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There have been a couple of NBA Live 16 patches released recently, but no official details were given. Today, EA Sports has released the details of those recent patches.

  • Addressed an issue in which users we not receiving Content Updates after being disconnected from the EA Servers, causing them to desync with users in Online game modes.
  • Improved game stability
  • Addressed the delay in Summer Circuit that was seen when users were in single player game sessions. Users should now see a significant reduction in delay within single player Summer Circuit games.
  • Addressed the issues with missing graphics and UI when jumping into a Rising Star simulated game.

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Member Comments
# 1 bran9413 @ 10/19/15 04:35 PM
Dangit Steve I thought it was gonna be about the main patch with rookie scans in it
# 2 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/19/15 04:41 PM
That was ALL in that big damn near 1.2GB size patch ? What ?
# 3 Poppindom @ 10/19/15 05:33 PM
Must be more tweaks inside the gameplay.
# 4 Walt Frazier @ 10/19/15 06:18 PM
Really? It took a week to release that tiny note? Why on earth not releaae notes at the same time the patch came out? That would have taken about a min to type.

Seeing as they are at least active...Could they possibly give us some indication if there actually will be a big gameplay patch?

I think the LIVE community, as small as it is, at least deserves to know if a big gameplay patch is being worked on.
# 5 Quentin32 @ 10/20/15 03:06 AM
8,300 sold. This may be the last patch
# 6 Walt Frazier @ 10/20/15 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by Playmakers
well at least they (EA) are consistent right???

Actually PM, they are not. The Madden, NHL and FIFA teams have all been pretty good to great post release imo.

It is only LIVE that is stuck a decade behind every other game in terms of communication and social media.
# 7 pslieber @ 10/20/15 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by Quentin32
8,300 sold. This may be the last patch
8300?! Wow. That explains why there are only 300 people online. And I keep playing the same people. It's such a shame, as I really do like this game. A LOT.
# 8 Guapo516 @ 10/21/15 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Quentin32
8,300 sold. This may be the last patch
I may buy it out of pity. But I can't imagine that's the real number
# 9 Quentin32 @ 10/21/15 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Guapo516
I may buy it out of pity. But I can't imagine that's the real number
It's legit maybe more maybe less. I'll put it like this my local Meijer only received 3 copies and the last time I checked they were still there.
# 10 erod550 @ 10/21/15 06:46 PM
Is this a new patch? Because this is like the 3rd time in the last couple weeks that I've had to sit through a 30-40 minute update because they force you to download it in game instead of letting the game update while the console is in sleep mode like every other game. And every time it still has notes for 9/23 and 9/29 so I thought it was just constantly redownloading the same 2 updates every time.

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