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FIFA's Ultimate Team (FUT) has a bad reputation when it comes to the games more traditional, offline players. Scour our forum hours, or even minutes after EA Canada releases a "stability patch" for FUT, and you will see comments along the lines of "FUT is all EA cares about," "Career Mode is once again getting the short-end-of-the-stick", etc. While it's hard to argue against that logic, there's no denying the popularity of FUT and for good reason. Ultimate Team can be addictive fun alternative to battling the CPU's sometimes stagnant offline AI. It's with this in mind that we'll take a look at three reasons for offline players to take the plunge into the card mode.

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# 1 JayD @ 11/05/15 11:39 AM
A whole lot of NOPE! Fix career mode.
# 2 SVCbearcat10 @ 11/05/15 11:56 AM
I find the human v human element for any online game mode to be the problem. It's fun as long as you play the right type of person. Too often it's people who exploit in game flaws/glitch. Growing from a young gamer to someone who is older, you just want to play a fun game and not have others ruin it. I want to pop on, play a game, then go on to something else. The growing number of mini-modes and menu surfing is annoying when you can't spend 4 hours a night playing.
# 3 godquality01 @ 11/05/15 12:04 PM
None of these reasons make any sense to me. So nope.

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# 4 KennyJ1976 @ 11/05/15 12:49 PM
I have no interest whatsoever in playing with created fantasy teams. I buy sports games to play with real life teams whether it be against the CPU or with one of my friends online. Modes like Pro Am or EASHL, every now and then but other than that, I want to play with the real teams.
# 5 Rufio2031 @ 11/05/15 01:34 PM
Highly unpersuasive. Your reasons are the result of FUT getting more attention than Be-A-GM mode.

1) Online matches will never play a role in my sports gaming. Playing virtual cards is also not in my wheelhouse. The variety of game modes doesn't mean anything for those who don't give a bleep about the parent mode.
2) Why wasn't this added to Be-A-GM mode?
3) Why wasn't this improved in Be-A-GM mode?
# 6 WhoDatMatt @ 11/05/15 02:14 PM
Career Mode does incorporate Chemistry EXACTLY as you say. Every team has perfect chemistry because every player on your team is *gasp* on the same team and plays in the same league.
# 7 flo182 @ 11/05/15 04:54 PM
A big fat NOOOOOOPE!

There are 3 reasons why I'll never touch that ****.

1) I want to play with real teams and not play against those fantasy-draft teams all night long. I want to play premier league, bundesliga, champions league etc. and not play in a vacuum of random matches. + in recent years, there were always a handful of players everyone bought because of some of their ratings (e.g. Doumbia in 2015). I want "realism" and not this card game stuff.

2) I love playing FIFA against my friends, but even amongst them there are some players who don't really know a lot about football, are not very creative players but still win most of the games because they find this one feature every year that can be exploited and then they'll abuse it until the game is no more fun for any sane person. It's either crosses & headers in one year, lobbed through balls in another year or awkward overpowered shots from a special angle. These kind of players will always find a way to abuse the game. And in my experience I'd say about 90% of the FIFA online community are these kind of players.

The ranking-system and online-competitiveness (it's just so sad that so many people take online-gaming so seriously...) push the fun and different playing style a videogame offers in the background and promote playing in a way thats not fun at all and just abusing the game.

3) It's ****ing PAY TO WIN! No developer will ever get a penny from me for a mode where you can get advantages by spending real money. This is a goddamn video game and it's supposed to be fun and not supposed to be a ****ing slot-machine that eats your salary!

I pay 50$ each year for FIFA, which is a lot considering the little changes they include (thumps up to 2k!) and I'm starting to wonder what EA does with that money, it's definitely not used for releasing the greatest product to their customer they can offer. Actually they improve the game just so much that customers will still buy, but leave them with even more hopes for next year.

Modes like FUT are the best example of all that's wrong with the games industry nowadays.
# 8 Altimus @ 11/05/15 05:21 PM
Agreed with the other responses... these aren't reasons at all. CM needs more dedication.
# 9 The Senator @ 11/05/15 05:50 PM
My response to this article can be summed up in two letters. NO.
# 10 HenryClay1844 @ 11/05/15 11:15 PM
I was already tired of FUT after FIFA 12 and 13, and FIFA 16 FUT is the worst yet. They don't have any weekly tournaments to play, and of course the game is dominated by the online mode where people spend hundreds of dollars to get over powered players. You can't create a kit or really customize your team anyway. It is just a lazy mode that is aimed at children. I just have virtually no interest in this mode.
# 11 Gnemi @ 11/05/15 11:28 PM
Why was this even posted? Bland payola / pandering.

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# 12 PPerfect_CJ @ 11/06/15 10:09 AM
Not a chance of me touching it. Not even a little one. Strictly offline Manager Mode. Work on THAT.
# 13 mfp @ 11/06/15 11:47 AM
I'd actually be down to play FUT offline seasons if one thing was changed: give us the option to play longer halves. 6 min halves just doesn't work.
# 14 JayD @ 11/06/15 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by Gnemi
Why was this even posted? Bland payola / pandering.

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Maybe EA actually read this forum and noticed how upset everyone is with career mode, but rather than fixing the many issues they decided to once again not do anything and ask everyone to try UT.

PS: Notice the current patch being released? How many career mode fixes are there.........
# 15 Gnemi @ 11/06/15 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by JayD
Maybe EA actually read this forum and noticed how upset everyone is with career mode, but rather than fixing the many issues they decided to once again not do anything and ask everyone to try UT.

PS: Notice the current patch being released? How many career mode fixes are there.........

I now think we're stuck with whatever issues there are in FIFA 16 offline mode until next year, when they'll fix them. Of course, FIFA 17 will also have plenty of problems that won't be addressed with two meager patches.

EA really need to change their model for releases. I'd rather just subscribe to FIFA at this point. FIFA: Career Mode subscription. Shove all that UT garbage down the pokemon crowd's throats and get it away from me.
# 16 Erithtotl @ 11/07/15 12:33 PM
This year was the first year I didn't buy FIFA in like 5-6 years. I'm done with the game until they put some serious investment into the offline experience.
# 17 Retropyro @ 11/08/15 09:25 PM
HAHAHAHA ......Hell no.
# 18 Resurrection403 @ 11/08/15 11:00 PM

this thread brought to you be EA sports (kidding. but not really)
# 19 dubcity @ 11/08/15 11:47 PM
The negatives outweigh pretty much all the positives. Number 1 being you are at a severe disadvantage if you don't put additional money into the game. You just don't earn enough coins for playing each match to make it fun overall.

Nevermind the fact that playing people online is typically way more frustrating than fun. You're mostly playing against extremely competitive people, who are more interested in winning than having a fun gameplay experience. They would rather break the game and win via a glitch/exploit than lose fairly. It's a self-esteem thing for a lot of people, as sad as that sounds.
# 20 Turbojugend @ 11/09/15 02:32 PM
At the risk of sounding like a FUT apologist, it is possible to play FUT entirely offline and never spend a single dime. I've done it for years, mainly because I enjoy the card collection/trading aspect. You can compete in cup tournaments, TOTW challenges, and seasons with promotion, all offline.

Having said that, I've pretty much ditched FUT this year in favor of Career Mode. Even with its shortcomings it still is a more rewarding mode than FUT. For me the appeal of card collecting has worn off and the new Draft Mode is a bust. But the main negative is that FUT shoehorns you into playing with the default settings and six-minute halves, which just doesn't cut it.

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