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NBA 2K16 is available today for those that have pre-ordered. Make sure you play a few games and share your impressions with the community.

If you have questions about the game, post them in the Q&A thread, we'd like to keep this topic strictly on impressions.

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# 1 ksuttonjr76 @ 09/25/15 09:05 AM
I've played a few games with the Pacers before going to work...and no, I'm STILL going to play Paul George at the SF, lol.

Quick thoughts...

Love the pace of the game, and the fact speed matters. Gives me real chance to make use of Ellis this year.

Like using the double tap for oops. I got a mean fastbreak with a pass from Ellis to George.

I might be in the minority, but I actually liked the right stick selecting from the other game. It was a pleasant surprise to see it in 2K16. Now, I don't have to take my thumb off the left stick to make on the fly changes.

The game feels more solid for on-the-ball defense. Granted, we'll see what happens when everyone gets used to the new controls; however, it DEFINITELY feels that I'm sliding less and not fighting for control of my player.

The big man left on an island with a guard or forward...Yeah, that threat is real, lol! Irving blew pass Turner like he was standing still. I was like "Holy ****! Didn't see that coming.", lol.

Loving the ball/rim physics.

Rebounding feels more organic instead of predetermined.

Jumpers feel smooth.

Liked the passing options.

Here's hoping that this will be the game to dethrone NBA 2K11 as the GOAT in MINE mind.
# 2 ClipsFanSince98 @ 09/25/15 09:05 AM
1. Defense WAY better. The blocks are awesome and you can't just turbo run by players anymore. As the defender you feel like you have a chance now too.

2. Overall environment and gameplay is much improved. Crowds feel alive, physics are way more accurate, players have more emotion.

3. Visuals took another leap.

4. Love how fair/accurate players ratings and gameplay are this year.


1. The mode I was most excited for (My Career) has a ton of audio bugs as usual and an extremely corny plot.

2. Sure they added wingspan but they took away definition+body types over years and nicknames this year for your player. Rather than feel like I'm my own guy, I feel like I'm playing someone else's REALLY corny life.
# 3 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 09/25/15 09:10 AM
Everything that I could have wished for!! As much love as I have for the other title it has already been put back up on Craigslist. This game has made me drop the price way below retail because this game is just that damn good. Hopefully a potential buyer won't try 2k16 first or I'm hosed lol.

This game is gonna really mess up the goal I set for myself to clean up my backlog of games. It's just not gonna happen.

So fellas don't waste your time reading this thread go out and get the best, most complete bball game ever made.

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# 4 jb12780 @ 09/25/15 09:18 AM
Crazy to see FanDuel on the ad boards.

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# 5 jlbrown143 @ 09/25/15 09:21 AM
Man what a game !!!Presentation is excellent love the video bombs saw Lebron do one yesterday,Rebounds and blocks look and feel so much better. Dunks are off the chain this year for real..lol. Man the Biggs in the game are awesome....contact is definitely more believable, still getting used to controls There is game tutorials for controls also btw- watch them !!Thanks for practice mode being back I love it, Crowd reaction is better this year, players are playing like themselves more and more this year, mannerism are very good also. Stadiums got a lot of love this year too..nice, I'm telling you guys it's the little things that make this game even more special, like falling into someone and watching them react to the person that fell into them..(priceless) players pushing off trying to get around a defender, spacing on the court so much better, getting punished for making bad play decisions...lol Coach reactions to bone head plays... computer shaking the screen when you shoot free throws.... Man this game is great !!I really do believe the Hype is very much deserved this year, 2k you guys did a excellent job this year for sure..!!! Real basketball fans are going to love this game, now I am not saying that everything is perfect, but this is without a doubt the best basketball game on the planet !!! Funny thing is I am on a PS4(FYI) and I have not even touched all of the other modes yet and already feel this way just from practice mode and play now (offline) this game will be played for months that is for dam sure !!!
# 6 Black Bruce Wayne @ 09/25/15 09:22 AM
-The defense is much improved and matters in the paint. Guys arent just going to make layups on you all day through contact (online and offline)

- Online, you wont be able to just make 3-pointers from everywhere with your favorite player anymore. You are going to have to work for it. A guy played against me with the Knicks and just keep chucking it up with Melo. It did not work through on-ball defense.

