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With WWE's release earlier this week, everyone has gotten a chance to play the game and enjoy what it has to offer thus far.

At this point, after a few days with the game, what do you think of this year's title?

Sound off by voting in the poll and leaving a comment below!

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# 1 atl8934 @ 10/30/15 03:42 PM
5 out of 10. Like a lot of the improvements to gameplay, but wow! This game is filled with too many bugs/glitches to count. Just a few: can't make title matches in universe mode, editing attires causes the wrestler to disappear in the post match celebration, create an arena crashes often when using imported logos, universe cutscenes still show the wrong person performing attacks, when I download people online from other users the logos get mixed around and nothing looks right (for example, downloaded a cm punk and there was a wwe logo on his chest, the stars on his outfit weren't there anymore, random logos I put in like Halloween havoc were on his back), if you use more than 7 or 8 attires in universe then it automatically resets itself... The game is much more polished than last year, but this has to be the most troublesome game I have ever played. In the span of an hour today it crashed twice and reset my universe. Oh and the new pinning system is horrible. I can easily kick out of just about anything and I'm playing on legend difficulty. With a good patch, the game could easily be an 8 of 10, but until then...
# 2 victorkingchamp @ 10/30/15 04:40 PM
Solid 8 out of 10. The gameplay is great. I'm playing on Legend difficulty like I do every year and the cpu is much improved. The creation modes are much improved and I like that Universe mode actually makes sense. I'm also finding career mode a lot of fun.
# 3 Vinzanity @ 10/30/15 07:15 PM
on the PS3 platform? i have it 3 out of 10. bad.
# 4 atl8934 @ 10/30/15 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by Vinzanity
on the PS3 platform? i have it 3 out of 10. bad.
That's unfortunate to hear. I saw the IGN graphics comparison video and was shocked at how well the graphics looked on PS3 even beside the PS4 version. Is PS3 riddled with bugs too?
# 5 Vinzanity @ 10/30/15 09:27 PM
no problem about the graphics. it's about some of its new features not made present for the poor last gen consoles. i was so excited about how you can interrupt a wrestler's entrance in this game but unfortunately i can't do it on my ps3. i can take the absence of the mycareer mode, but little improvements like entrance breakout should have been included even for the last gen platforms. i just bought the game and im like
# 6 Sphinx @ 11/01/15 01:15 AM
As of now I would give the game a solid 7 with room to move to and 8 to 8.5 once they patch a few things like title matches in universe mode. Also, patch some of the wonky AI behaviors that we all have been seeing.
# 7 scottyo60 @ 11/01/15 02:20 PM
My biggest issue is every match is set to be a classic. I want a mix of squash and such in universe
# 8 scottyo60 @ 11/01/15 02:22 PM
With that said 6 out of 10. Austin's story is awesome, universe is universe and haven't touched my career
# 9 veryhonestgamer @ 11/02/15 12:27 AM
9/10 best gameplay of any wrestling game, and the glitches are the same type of glitches u can find in 2k, they arent game breaking
# 10 DBMcGee3 @ 11/04/15 08:33 AM
I really do love the gameplay this year, but 2k didn't do themselves any favors with the Creation Suite. I can't blame them for the inability to upload entrance music, but why in the world would they remove dozens of entrances altogether, from generics to more recognizable motions that have made creating authentic CAWs so easy in past years?

As if this weren't bad enough, you have to use up a roster slot to add alternate attires to superstars, AND it appears you still can't change basic elements like hairstyles, facepaint, etc for the in-game superstars. I was trying to make a few alternate attires for the '91 Sting, and when I go to change his facepaint color, there's a little strip of blue and yellow paint up top that doesn't change, so basically I have the vintage pink and black Sting, with a little dab of blue and yellow standing out like a sore thumb on his face.

I mean, really?!?!?

Again, in the ring I'm having the most fun since No Mercy, maybe even more so, but these little annoyances really take away from the immersion for me.

Side question: Can someone please tell me how to play with Arenas I've downloaded??? I got 3 old WCW arenas from the CC, and I can't find any of them when I'm selecting my arena for a match.
# 11 Pappy Knuckles @ 11/05/15 04:04 AM
7.5/10. It's my favorite wrestling game that I've ever played, but you still see a lot of funky looking stuff in matches. The future for this series is very bright.

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