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NBA 2K16 is out today!

If you haven't yet done so, check out our launch day impressions thread here. If you've got the game, also be sure to vote in our poll and give the game a rating of great, good, average, or bad. Also leave a comment with a general overall review of your first day of playing!

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# 1 Thadon89 @ 09/29/15 12:18 PM
The game is super amazing love all of the new additions including summer league, 2nd summit, stance socks everything only thing now is for us to have the ability to put tattoos on created players and draft classes and give respectable rookies there real cyber face like Norman powell, etc. And just fix a couple of hairstyles and the game and thats pretty much it other than that the game is perfect.
# 2 Maxbeatzz @ 09/29/15 12:25 PM
After hrs of practice I finally got a really good...I like to play online I was loosing a lot but learned from each game the realism is beautiful....its best out of the 2k franchise 9.6 out of 10
# 3 mlp111 @ 09/29/15 12:25 PM
for me, its great! Finally a 2k that has dethroned 2k11! The best release from 2k thus far, hands down!
# 4 UNMLobo @ 09/29/15 12:26 PM
This is a very visually appealing game. It plays well and I like the new controls. I still need to deprogram NBA 2k15 from my hands. The main concern I have is the linear nature of MyCareer. The story is OK, but it does not relate to me at all. Also, there are no choices, which is ironic since all the other modes have been expanded with additional customization. The replayability (is that a word?) is significantly reduced due to the linear gameplay. I actually preferred last year's version, since the on the court action sort of drove the story. This is a sports game and not GTA V.
# 5 sschevyridah @ 09/29/15 12:49 PM
Game looks awesome, game plays awesome. I'm actually enjoying the my player mode this year for the first time ever. I've enjoyed the park and Pro -Am as a walk on when it worked. Haven't really dabbled into My team this year. Atleast not yet. With the fun I've had with MyCareer and the Park this year, I may not get to My team until next year. Only Con i have is the servers and random jumping od yoiur player on the park. 9.5/10
# 6 RipCityAndy @ 09/29/15 01:00 PM

The gameplay is GREAT, but the VC implementation has me not enjoying the game as much as I should be. I've only really played MyCareer though...

I don't like the VC balance in MyCareer. Starting stats and OVR are WAY too low to be enjoyable. Plus, you can't really start with any real specialization, so you're generally crappy at everything. Progression is too slow. I'm through my rookie year and I'm only a 62 (that's with the 10k preorder too...). The Spike Lee movie was great, but I couldn't help but wish to just sim through highschool, college, and my rookie year so I could start earning some meaningful VC.

Also, some of the simulated MyCareer stats are bogus. I'm a 6'9" PF with skills in inside scoring, rebounding, and defense. BUT, 2k thinks my rookie year 3pt shooting is 79% It's a shame that there are these awkward blemishes on an otherwise great experience.
# 7 stillatin @ 09/29/15 01:30 PM
im giving it a 8/8.5. The things that takeaway from being a perfect game are the spike lee convoluted story, The defense "cheats" to guard you in harder difficulty and there's still a lot of hiccups in online mode. Other than that, this has been my favorite 2k since 11. They've gotten a lot of things RIGHT than wrong.
# 8 DBMcGee3 @ 09/29/15 01:32 PM
I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far, although some of the control tweaks have taken some time to get used to, and the overall weight of the players just feels much different to me. While it absolutely KILLS me that the post game highlights STILL don't work for 12 min quarters, that is really the only gripe I've had so far.

Everything else feels smooth as silk, and the AI from the CPU is truly a revelation. Looking forward to the season getting started so I can really crack out on this game.
# 9 schnakenpopanz @ 09/29/15 01:44 PM
Offline it is 9.5 of 10. Online I give it a 8.5 of 10. If online could match offline a bit more in response and input delay it would be 9.5 too. Finally a solid online league mode.
# 10 jwilphl @ 09/29/15 01:46 PM
A quick rundown from someone who doesn't buy the game every year:

This is actually my first 2k game on the new consoles. I mostly enjoyed 2K13, but I'm really engrossed in 2K16. I admit I haven't spent enough time to give an in-depth review, but so far, the MyPlayer mode is good fun. Decided to commit to Michigan (sorry 'Nova) after winning it all at States.