- On ball defense matters.

- The pick and roll is not as effective which is good.

- A.I. teammates play better defense although your best bet is to still play on-ball defense.

- The paint is more physical.

- You cant just do a bunch of iso dribbles to your destination.

- Fadeaway 3point cheese doesnt work

All my points were from online play
# 7 Hadlowe @ 09/25/15 09:28 AM
Playing against the Clippers, Josh Smith kept taking bad contested jumpers. It was beautiful.
# 8 tha_show256 @ 09/25/15 09:33 AM
This will be quick since I only got to run a little bit after I got it all installed last night...the foot planting is noticeable right away, and it makes all the difference in the world in defense. Graphics are superb as usual! Sometimes when playing I find myself just saying WOW! The game is a work of art! More to come once I get more time with the game. At work now, and this will be a very long day! Can't wait to get back on the sticks.
# 9 ZB9 @ 09/25/15 09:36 AM
The gameplay is so smooth and there is so much to do that i am overwhelmed in a good way.

It's cool that they gave 03 Dirk an 88 rating instead of the 85 that was originally thought.

The only compaint that i have so far is the uniforms clashing in play now online games. I wish there was a way to prevent both teams from wearing white uniforms.
# 10 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 09/25/15 09:39 AM
Shooting feels so good in this game!
# 11 DJ @ 09/25/15 09:48 AM
Played a couple of games last night (digital copy - PS4) and man, this game feels worlds apart from 2K15 (which I played for a long time) ... in a good way. The CPU feels like you are playing a human opponent, they are much more aggressive with the ball and in how they run their offensive sets/plays. I didn't see a lot of the PG just holding the ball and waiting for a teammate to pass the ball to.

Learning some of the new controls is going to take some time, too, especially since 2K15 is ingrained in my memory currently.

CPU also runs through its star players. Miami fed D. Wade and Bosh the ball, while the Knicks were constantly going to Melo on the wing/block.

Graphics are a nice bump up from last year. Lighting has improved and the rims and ball are a more understated color this year. Scuff marks in the paint are noticeably visible during free throws, which is a nice touch.

Net and rim physics are improved. You'll see so many different bounces off the rim now when you and the CPU shoots, making it tougher to determine if the ball will go in or where the miss will eventually land.

Audio is great. Love the pre-game show. Crowd sounds good and I think those that complained about how the ball sounds hitting and going through the net will be happy with the changes (it sounds different to me) 2K made in that area.

Looking forward to playing more and once I get a better feel for thr controls, this game will truly shine. Another great effort from 2K.
# 12 iceberg760 @ 09/25/15 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by Hadlowe
Playing against the Clippers, Josh Smith kept taking bad contested jumpers. It was beautiful.
--- Classic!!

Tempo of the game is nice/Played Kings vs Clippers---Rondo could not get around CP for anything/Called for a pick & roll--they switched out so DeAndre Jordan was guarding Rondo---a quick hesitation and blew by him easy.

I really like the defense/blocked shots are phenomenal.
I like the Player interviews that they cut to..
Jump shots pop! gotta relearn how to shoot with everyone! (alot smoother than prior years).
I love the passing also (Rondo did a reach around drop pass to Cousins--BEAUTIFUL i tell you!)
Gonna take some getting used to going in the post--I keep throwing lob passes when i'm trying to post--lol..
# 13 snocone @ 09/25/15 09:52 AM
Played around in a bunch of game modes and loved what I saw. Park was fun, my PF was slow in transition, but a beast around the rim. Simmed stats looked pretty good in MyLeague. Played a pno game against the lakers, and while I lost a close game, it was really fun trying to lock down Kobe, the lag felt so much better.

Right now, this is looking like a game of the year contender
# 14 brent3419 @ 09/25/15 09:58 AM
rebranding a team in mycareer is overwhealming!

