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Giants and Saints! Giants and Saints! Giants and Saints!

If you were wise enough to select players from the Giants or Saints, you more than likely finished fairly high in your FanDuel league in Week 8. The two quarterbacks alone combined for 13 touchdowns!! We’re now past the midpoint of the NFL season, but there’s still plenty of great football in the near future.

Before we recap the winning lineup from Week 8 of The Operation Sports FanDuel Championship, here’s what you need to know about Week 9: The contest costs $5 to play and pays $100 to first place. Click here to enter! We'll see you there!

The Week 8 winning lineup, built by redscare, finished with 175 points, led by monster performances from Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Saints tight end Ben Watson. The three players contributed 98.2 points, a whopping 56.1 percent of redscare’s points.

In second place this week, scorpio71, finished with 171.30 points, led by Manning, Beckham Jr., Todd Gurley and A.J. Green.

A hearty pat on the back to redscare and scorpio71 for finishing atop the field in the Operation Sports FanDuel Championship!

Don't miss out on the Week 9 contest, as the opportunities to qualify for the Operation Sports Championship in Week 11 are dwindling.

Here’s a look at redscare’s winning lineup:

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Member Comments
# 1 Vaporub83 @ 11/05/15 01:23 PM
Will Draft Kings ever be used?
# 2 NDAlum @ 11/05/15 01:55 PM
FanDuel is the sponsor of this tournament so I'm going to assume that DK won't be utilized.
# 3 mpbaseball22 @ 11/07/15 11:27 AM
Im in this week fellas, good luck
# 4 Steve_OS @ 11/08/15 11:02 AM
Good luck everyone!
# 5 NDAlum @ 11/10/15 12:19 PM
Didn't place in anything...bye bye $125 this week. The worst part is this is the best I felt about my lineups.
# 6 wwharton @ 11/10/15 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by NDAlum
Didn't place in anything...bye bye $125 this week. The worst part is this is the best I felt about my lineups.
lol, I had a few lineups and EVERY single one of them was consistently 2 points short of the money... even my 50/50 lineup, 2 points short. Every time a player did something I'd look and the bar moved.
# 7 Steve_OS @ 11/11/15 09:22 AM
Week 10 coming up...

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