I admit the dialogue and acting are a little cheesy at times, but who cares? This is fun; I'm not looking for a soap opera or Academy Award winning performances. If this seems like old-hat, I honestly recommend taking years off in between purchases. I have no idea what 2K did with last year's game and I like to think I can appreciate this year's version moreso because of that.

Even better: spend some time with an EA single-player mode and you'll appreciate this infinitely more. I love that 2K is breaking ground on what the "player career" mode should be. In reality, we've had nothing but stock "create a player, then play games," but there's nothing else ever going on. A story, I think, is what most people are looking for. Some sort of world to exist in that actually feels alive rather than static numbers on a page.

This is the future, IMHO. And it's a future I want to live in.

As for the gameplay, well, I do like how it feels so far, especially compared to 2K13. It is a much smoother experience. Won't go in-depth too much since as I said, I need to spend more time with it. If you haven't bought the game in a couple years, I do recommend this one whole-heartedly.

I think this has to be the best sports game of the year, though, based on my initial impressions. This is heads above anything EA is doing; the only one close overall, IMHO, is MLB The Show, though after looking at this it, too, could add plenty. Hopefully the rest of the genre takes some introspective and starts moving career and franchise modes forward.
# 11 BezO @ 09/29/15 01:47 PM
7.5 - Good

Very good gameplay with a few exeptions. My biggest issue is the defensive sliding by the CPU. Missing post-game highlights on the PS4 is also major considering what was done with the post-game show.

I'm an offline play now (vs user & CPU) & season (vs CPU) player exclusively and have yet to start a season. So my rating is limited & early.
# 12 Radja @ 09/29/15 02:11 PM
9.75 to 10.
I think from a pure video game experience it should be a 10. Sports games are hindered the RL comparison as opposed to shooters and action games. This game feels as good as Uncharted, Batman or Mass Effect. It deserves Game of Year consideration not just sports game of year. That's a lock.
# 13 trey2k198003 @ 09/29/15 02:17 PM
This game is pretty damn cool. Loved the my career (thank you spike lee) i love the myh gm it has some big additions and some really small ones that make it proably the best franchise mode to me in sports games right now,....i love the addition of the sports ticker, the relocation is amazing.

I love the that i can now put what players im looking to trade for and we have a true trade block, I love the U.I. its really easy to use. I ALSO LOVE that you can now gain and lose money based on your goals like they tell you how much. This is is wow and im still learning how to play the controls are a little diffrent and attacking the basket is harder without screens and im on freaking pro!

I love the my careers moder after you get out of the story, this game is amazing a must buy for bball fans,,,i was on the line of buying live after last year but 2k stepped it up im very impressed
# 14 CaseIH @ 09/29/15 03:16 PM
Game is GREAT, best basketball game to date when it comes to gameplay. Havent gotten into My League or My GM yet as that's always the tell all on how great a game is, but just gameplay wise nothing comes close to what this year has brought with NBA2k16.

Probably only negative I can say is I wish the court was bigger, things just don't seem to match up quite right as far as spacing goes with players. Just needs a little tweak. Possibly evn making the lane a little smaller would do the trick.
# 15 TheArkatek @ 09/29/15 04:06 PM
Im playing on PC MAX 4k

Truthfully I like it but I still think 2K15 was more polished. I love the animations and the lighting of 2k16 but the overall, graphically I think NBA 2k15 looks better. The only mode I pay is the offline Association mode. Im not a big fan of the MyCareer.
# 16 ChillVillain @ 09/29/15 04:06 PM
7.5 because the PC version is terribly optimized. If I can run games like Shadow of Mordor on Ultra, and Skyrim modded with a bunch of 2k texture mods and ENB with no problem, I should be able to run 2k16, but that's not the case. Game runs, but even on high settings, there's a ton of slowdown that happens in the most random places. Gameplay wise, the game is really good.. I had to practice a while on dribble moves, but the PnR game is hella strong (John Wall + Gortat = deadly), and players are more effective on offense than in years past. Defense is a hit or miss for me tho. I see a lot of the warping animations people have mentioned concerning the AI on defense, and I still can't force turnovers, but I think that comes to me learning how to play the lanes more.

