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This game was played on Hardcore settings, All-Star difficulty and 7-minute periods. Manual passing is also on.

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# 1 AdamJones113 @ 09/11/15 05:04 PM
What can I say, I saw a lot of things I didn't like in this video (thanks for the vid, by the way). I looked only at CPU directed stuff, not CPU affected by user movements.

Here are the things I liked. Sometimes, the CPU players were smart. The stick-on-skate/stick collisions looked good. Graphics good, as usual. Same with True Broadcast cam. I liked how the CPU players went high-low in the offensive zone, liked that a lot.

CPU players wandering aimlessly (0:45+). CPU defenders gliding away from the slot, leaving a man wide open (0:29+). CPU players charging headlong in the general direction of the puck, not realizing that the human is heading in with steam, causing the CPU to miss and overshoot their mark completely. CPU players standing flat footed and not moving until the puck is into their zone (0:40+). CPU defenders with their back to the puck carrier, yet still knowing to time their poke check to break up a cross-crease (0:50+).

Yeah, I got all that from the first minute.

Editing, as I continue to watch:
CPU defensemen still pivot poorly on occasion. CPU still has trouble breaking out of the defensive zone, even after a face-off win. I hate seeing goalies skate out of the net after a big or little save, and then run into a player and stop moving. Ruins immersion. CPU forwards simply skate back on the back-check, not realizing a pass is going right in front of their sticks. How many times do NHL teams make a width-length pass on the break-in? It's more of a small, in front of one-defenseman pass. I should never see a player, guarding the point, turn to face his net, WHILE THE PUCK IS STILL ON THE DEFENSEMAN'S STICK.
# 2 iaxy @ 09/13/15 06:14 AM
Hi. Thanks for the videos. Did you tweak any sliders or are they all stock?
# 3 ChaseB @ 09/13/15 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by iaxy
Hi. Thanks for the videos. Did you tweak any sliders or are they all stock?
Stock sliders all around. Don't want to mess with that stuff in pre-release videos just so people know general stuff to start.

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