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Kevin Groves did a fantastic job summing up the roster woes in PES 2016 thus far. With those in mind, as well as the vow from Konami that the game series wasn't going anywhere, how does this year's debacle impact a theoretical buying decision next year?

Has it put you into a definite no? Are you still planning on buying? Sound off by voting in the poll and leave a comment on how you think it's moved your perception of the series!

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# 1 christian7210 @ 11/02/15 02:38 PM
I'll give summarizing this whole PES mess a shot.

- PES decides to release a playable demo and the full game ahead of FIFA. A good move as it 1) builds on the momentum of acquiring the Euro 2016 license, which EA has held since 2000; and 2) gives consumers a chance to assess PES on its own merits, without the shadow of what so-called hardcore game opine is a PR machine (FIFA).

- Along the way, PES claims full licenses of all 20 2015 Campeonato Brasileirão Serié A teams and an additional four Série B teams competing in CONMEBOL club competitions.

- PES releases a week ahead of FIFA. Unlike its previous iteration, there is no accompanying data pack, which last year (for PES 2015) updated online and offline squads, added eight prominent European clubs, 109 licensed Campeonato Brasileirão players, 80 updated face scans, boots, and an entire tournament, the 2014 Copa Sudamericana.

- Instead, PES announces live squad updates for online play slated top begin early-October, a week after FIFA 16 is released, containing complete squad updates, including those of 16 Brasileirão squads. In the meantime, gamers are left dumbfounded as to the difference between updates for online and offline play.

- As for PES' much-hyped Brazilian club licenses, a handful of teams had fake players, while squads such as São Paulo had two or three fake players sandwiched by licensed ones.

- Konami then announces data pack 1 for October 29, which would be around six weeks after release, shortly after the announcement about live online updates.

- Data pack 1 arrives without incorporating late transfers.

You, the community, be the judge. We as gamers clamor for realism, and real squads can't be dissociated from notions of realism. Realism also includes quality gameplay, which PES 2016 has but is not light years ahead of FIFA 16 (I stress 16), as PES patrons claim. Given the momentum Konami has built and the attention PES 2016 generated at Gamescom, among others, this is a huge blow to their credibility. The Brazilian episode adds to this, even if it isn't as discussed. I would go to the extent of calling it false advertisement. And it doesn't help that the game's global brand manager blocks users on Twitter for criticizing his/his team's work/the game itself.

I must admit that I have been faithful to the FIFA series since 98, but have purchased PES 2015 and 2016 because of its command of the South American club licenses and superb gameplay. In many ways, I am miffed at PES' latest debacle. Also, as a reminder, FIFA 15 suffered squad update issues from late-September to mid-October. It wasn't as big a deal as it did not affect big-name players. But hardcore football fans, including me, cringed, not cause Ronaldinho wasn't in the game for Querétaro for a month, but because many key transfers of primarily South American and Eastern European players were omitted for a month. EA fixed it, however.

