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Chase Becotte recently posted a video on OS talking about the case against Confidence and Drive Goals in Madden NFL 16. Also, Bob Kollars checked in earlier this week with a look at five ways to fix Franchise mode in Madden.

Centering the discussion around the two headed monster of confidence and drive goals, we're asking you: should Madden keep them for next year? Tweak them? Ditch them?

Sound off by voting in the poll and let us know what you'd do with both features in the comments!

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# 1 GlennN @ 10/20/15 12:13 PM
In two words - silly and arbitrary. Ditch 'em!
# 2 iFnotWhyNoT @ 10/20/15 12:37 PM
# 3 Lisac @ 10/20/15 12:46 PM
One word- Garbage!

and thats me being nice!
# 4 Trojan Man @ 10/20/15 01:06 PM
Confidence and drive goals are both rubbish and make no positive contribution to franchise mode to my mind.

Give me features that help me realize what I see on Sunday, like specialized formation subs and personnel packages, and ditch the RPG gimmicks that have no place in football games.
# 5 SonnyFranchise @ 10/20/15 02:29 PM
They had time to do this trash, but we've been waiting for formation subs and being to sub RBs without doing it manually for years.
# 6 booker21 @ 10/20/15 03:23 PM

Sim games doens´t have drive goals, so this is cheating from the beginning.
# 7 asu666 @ 10/20/15 04:42 PM
Ditch them. Too much potential for needless bugs and imbalances with little return.
# 8 zizoux @ 10/20/15 06:33 PM
Get rid of them altogether. Also I hate coaching schemes change players' overall ratings. For example, they make a 94 ovr player 99, a 80 ovr player 73 etc. I've never liked that feature since its debut.
# 9 bukktown @ 10/20/15 06:59 PM
I want sooo bad for CFM games to play like Play Now.
# 10 kadzier @ 10/20/15 08:23 PM
drive goals were definitely messed up this year- sometimes they're literally impossible to get based on where you start the drive, or they reward you in situations you should not (or vice versa). On top of that they encourage random statpadding gameplay. scrap em.
# 11 fballturkey @ 10/20/15 08:25 PM
Confidence could be toned down and reworked into something that makes sense.

Drive goals provide no value whatsoever to the game.
# 12 briz1046 @ 10/20/15 08:36 PM
Have no idea why they were ever introduced when the people who pay their wages have been clamouring for work in other areas for so long and having their voices fall on deaf ears
If you want to make an RPG go do it but don't force it on people who are looking to play an NFL career mode
Ditch them both and listen to your consumers
# 13 Step2001 @ 10/20/15 09:24 PM
I ignore Drive Goals & run my Offense & Defense the way I want.

As for confidence, tone it down or do away with it.
# 14 rkocjay @ 10/20/15 09:57 PM
ditch them as well as the schemes
# 15 Robo COP @ 10/20/15 10:07 PM
I'm loving the response so far. Let's hope madden take notes when a sample size of their customers shows that well over half of them want nothing to do with either feature.

As others have said in this thread as well as many others, listen to the consumers. If you want to bring in a new feature, that's understandable, but make sure the base product is what the consumer wants before you dump too many man hours in a feature nobody cares about.

I feel like nobody really thinks through new features. Somebody has an idea, and if it is liked by whatever board decides these sorts of things they run with it without actually looking into what it could impact in their own game.

Anyway, I'm about to start rambling. I'm very encouraged by the improvements in the on field gameplay, now it's time the crew ramps up franchise mode and does away with the nonsense
# 16 mcdowell31 @ 10/20/15 10:29 PM
I hadn't bought Madden since 2004: Every year either the demo or videos or OS commentary prevented any bad investment. Instead I played the other game from 2005 all these years. This years demo was promising so I bought.

Drive goals? I notice them half the time: I'm usually focusing on game play and competing realistically; I can honestly say goals don't cause me to do something out of the ordinary. Often, I see I've accomplished something and I had no idea I was doing it because I'm into game strategy and execution. At games end I take whatever is given and let assistant coaches use as they see fit.

I like the idea, but if it goes as mentioned, and unbalances play, then I won't be happy. I'm only on game 4 of the season, so I'll have to wait and see how the game is affected.

EA did something like this with NBA Live 2005. As a basketball junkie, I felt the goals were outside the scope of strategy, but I would attempt the far fetched ones late in the fourth with a 20-point lead.

I'm not surprised at this discussion: EA has had some good ideas, but usually those ideas have been heavy-handed (unbalanced).
# 17 xerxes313 @ 10/20/15 10:54 PM
As it stands now, drive goals are horrible. I would like to see it change so that goals are only situational. For instance;

If I throw a pick, my new goal should be to complete a few short passes and then only to gain the confidence that I lost with the interception
# 18 OBJ 313 @ 10/21/15 01:03 AM
In my opinion, as sole CFM player, completely scrap the drive goals. I turn off the visuals for it, because first of all, it is distracting as all hell. Second of all, I want a sim football experience. Drive goals with XP (like a damned mmo), as much as the EA team might've thought it was a great idea, is just way too arcadey, in general.

About confidence, keep it in. Confidence is absolutely a factor in real football, and the highs and lows of each and every game has impact on the team, as well as individual players, based on their performance of course. With confidence, I love the extra dynamic it brings to CFM mode, I don't just want to go back to strictly bare-bones CFMs. All I ask, is smooth out the bugs with it.

I'm happy with confidence, managing my team, injuries, being very in-depth with my draft experience in CFM. I like that how it is. No need to start pulling the gimmicks out and all unnecessary additions like Drive Goal XP to advance players. Players should take a while to advance. Young especially, and as we know the older they get the more expensive it to pay much attention to their attributes, as long as they are above-average.

That's my opinion, anyway. Scrap or re-imagine Drive Goals and XP gain in that manner, but keep confidence and refine it. I believe it needs to stay. It's a great addition, and as long as it isn't buggy, I believe it adds a realistic dynamic to monitor.
# 19 Ueauvan @ 10/21/15 07:11 AM
ditch or make them applicable to CPU teams as well or make them on/off in game options
# 20 sanderson13 @ 10/21/15 10:05 AM
Ditch both.

Drive goals have no valuable purpose. Your goal each drive should be to score a TD, wring out the clock, or stop your opponent. Any other goals from your drive distract from your purpose as a football team.

I'm OK with finding ways to add fluctuation to player ratings, but they should go up and down and Confidence is a silly metric to use as a pool of XP to apply as essentially a permanent boost.

At least Confidence doesn't apply to all stats but it could be replaced by a better system. I like the idea of using training to only boost certain stats. Core physical stats like STR and SPD should essentially be scripted. It makes no sense that you'd make a 22 year old faster or stronger over time.

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