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We're taking the Milan Derby through its paces in both PES and FIFA in online action. This is obviously our FIFA version of the classic rivalry.

There are some time stamps below the video on YouTube (and many thoughts on the game) to hopefully help you in your viewing.

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# 1 ChaseB @ 09/18/15 01:41 PM
Posting the time stamps and thoughts on the game in this post as well just for people to read separately if they want.

0:27 -- Gary Medel takes a serious spill on a clean standing tackle. The rivalry gets heated in a hurry.

1:02 -- Icardi now slides in hard, but advantage for Milan keeps play moving for now. Icardi will be carded at the next stoppage.

1:06 -- Just want to point out that FIFA 16 is playing much sloppier out of the box than probably any past version of the game. This errant pass is just a good example. It's a positive thing if you're a simulation fan as many of us are, but it's just a note as well. It's still the pretty game and is chock full of pretty moments, but the slop has been boosted as well.

1:56 -- Take a moment to enjoy Diego Lopez's bald spot.

4:25 -- Icardi now has a card and a goal as he scores off the corner kick. It's worth noting that set pieces feel extremely dangerous so far as headers are more dangerous. At the same time, it's hard to tell if the marking isn't as good as it should be -- perhaps you have to change how you mark as well -- or it's about the same and headers are just back to feeling threatening on set pieces.

6:09 -- Kondogbia gets beat beat on the dribble, but he recovers and tugs the jersey, which eventually leads to a foul.

6:24 -- Showing off here how players really attack headers. Adriano doesn't get his head on it, but goes down and looks for the foul in the box.

6:49 -- Kondogbia is super active in the midfield. Here he gets his foot in the passing lane, but then is caught wrong footed and takes a nasty spill on a standing tackle that's called a foul.

8:12 -- You can see a nice turn here by Adriano before he takes a spill on a slide tackle called a foul. The quick turns are especially important so far, and there's lots of unique ones that sometimes are half turns/half recovery animations. They look really nice.

8:30 -- Again, really feels like a lot of work went into header animations this year. Here you get a guy selling out as he leans back to clear the free kick, falling to the ground after getting the job done.

9:16-9:34 -- Not everything about this is pretty or animates quite right, but it's worth pointing out again that your touches matter a lot and your body control is crucial right now. Jostling is back to feeling important at this point, and just sort of knowing what you're going to do rather than just reacting all the time is key.

9:47 -- Gnoukouri takes a spill and Montolivo will take the ball from two players here in quick succession. I'm not a fan of this sequence this as Gnoukouri really takes a tumble, and Montolivo tanks through two people. At the same time, these moments of crazy physics/players taking spills are much more rare than last year. The sequence ends with two more players spilling, but this one makes more sense as the header attempt sends the Inter player into the legs of the AC Milan player.

10:52 -- Montolivo is on the war path, this time he takes out Medel. Here I actually don't have a big problem with this as both guys are at full speed and running alongside each other before Montolivo steps in. Medel is smaller but more physical than Montolivo, but he's also on the ball so at a disadvantage.

11:52 -- Simple sequence, but shows off Icardi using his 5-11 frame to shield/jostle.

12:07 -- Goalie comes out to punch the ball away, and really just look at the bounce of the ball and wildness of the touches as the ball is really hard to corral here. Again maybe it's small, but it's nice to see.

12:22 -- Being able to do moves will matter as always, but it's these small, tight movements that you can just do with your control of turbo and the control sticks that matter a lot right now too (in other words, things everyone can do without knowing how to do every move). Here a simple dribble cutting inside before going back towards the end line leads to a scoring chance.

12:46 -- Cross comes in and Lopez puts Icardi on his butt as he punches the ball out.

13:02 -- Counter attack is quickly going to develop here for AC Milan. Players are selling out to try and push the ball up as quickly as possible before a great save.

13:28 -- Subs will be made here by both sides. Jovetic comes on for Icardi. Balotelli comes on for Adriano.

14:24 -- Inter is going to make a sloppy, perhaps panicked clearance. Then they won't be able to corral a pass for another clearance attempt. From there, Balotelli makes them pay with a rip into the top corner -- using his size to keep the defender on his back while he sets up to take the shot.

15:12 -- Again a physics sequence I'm not in love with here. Balotelli comes in hard from the side here on Jesus, and maybe he gets the ball, but it's still violent. In addition, Jesus almost magically gets up right away.


15:44 -- On some level I hope the fear/excitement is palpable at this moment. I'm terrified, and I'm sure my opponent is excited right now. To me, the game feels most exciting right now in these moments because these odd-man rushes and counters feel more unique and ever-evolving. You know you'll need to make one more key pass, or you know you'll have to somehow quell the attack. But you feel stronger as a defender now, and at the same time you know you have to be more decisive as a passer because these opportunities are harder to come by than in the past. Milan is able to stop this attack because the defender gets a foot on the initial through ball, and then the team converges and does not allow a quality chance to come about.
# 2 ZoneBlitz @ 09/18/15 01:52 PM
This is good stuff to see and hear. I am loving it!

One question, does soccer knowledge seem to matter? I mean, if I try to play real soccer does that give me a better chance or not?
# 3 ChaseB @ 09/18/15 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by ZoneBlitz
This is good stuff to see and hear. I am loving it!

One question, does soccer knowledge seem to matter? I mean, if I try to play real soccer does that give me a better chance or not?
I think it's always going to help, but I would still say PES is your better bet from a "knowledge" perspective if we're talking tactics/formations and so forth. If we're talking about ways to open up the defense and things of that nature then FIFA and PES both do good work in that department to me. Also knowing who you're using in both games helps, so knowledge of the player base helps as well.
# 4 Josam27o7 @ 09/18/15 08:17 PM
Bacca - Adriano

# 5 schnakenpopanz @ 09/19/15 09:05 AM
i think there are too much passing errors. and they just look flat. way too flat.

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