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The WWE 2K16 development team continue to reveal nuggets about their game. Today they show off a quick clip featuring Vader vs. Rikishi. Post your thoughts!

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# 1 CM Hooe @ 10/02/15 09:52 PM
Maybe I'm missing something, but wasn't Vader's most common finish in WWE the corner Vader Bomb?

The moonsault I get, that was Vader's "murder move" in WWE so to speak (in the same way that the Phoenix Splash is Seth Rollins' "murder move" and the top-rope Attitude Adjustment is John Cena's "murder move"). But I can't recall a single match in WWE that 1996 Vader won with a Jackknife powerbomb.
# 2 Cowboy008 @ 10/02/15 10:43 PM
That is a terrible stink face that Rikishi did. Didn't look nothing like how he used to do it. Other than that the video was pretty good.
# 3 Simple Mathematics @ 10/03/15 08:51 AM
I 100% agree with the 2 posts above. Especially the stink face. It looks very girly actually - kinda like they took Kelly Kelly's stink face and gave it to Rikishi. But it didn't even look like hers either. If Rikishi ever did the stink face like that, the guy receiving it wouldn't have to worry about his giant butt in his face... he'd have to worry about the fire that would start from Rikishi's legs rubbing together like that.
# 4 Roguegiant32 @ 10/04/15 12:46 AM
Why couldn't they put the animation from wwe 2013 in? His stink face was perfect in that game
# 5 swiftychampleone @ 10/05/15 04:56 PM
Vader never went to the top rope from the outside. He went to the top from the inside to balance himself before attempting the moonsault. That's what I remember from his WCW days.
# 6 oneamongthefence @ 10/06/15 11:22 PM
It would be cool if Rikishi had his own clothesline animation where he flips when he gets hit.

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