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With the 2015 sports gaming season well underway, there's no better time than now to ask which type of mode has been getting the most playtime from you in all of your sports game ventures thus far this year?

Don't make this too hard, just think about which type of mode you are playing the most and vote for that option in the poll!

Also let us know how/why you've been centering in those areas in the comments!

Member Comments
# 1 misterkrabz @ 11/09/15 05:00 PM
Madden Draft Champs. Creeping up on 200 wins and getting AP....
# 2 bodean @ 11/09/15 05:36 PM
Online head to head
# 3 DiscountCleric @ 11/09/15 05:58 PM
All I play is Franchise.
# 4 BSchwartz07 @ 11/09/15 06:43 PM
Honestly, I played the Draft thing for a few days when I got Madden. I started a franchise, but honestly just lost interest within a month and haven't played it since. I hate to vote for anything because I really didn't like any mode enough to keep playing.
# 5 kingsofthevalley @ 11/09/15 08:16 PM
Franchise for me all day long no doubt about it!!!!
# 6 Vikes1 @ 11/09/15 10:21 PM
Franchise mode. Really enjoy just playing in my own way and at my own pace.
# 7 Quentin32 @ 11/09/15 11:21 PM
I wanted to like Madden this year, but ain't played it since launch week. Wasted 63bleeping$ smh
# 8 Junior Moe @ 11/10/15 07:49 AM
I didn't vote because the mode I have played the most is actually Play Now. CFM just isn't working for me. I started 3 but I just get bored with it after a few games. I don't do online at all. The on field gameplay is really good this year, though. As such I honestly don't play Madden much but it is fun to pick up every now and then or whenever I have friends over.
# 9 asu666 @ 11/10/15 08:09 AM
Single-player Franchise fan
# 10 snc237 @ 11/10/15 10:12 AM
Enjoyed draft champions. Really hope they expand the mode next year or at least let us face friends
# 11 aka_EM_JAY @ 11/10/15 12:25 PM
The Pole says it's for all games not just Madden. To answer the question MyCareer has gotten all my attention this sports year.
# 12 aka_EM_JAY @ 11/10/15 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by aka_EM_JAY
The Pole says it's for all games not just Madden. To answer the question MyCareer has gotten all my attention this sports year.
poll* correction.
# 13 AMSchieffer @ 11/10/15 12:45 PM
Would have definitely been Franchise if not for so many issues. Will be hoping to start a new Franchise after the next update. Just too many issues with regression, player signings, etc.
# 14 Grey_Osprey @ 11/10/15 02:10 PM
Yea, I didn't vote either as I'm pretty much done playing this game. As mainly an offline franchise player, this years issues, compounded with their decision to prioritize DC over CFM/franchise, was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.

At this point, I think I'm done with this title until they create a revamped, robust, immersive, and properly functioning franchise mode full of all features that have been in past games on less powerful consoles.
# 15 Toupal @ 11/10/15 03:03 PM
Hopefully this poll gives EA some insight on how loved franchise mode is.... And hopefully they are willing to step their game up!
# 16 poulka @ 11/10/15 06:48 PM
Since someone said not limited to Madden haven't bought yet, NBA my league has had me occupied for the last three constantly since purchase.
# 17 onac22 @ 11/10/15 07:14 PM
Franchise, just play it when I want to take a break from FIFA or NHL.
# 18 Step2001 @ 11/10/15 10:22 PM
The results of the poll just reaffirm what EA already knows, that Franchise Mode is THE top mode & has been for a very long time.

Again, Nice to hear that Rex focus will be Franchise Mode for Madden 17.
# 19 rjackson @ 11/11/15 01:34 PM
I don't play Madden, baseball is my passion.

I dabbled in Road to the Show, on-line play, I did enjoy trying to collect diamond dynasty cards although I don't play that mode. Franchise is where it has always been for me.

When I play games, I want to forget the stress of the real world - not listen to some immature kids talking about my mother and cheesing a bunch just to try and piss me off. I got enough of that from CoD back in the day.
# 20 Bullit @ 11/11/15 06:10 PM
Offline franchise modes only, with a little RTTS thrown in for good measure.

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