Hopefully this gives the community a more nuanced look at the PES situation.
# 2 ZoneBlitz @ 11/02/15 05:58 PM
All I can say is, this is definitely NOT the year for PES to stumble. There is, clearly, no room for them to make any mistakes this year. Period.
# 3 KennyJ1976 @ 11/02/15 09:31 PM
I said less likely to buy because we already accept that PES doesn't have all the licenses, now we have to accept that they can't get rosters updated in a timely manner. I was willing to do the transfers myself, until I realized how many there were. Its well over 100 players, some of which are not in game, meaning you would have to create them. I already been spending more time editing in this game than actually playing it, I'm not editing anything else. I guess I'll be playing FIFA until Konami gets their act together.
# 4 thegut @ 11/02/15 09:34 PM
The data file problems coupled with lack of importing option files and confounded with the keepers this year means I will not be purchasing PES in the future. I've felt like I got burned this year. Even the gameplay can't save it with how the keepers currently play. Probably the biggest disappointment game wise for me this year.
# 5 blackadder33 @ 11/03/15 01:21 AM
Even with the roster problems I would still buy since we already edit more than half the rosters and teams anyway. The gameplay is superior as always. It's a bit more jarring this year though, but that's more to do with Konami's problems overall, what with Hideo Kojima et al leaving and their strange decision to go to patchinko and mobiles. I'm more concerned right now if this is the direction Konami is really going - as in, nobody at Konami getting fired because that's what they really want and it's all intentional and no mistake? If so, this is the last PES anyway and will likely be the end of Konami. They shot themselves in the foot, or should I say, committed hari kiri. Intentional? You decide. Not bothered since there are other publishers in the world than Konami. Oh well, their loss.
# 6 DatIsraeliGuy @ 11/03/15 07:09 AM
My first game I've ever had was PES 06 (my 6th birthday), which was the beginning of my love for PES. I loved it untill 2014, restored my faith in it last year, but despite this game being (IMO) the best game in the series (and football gaming in general), Konami took a big dump on all of it's fans, and I'm amazed by how little they care. They finally had the roster update 3 days ago, I started my first master league (great feature btw), but then I realized it wasn't fully updated. 2k are updating NBA every week or so, fifa does updates every week as well, but konami have the not so updated squads from the start of the season 2 MONTHS AFTER THE TRANSFER WINDOW. If pes 2017 will be the same, I'm probably moving to the dark side aka FIFA
# 7 Dogslax41 @ 11/03/15 08:11 AM
The roster issues are inexcusable, but at the same time the game on the pitch is better than it ever has been in many many ways. Add that the ability to customize kits coming back on PS4 and I have taken the roster problems in stride.

It just so happened that the release of games like Metal Gear and a good year for Madden have made waiting to start a master league much easier. Combine that with the fact that in my opinion FIFA 16 is atrocious and one of the least fun sports games I have ever played and PES is still my game of choice.

Now if this was last year when FIFA 15 was a blast to play and Madden was still weak I would have shelved PES and never looked back.
# 8 southernbelle @ 11/03/15 08:42 AM
Definitely still buy it
# 9 JayD @ 11/03/15 04:02 PM
Even though the gameplay could be the best of it's kind I still will not buy this game until the majority if not all teams are licensed.
# 10 DBMcGee3 @ 11/04/15 07:53 AM
It's exceptionally dumb considering that the Live Updates seem to be relatively spot on, and yet the DP was not. In any event, still a great game and, now that I've got my Premier League and Skybet editing done, I've been enjoying it thoroughly. I think I'll always buy both games, they are both that much fun in my opinion and when I get remotely bored with one, I pop in the other for a week and it always keeps things fresh.
# 11 ShaiLeGran @ 11/04/15 10:44 AM
I bought PES 2016 from playing the demo and Konami's promise to listen to the fans and adjust the game where it was needed. Well, after buying and playing AND waiting for the first updates to arrive, nothing has changed much gameplay wise. I am happy to see it receiving an 88 metacritic score, but I have no clue why the rates are so high. Too much is missing in this game, purely talking about gameplay. The lack of fouls is the biggest, which cuts away from really enjoying to play it. Shots in the corner are also too accurate and the CPU takes advantage of it. Overall PES 2016 just doesn't connect with me when I play it, cause real football stuff is lacking.
# 12 HenryClay1844 @ 11/04/15 01:27 PM
Congress should investigate the review scores for PES, it is hard to fathom how a major sports game in 2015 can struggle so much to have up to day rosters.
# 13 redblacks75 @ 11/06/15 08:28 AM
Less likely by a mile. I'm just over incomplete games. This is despite it being quality with the gameplay, and controls.
# 14 El Niche @ 11/09/15 02:27 PM
I've always been a PES player. I bought 2016 on release date, seems long ago now, and I probably wouldnt have believed that 2 months after release I would still be playing with old rosters. This is unfortunate. I'm gonna try to not jump on the hype train next year and at least wait 1 week or at least a month when I can hopefully get it at a discount.

As for this year.... I just couldnt enjoy it much, just sold it on ebay.... This year I found fifa more fun

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