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The Oklahoma City Thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans square off in this new NBA 2K16 video. Check out Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as they go to work against Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. We get a behind the action view on this one with good viewpoints of the arenas coming alive and more. With over five minutes of gameplay, this one is a must watch. So go and do just that, and then leave a comment on what you see!

(Also scope out Steven Adams rocking his new wild-man look.)

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# 1 Vni @ 09/14/15 10:13 AM
Look at at that AI man. Fantastic. We can hear a new net sound on that great AI durant stepback J.

Spacing is much improved, You can tell on how the Pelicans execute that p'n'r at 1.45. No magic defense by the AI.

Norris cole pump fakes and gets augustin in the air and shoot into him. IT IS BACK. Man this game looks incredible.

4.12 User goes under the screen and Durant immediately makes him pay.
# 2 Canquain @ 09/14/15 10:16 AM
That block was so perfect.
# 3 ch46647 @ 09/14/15 10:17 AM
Crowd sounds GREAT!!
# 4 JODYE @ 09/14/15 10:19 AM
Still see some issues with player speed and momentum changes. Something 2k has never really been able to figure out. Most notably Durant struggling to come off the pick at about the 1:21 mark. Nothing is more frustrating seeing that you have separation yet can't exploit it. You can see Poindexter recover quicker than Durant can get to the free throw line which shouldn't happen if the Center doesn't flash out.
# 5 swaggedout @ 09/14/15 10:20 AM
Refreshed the page, and all kinds of videos were posted. Overload
# 6 Mauer4MVP @ 09/14/15 10:20 AM
Loved everything I saw except for that coach. Who the hell was that?!
# 7 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 09/14/15 10:21 AM
Wow! Just WoW the gameplay looks amazing this year. And that block from Anthony Davis was sick
# 8 El_Poopador @ 09/14/15 10:26 AM
That block from Davis was gorgeous. I also loved the three from Durant at 4:13. I don't think I ever saw a CPU player make that decision last year.
# 9 strawberryshortcake @ 09/14/15 10:27 AM
Player model, lighting, skin texture absolutely ridiculous. Massive improvements. Yes, it is world's better than 2k14. I have never said this before of past 2k iterations, but finally movements are looking clean, polish and smooth. Hate this gameplay camera angle, but the player models surprisingly actually makes this cam bearable.

Wicked. September 25 absolutely cannot come soon enough.
# 10 swaggedout @ 09/14/15 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by Canquain
That block was so perfect.
Yes it was.
# 11 J_Posse @ 09/14/15 10:31 AM
That block by AD was an absolute thing of beauty. Something we haven't seen replicated in a NBA 2K game since probably 2K11 or 2K12. This was the most impressive video shown so far and love all the little touches (new gear (?), new shoes, ref speaking/calling out foul shots, body scans and updated head scans). Y'all really out did yourselves this season, 2K. Congratulations!!!!

from Spurs Nation/Bills Backer HQ
# 12 Smirkin Dirk @ 09/14/15 10:33 AM
Watch Cunningham go under the screen and KD immediately shoot the 3.
# 13 ChaseB @ 09/14/15 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by Mauer4MVP
Loved everything I saw except for that coach. Who the hell was that?!
That was Emmett Brown, he went Back to the Future to ensure he could be an NBA coach.
# 14 lakers24 @ 09/14/15 10:38 AM
That AD block alone is worth the price of admission, wow
# 15 Mauer4MVP @ 09/14/15 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by ChaseB
That was Emmett Brown, he went Back to the Future to ensure he could be an NBA coach.
1.21 gigawatts?!
# 16 Goffs @ 09/14/15 10:43 AM
No one notice Adams new headscan?
# 17 BDM313 @ 09/14/15 10:46 AM
That AD block was beautiful!
The net and rim physios was great as well
New crowd sounds the whole shaabang
Love it
# 18 ChaseB @ 09/14/15 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by Goffs
No one notice Adams new headscan?
I was caught up in the wild hair and tatts.
# 19 Mikelopedia @ 09/14/15 10:56 AM
This was certainly the best one of all the gameplay posted this morning. After watching all of them, there is one thing that stands out above all else:

The CPU really does recognize your mistakes on defense. While not perfect, this is the first year where it says, "youre going under the screen and leaving me open? Ok takes this J home with you."

Most of the time in past years, you could walk away from the ball handler and he'd take a minute to realize he was wide open. This year it really seems that the CPU is trying to get a bucket based on what the defense gives them.

Well done OG and Czar

Passing looks intelligent, fouls seems accurate, freelances look beautiful, liking the long rebounds...

And yes finally, just maybe, this might be the year we fear the shot blocker.
# 20 Cabish @ 09/14/15 11:05 AM
De ja vu: -im looking at the 2k & live videos and im saying to myself ( why the hell would anybody buy live,defend it over 2k unless its a loyalty to a company name because clearly that game is ten leagues behind nba2k).:then i remember this is the same way i used to feel about madden & nfl2k..its like the sheeple are blind to the facts....smebody trying to tell you a honda has everything better than a bmw..you cant see it.to each his own @ the end of the day of some things is just nonsense for arguments sake:

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