like it would help anybody new to the franchise
offense and defensive adjusts menu seem to get off the screen fast enough if need to poke check

Teammate A.I. seems the same as NHL 15
A.I. likes to spam cross creases
The A.I. on both sides need to be balance to match each other
need more penalty call on the Cpu
Menus seem to Lag
Default pace seems slow
# 4 brandon27 @ 09/10/15 09:20 PM
At this point, I'm voting Bad. I believe all the "greats" are online mostly players celebrating the return of EASHL.

There's major issues with the AI again. Physics doesnt seem to effect the CPU players. AI teammates seem to have no real awareness as usual. I've seen players kick the puck backwards, out of scrums across the ice, from the right corner, to beyond the left faceoff circle with rocket like passes. Players again locked into animations when you go to hit them you just... slide right off of them. All the same real AI issues of previous years.

The game is improved in some areas. No doubt, but to me, it just feels right now, after 6 games, like a more polished NHL15. I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

Lets not forget... through 6 games. ONE... yes, just ONE penalty called on the AI. That's just inexcusable to me when it's been a complaint for so many years.

The foundation is much better than NHL15, but it's far from being good, or great at this point. I probably should have voted average, but I'm far from happy with it right now.
# 5 iCake @ 09/10/15 11:25 PM
Don't know what good people manage to find in this game. The AI is horrible, they have no awareness of what's going on there. While I can turn a blind eye when AI fails to predict where the puck will bounce, even though it's been effing obvious for a couple of seconds now, but I can't stomach when the damnable offense forgets they need to skate towards the opposing net when your defense has been handling the puck safely for a few seconds now.

Instead they just stand there, no movement whatsover, and it's good if they stand facing the opposing team net, most of the time they stay with their backs toward it. In other times all three of them just converge on the same wing or right in the cente and just refuse to skate wide. In short, the AI is terrible at opening up.

The puck physics, while it looks solid, it's still too tied up to the freaking slot. It just insists on bouncing around high/low slot with no good reason for it. I just poked that damn puck away with a movement to push it into the boards? No, it's going to move towards the center...
# 6 Millennium @ 09/11/15 06:50 AM
I've been playing on All Star, Hardcore default since Wednesday night. Moved periods up to 10.

I've seen an average of 3 penalties called per team in my time offline. I've seen the CPU set up an offensive set when they are dumping and chasing. I've also had to re-learn how I play in order to account for the looseness of the puck. Cycling is AMAZING as an offense and works.

Am I happy for EASHL? Yes. But I clicked great because I am having more fun offline.
# 7 GDumaresq @ 09/11/15 10:18 AM
Does anyone know where "sim to next shift is" ?!?!?
# 8 Vermin @ 09/11/15 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by GDumaresq
Does anyone know where "sim to next shift is" ?!?!?
When you're on the bench and the coach feedback appears (press Y if you don't see it), if I recall correctly there is a prompt to press the B button to sim to next shift.
# 9 RoyalBoyle14 @ 09/11/15 01:51 PM
From the little time I spent last night, I'm enjoying it and It IMO play much. much better then last years game. Didn't think the Graphics could look that much better but they do, players faces are almost perfect. This game honest looks so real its scary.
# 10 GDumaresq @ 09/11/15 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by Vermin
When you're on the bench and the coach feedback appears (press Y if you don't see it), if I recall correctly there is a prompt to press the B button to sim to next shift.
Well the "B" button seems to be used for when you want to ask for a change... not "sim to next shift".
# 11 Vermin @ 09/12/15 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by GDumaresq
Well the "B" button seems to be used for when you want to ask for a change... not "sim to next shift".
Are you set to 20 minute, Authentic in the settings? When I used those, the B button represented Sim to Next Shift. When I had another Pro running with Classic, 6 minute periods, the B button was changed to the familiar shift change.

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