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The 152nd episode of the Press Row Podcast lets us catch our breath and look around the jammed sports game landscape now that all of the major titles have been released. Our panel revisits aspects of NBA 2K16, Madden 16, MLB 15 The Show, FIFA, Rocket League, and others. Which games are staying in our current rotations, and which ones have fallen out? What do we expect to change or stay the same for the rest of the fall? Enjoy the show!


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Run Time: 1 Hour, 19 Minutes

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Member Comments
# 1 tsbmolina @ 10/09/15 02:30 PM
Kat Bailey, US Gamer does not know what she is talking about. Livin Da Dream and MyGm mode is great and her review and reasoning for scoring NBA 2K16 as low as she did is laughable. NBA 2k16's MyGm mode feels sterile, really Miss Kat Bailey? She harped on the story mode more then the actual gameplay. I will take her US Gamer review with a grain of salt. Kat makes the podcasts hard to listen to.
# 2 braves_94 @ 10/09/15 11:41 PM
Now I'm going to try to make Steve Martin to fulfill my 2k/Jerk dream.
# 3 ShaunChgo @ 10/10/15 02:17 AM
This Podcast has taken a turn for the worse when Kat came aboard. It's hard to listen to at times because she's so negative 90 percent of the time it seems. I had to delete the podcast before the halfway point. Not sure how much longer I can listen.
# 4 Cletus @ 10/10/15 11:40 AM
I'm not sure why anyone would criticize NBA 2k as sterile. As a fan of hockey (and one of the biggest critics of EA's franchise) NBA 2k is the pinnacle of sports gaming. You can edit it to play however you want. There's retro teams, plenty of spots to create teams/players and roster/slider/draft classes share.

As far as My GM, you get storylines from around the league, interactions from coaches/staff and other GM's. You have owner interaction with several different goals based on how your team is rated. Look at other games (especially NHL which has roughly been the same since 2008) and the only one close is MLB. I haven't played FIFA so I can't speak about the modes in that.
# 5 RunN1st @ 10/12/15 11:28 AM
OT: Richard, which treadmill do you use while gaming? I've been looking to buy one to do the same so I'm curious. Thank you.

I really enjoy the show and I tune in weekly!
# 6 BBallcoach @ 10/12/15 03:49 PM
NBA 2k16 is sterile? C'mon now. Just listening to her talk about NBA 2k shows she doesn't really know much about hoops in general. Is the story corny? Yes, but the game isn't sterile.
# 7 blk5tar5 @ 10/13/15 01:06 PM
Rich can you tell Kate or explain to the world that Spike Lee had only 12 days to shoot everything for “living the dream”. So to complain about the writing everybody should watch 2KTV that explains to everybody the little time frame they had. Now “living the dream” is good from what they did within the time frame they had now granted going forward I think they will add more stuff down the road.
# 8 Hehmke22 @ 10/14/15 11:42 AM
I think Kat brings a lot to the podcast , she always has very interesting views almost from an outsiders perspective imo on something like NBA 2k which she said herself she is not that into basketball. She can be a little negative but I think that is what is great about OS the ability to not just universally accept everything as awesome and having no issues. I think she is a great contributor.

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