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# 15 Black Bruce Wayne @ 09/25/15 10:01 AM
From online play first major problem, Lebron is pretty much unstoppable .
# 16 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 09/25/15 10:03 AM
I've only played one game so far but man this game is awesome. There are a few new rebounding animations that I like, having Drummond jump up grab the rebound over everyone and then dunking it felt so good. This might be the best basketball game ever.
# 17 CPU vs CPU @ 09/25/15 10:08 AM
Still getting used to the game but this is easily the best 2K ever defensively. I have so much to use as a defender it's crazy. I'm loving it.

Crossovers are great and it was a good idea to make sig dribbles be done with holding turbo, freed things up for regular dribbles without turbo. That was a dope decision.

I can go on and on about the good things. But there is one thing that still sucks..............

The CPU just plays so dumb at times smh. Why, I mean what is so hard about settling for a mid range jumper. Everybody still is focused on forcing their way to the basket, which a lot of times results in a ******** pass that would never be attempted or a shot clock winding down until a bad shot is forced. SO MANY TIMES THE CPU CREATES SPACE ON THE PERIMETER, but due to the attack the basket logic, they never take the clean jumper. It's crazy cause the CPU would rather take a jumpshot running straight into the defenders chest than settle for an open one or mildly contested one. I wish they could fix this. The other game definitely had a more realistic playing CPU which is sad.

Other than that, no complaints at all. This is already looking like the GOAT.
# 18 raiderz4eva @ 09/25/15 10:11 AM
After a solid 5hours of game play last night and Barely waking up for work on time. I'll say this. This game is a classic if you appreciate sim basketball. Everything is spot on in terms of play style, tempo and etc. sure there are little things you can nitpick but the game is so much more realistic than last year.

Now for online. YES I SAW CHEESERS LAST NIGHT! Its in the game and likewise in other games such as call of duty, madden, halo, it's inevitable. But I tell you what I noticed. If you play team basketball with some friends on park you can beat these CHEESERS. I saw teamwork beat CHEESERS last night and in 2k15 I felt like I had to abandon my style of play and cheese with them In order to even be competitive or beat them and I hated that because I appreciate playing realistic.

Everything is so smooth. I used to think FIFA was the best game in terms of skill needed to play. I think nba has taken that position. For example, I always felt like if you were A lower tier team you could beat a friend playing with Barcelona if you had the stick skills and understood soccer. This is the first year where I can say nba 2k15 is like that. My friends that beat me in 2k15 tend to pick teams such as golden state and the cavs and I always felt like it was sometimes impossible to beat them due to talent. Well from what I saw so far I truly believe that this game requires the most skill and knowledge needed in order to win. You learn an offense, you learn the angles players take on cuts and the screens they set, going into the post, your position on defense. Your players strengths and weaknesses everything is accounted for and I believe this game clearly portrays that.

Good job 2k.
# 19 GisherJohn24 @ 09/25/15 10:17 AM
It's all about the fine details. I can't explain it, but those who loved 15, you will love 16. This is real basketball and represents the real game! Everything feels fantastic about this game. Reboundning, ability to play good defense, shooting feels smoother (signature shots feels fantastic) and the graphics are more stunning than ever. For the first time in 2K, the courts are finally where they should be, they look amazing. The new control scheme is a bit overwhelming for me at first, I think you can go back to the old controls (I think in the options) someone confirm?

MY only nitpicks are the legends. I will say, they look better than 15, some players look better than others, hopefully they'll update their scans on a patch. Will have more impressioons later when I play some more modes. Haven't tried online yet.
# 20 DC @ 09/25/15 10:18 AM
We have a few new ratings.

Contact Dunk
Reaction Time

Nice to see them spread the speed/quickness ratings out finally. Really putting a nice gap between athletes and non-athletes. CP3 is a 79 speed which is cool because he isn't a great athlete. Nice on there. I am OCD so of course I think I can adjust them.

Seems like their rating for contact dunks was sorta random. They kept them low surprisingly. I say we cap it off at 75. I will come up with a formula.

Also in edit mode, ratings and tendencies are grouped by Off, Def, Ath, Other

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