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We waited a bit too long to get Pro-Am finally stable and fully functional -- but it's here and available to play in NBA 2K16. You can find out more about the mode in our interview with Jeff Thomas from a couple of months ago. We said Pro-Am was here and worth the wait, do you agree?

Let us know what you think of the mode by voting in the poll and leave a comment on your team's name and record up to this point!

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# 1 Thadon89 @ 10/16/15 11:33 AM
# 2 TheSameCrew @ 10/16/15 11:54 AM
TSC is now recruiting. Come try out not just another crew but an xbox family! We in need of everything! Team first mindset! If interested then hit me up on here or xbox(the league guy). Changing my gamertag soon. So hit me up soon! You must try out, willing to meet the requirements, and pass interview. Everything will be told when you hit me up. Not in comment section. The same crew or no crew! 20/19/03!!!

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# 3 dmslapped @ 10/16/15 01:35 PM
I can usually barley see the ball with the way these people color the courts. That's my only issue with it.
# 4 Teirminator @ 10/16/15 02:02 PM
Did this patch come out for Xbox One yet? Hoping to check out Pro-Am this weekend.
# 5 oasis90 @ 10/16/15 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by Teirminator
Did this patch come out for Xbox One yet? Hoping to check out Pro-Am this weekend.
No, still not out..
# 6 Lakers 24 7 @ 10/16/15 03:25 PM
I think the concept is cool. It's just very frustrating playing with guys with no teamwork.
# 7 IrOnKoBe @ 10/16/15 03:37 PM
All it's missing is getting rep add that game of the year hands down
# 8 jmaj315 @ 10/16/15 03:51 PM
So none of the leaderboards seem to work for me. Whenever we load into a game, both teams are 0-0 and rated the same. There's a box for power ranking and win percentage: power ranking is blank and win percentage says zero(?)

It's not my team however, so does it only show for the team creator?
# 9 jotterio @ 10/16/15 05:06 PM
Analyzed some pros and cons of the new Pro-Am in the thread below.

Pro AM - Observation & Improvement (Rep, VC, Badges)
# 10 Quentin32 @ 10/16/15 05:48 PM
It's kind of hard going back to playing against the cpu. Man I see so much potential in a actual team.
# 11 JMart14 @ 10/16/15 07:59 PM
If you dont load with 5 guys, everyone will play out of position due to the CPU playing PG and SG. I actually need my PG to actually play PG, not SF.

Home and Away jerseys are a must. Teams with the same color way too often.

The guy who's idea was that every user was his own team and not to have rosters, should be fired.

The only thing going well for this mode is the arena and the actual gameplay which is awesome.
# 12 kahjah @ 10/16/15 09:27 PM
Got booted because my teammate rank got too low. I think the idea of being penalized for bad games by kicking you from the mode is a horrible way to do that.
# 13 Tengo Juego @ 10/16/15 09:52 PM
Underwhelming. It's laid some decent groundwork for the future, should they build on it. But it's pretty barebones and really struggles to keep me from playing it beyond getting some games in with friends. Too often the quality of these games is heavily dependent on number of players, and quality of opponent. Whether that quality be in matchups, skill, or style of players. 5v3 is not fun. Plain and simple. 2 players will be overly consistent bots who are perfect defenders, and when they're not and you think you can sneak a pass by them, you won't. A matchmaking setting or system that forces you to gather 5 players would be great. In addition; allowing these games to run as 4v4 (no CPU teammates) doesn't seem like such a bad idea either. Allowing those groups who struggle to find a 5th player to get a game in.

Secondly, the inability to create an actual team is so disappointing. I thought we'd essentially be getting clans in 2K, or something like Crews in a previous iteration of 2K. A system that would collect stats for official games, but also offered, say scrimmages for large groups to practice against one another, or other squads and official games that would track stats, wins/losses, advanced stats, and even the ability to enter seasons with large numbers of teams to battle it out over a season-like tournament. The possibilities are endless.

Aesthetically, whomever at 2K decided to check off full colored courts deserves a kick in the pants. Blinding white courts, matching uniforms with the floors make it really unpleasant, e.g. black on black. Also, uniform selection options could be greatly improved if home sets were forced to be white, and away sets to team color or black. As is, you end up in color on color and that is also painful to deal with. But the whole team creation is an awesome feature. I hope it too gets more love next year with more uniform designs and tools (Hex color codes please).

Overall, I like Pro-Am but won't get too deep into it. Simply because it's not giving me a whole lot of reason to. Give me a reason to want to play this mode, 2K.
# 14 Black Bruce Wayne @ 10/16/15 10:20 PM
Ill keep saying this until I am blue in the face, the Pro-Am needs to get rid of the 10 player requirement for Walk-On play. Reduce the required players and fill the other slots with CPU generated players like NBA Live does.
# 15 Cletus @ 10/17/15 07:52 PM
It wasn't my cup of tea. It takes a while to load up and playing with randoms is random. The idea is great, but it lacks several things that the NHL series has with their EASHL. We should be able to pick our position or make a player in every position. That way when we see that there's 3 SG's and 0 Centers, we can switch to center. I would probably like this more if I had a team, but the AI plays much better basketball than most of the online players I've played against. That isn't the modes fault, though.
# 16 Kas905 @ 10/17/15 09:49 PM
Love the game, I hate the pro-am.
# 17 Zhaosen @ 10/17/15 11:04 PM
Solo Pro-Am is horrible.

My character, 6'3 PG got placed Center...

this is on STEAM btw.
# 18 HowDareI @ 10/18/15 01:44 AM
Haven't played yet, not a single game. Not as a walk-on, not as a team. Xbox One btw, waiting on the patch.

Sounds and looks fun, but from what I'm hearing I'm becoming skeptical. Since 2K10 my team always ran a 3 guy rotation: PG, wing, and a big. Point in at the 1 obviously, then the sg/sf at the 3 and pf/c at the 5. If they don't let us run our natural positions and put my point in at the 3 that's almost a mode-breaking thing.
I'm 24, as are my friends. We got responsibilities now and there's not gonna be 5 online at the same time. At the same time I don't like playing with random people it makes our actual conversations awkward. Just let us actually play our right positions.

But we'll see...I do wanna play it at least.
# 19 yomrsun @ 10/18/15 05:10 AM
anyone wana start a team? shoot me a request! PSN: TommyGunz_55
# 20 Black Bruce Wayne @ 10/18/15 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by SirGaryColeman
I'd rather just have the option for 3v3 or 4v4... the reason NBA Live didn't work for me was because the CPU created chaotic.

If I pass to an open CPU player in NBA Live, a human player will call for the ball and take it before he can shoot it... it was a cluster.

OR a queue system that lets human players replace drop-outs would be fine too (this is how MOST online games operate)
Im talking the lobby before you enter the game not the actual game. I have yet to actually have experienced Pro Am gameplay and I've had the game since preorder launch.

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