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2K has just released a new NBA 2K16 video, this one features NBA 2K16's Play Now Online mode, which gives gamers an online ranking system for Head to Head and Team Up games, and 10 new created leagues in which you can reach goals and new league seeds. Wins and losses count toward reaching goals and new league seeds, though rising through the ranks won't be easy.
  • 10 different leagues (Freshman through Greatest of All-Time)
  • Wins and losses now count towards reaching goals to advance in leagues
  • Competition is based on your skill level with scouting reports on your opponent
  • Teams are broken out into 3 tiers, beat teams from higher tiers and receive extra league wins
  • As you advance in Play Now Online, you can unlock classic teams to play with
UPDATE: Also mentioned on Twitter by Scott O'Gallagher, Gameplay Producer for NBA 2K16, the difficulty will be set at Superstar Simulation and match making within your league and teams can change tiers based on real world team rankings.

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# 1 maendros @ 09/23/15 10:05 AM
nice.. but why are bulls blazers and magic and the same tier (2nd) . And Celtics at 3rd..?
# 2 bumpyface @ 09/23/15 10:08 AM
Online news? 2 days before release? I'm shocked.
# 3 LO6IX @ 09/23/15 10:09 AM
Putting tiers in the game was such a clever way to make sure everyone won't be using the same teams. My only criticism is that you can choose your jersey before you look for a match. You're going to be wearing the same color as your opponent very often.

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# 4 Cowboy008 @ 09/23/15 10:11 AM
The gameplay clips looked great.
# 5 snocone @ 09/23/15 10:12 AM
Lol "Plays offball 100% of the time"
# 6 Panicshade @ 09/23/15 10:24 AM
here's my "Scouting Report"

Offense - F (Dude Sucks)
Defense - F (Dude Still Sucks)

lowest tier here I come...lol
# 7 Dlongz @ 09/23/15 10:24 AM
This is dope. Seems to be following a FIFA model(correct me if i'm wrong) and it looks great. Players will be playing for something now.
# 8 tripleh1142 @ 09/23/15 10:30 AM
I like the fact that you unlock classic teams as you advance. I can't wait to use the Bad Boy Pistons online. Hopefully defense has been addressed so they play fairly accurate to real life.
# 9 CD90 @ 09/23/15 10:38 AM
So Big Ben has his Fro in 2k16.
# 10 tsbmolina @ 09/23/15 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by CD90
So Big Ben has his Fro in 2k16.
Perfect representation of Big Ben.
# 11 The 24th Letter @ 09/23/15 10:48 AM
CP3 looks a lot less beastly in this video, lol
# 12 tsbmolina @ 09/23/15 10:52 AM
Nasty block by Big Ben in slow-mo.

# 13 motomofo @ 09/23/15 10:55 AM
Dr. J!!!!!!
# 14 Mintsa @ 09/23/15 10:56 AM
Ok..now a few questions.

Does this work in tandem with roster updates ??

If Lebron goes down with an injury, can you not use him online ? Does the Cavs tier drop from 1 to 2 or even 3 ?

Also what if your player quits ?? Does it count as if you played the whole game and won ?
# 15 RyanJS08 @ 09/23/15 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by tsbmolina
Nasty block by Big Ben in slow-mo.

The return of DARKO!!!!
# 16 Guapo516 @ 09/23/15 11:00 AM
Is it shame on us IF online play is atrocious and unbearable at this point?
# 17 ps3veron @ 09/23/15 11:01 AM
This is my main go to mode so some awesome news!

Now here's hoping them servers are stable..
# 18 woshihuxingtan @ 09/23/15 11:02 AM
Great feature,but ...
TBH, if 2K can't solve the input delay and laggy server problem, I won't touch this mode
# 19 RipCityAndy @ 09/23/15 11:09 AM
They haven't (to my knowledge) made any assurances of server improvements... I'm not holding out a lot of hope for this mode.
# 20 TheBarcaBoy @ 09/23/15 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by tsbmolina
Perfect representation of Big Ben.
F***ing Excellent!!!!

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