All and all, I think 2k16 is way better than 2k15, and with a few patches, will probably be Sports GoTY.
# 17 Perry_West @ 09/29/15 04:19 PM
best 2k so far.
even the part where
you miss wide open 3's
while cpu knocks down
contested or open shots.
kinda like watching your
team on tv miss while
the opposing team hits
everything from anywhere.
it's frustrating and satisfying
to experience the ups & downs.
# 18 dre2 @ 09/29/15 04:47 PM
I love everything but the MyCareer 'story' they put into it this year...I find it really breaks the immersion of creating your own player as it removes all choice save how you look, and even that is negated by being locked into your family in-story...I mean I'm not white but I still find it jarring so I imagine for some folks it may be even more so. I also thought regardless of lack of control it just didn't strike me as a good story on it's own. It seemed so cliche, I mean The team-owner basically beat for beat lays out Vics death when he first warns you of the relationship with him and telling the story of his 'bad influence' friend who died, don't get me started on Vic's actual character whom hasn't got anywhere near enough character-development to warrant that sappy end scene where he is reading his own post-mortem letter (man I was rolling my eyes at that point and missing Jackson Ellis ffs)...wasn't his previous scene being all dastardly and basically blackmailing you into loaning him your car? How am I supposed to see him as a villian one scene then the next I'm supposed to care he died? I was ecstatic he died...it meant I could play MyCareer finally.

Having said all that you'd think I don't like the game but in fact I love it...I am on the side of the new defense being left alone because it's awesome and I enjoy trying to run plays/get open etc. without my fallback 'beat my defender whenever thing go to hell. I think this game may be the biggest same console generation gameplay leap of any sports franchise ever and it plays the best video game ball of any game I've played (imo of course). I am on the fence about the new play call system but reserve judgement until I get used to them but based on everything so far I'd give it an 8 (9 if I rate it sans Spike Lee stuff).
# 19 jfinger2013 @ 09/29/15 11:58 PM
For me 9.5 out of 10 for show starting with my career I absolutely hated the spike lee story and the fact they we can't play our whole rookie year that was some bs and linear scripts story I'm not fan of I would much more prefer options n choices sin the story if that's how they gone do it. But after the rookie year my career is amazing gameplay is hard n true . I enjoy the Cpu defense much harder this year to drop 30 or 40pts a game and the amped up shooting difficulty is welcomed also one thing I'm not a fan of is the caps Ina balanced Sf and my 3pt cap limit is like 76 that's bs coulda of least gave me 80 but it's cool another gripe wit my career seems every game the Ai gets a defensive 3 in the key call like sometimes they stand there even if the opposing Pf or C is at the 3pt line all the new gameplay takes a while to get used to but is welcomed. Love all the off day activities especially practices now. Could use a little bit more cutscenes after rookie year.
I only played 1 my gym mode so can't really talk about that
Pro Am haven't been able to get a game yet maybe it's a glitch idk
My park seems like the only way u can win a game is of u max your player out nave at least 1 good 3 point shooter n my dude sucks at 3s .
Another problem I have is Rotations kings for example they got their rookie Center and a Cousins I'm pretty sure both of them will start this year and one will play the PF the other Center but on the game since their both centers the Cpu puts the rookie on the bench n makes a 68ovr PF start over him same thing wit the Suns they make Brandon knight come off the bench even tho he should be starting because he is a PG that has always bothered me with 2k they don't let ppl start at other positions other than their main position they really need to fix that.
Gameplay presentation overall this game prolly deserves a 10 but that spike lee story and a few other little things makes me give it a 9.5
# 20 Maxflier @ 09/30/15 12:24 AM
Year after year I have disappointed with NBA 2k, but this year the game is absolutely fantastic.

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