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The EA Sports UFC 2 Deluxe Edition includes up to 30 UFC Ultimate Team Premium Packs, which values at $60, delivered over 15 weeks. It costs $69.99, compared to the standard edition, which costs $59.99.
  • UFC Ultimate Team – The first-ever “Ultimate Team” experience in a 1v1 fighting game.
    • Create your team of up to five fighters in different weight classes using UFC 2’s deep customization options.
    • Compete in online or offline competitions to progress your fighters and earn coins.
    • Collect coins to buy packs which deliver special items used to boost fighter performance.
    • Customize your fighters with items from packs which improve or change moves, attributes and perks – all of which work together to sculpt your team members into the most explosive in the UFC.

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Member Comments
# 1 fballturkey @ 11/14/15 12:16 PM
I wonder if fighters will have a limit on the number of fights, or if we stick with the same 5 fighters forever and they just keep getting better and better.
# 2 The Senator @ 11/14/15 01:42 PM
Ugh, I hate ultimate team modes. The good news for me is that this means I spend less money on a deluxe edition, which I would have easily been suckered into if they would have included about anything other than ultimate team packs.
# 3 Tdoug_702 @ 11/14/15 05:37 PM
But why play this over regular h2h?
# 4 balljonesjr @ 11/15/15 02:00 AM
EA Sports cover curse strikes again as Ronda Rousey takes an L 😭😭😭
# 5 Quentin32 @ 11/15/15 05:58 AM
She talked all that smack. Showed no sportsmanship at the beginning of the fight. Let that been a .... Never mind. She got knocked DFO
# 6 KennyJ1976 @ 11/15/15 07:01 AM
She could possibly have 2 L's by time this game comes out. This wasn't a fluke KO, she got totally dominated then got KO'd.
# 7 SQI @ 11/15/15 02:47 PM
Exactly. Bad move EA, they could at least wait until the Holm fight. Ronda was destroyed and humiliated.
# 8 dubcity @ 11/15/15 03:00 PM
Ugh, enough with the cover curse BS.
# 9 Twister26 @ 11/15/15 04:59 PM
It's a rip off but makes sense on Madden and Fifa but UFC Ultimate Team? Naa.
# 10 bigsmallwood @ 11/15/15 05:45 PM
Rousey took a serious L......my goodness.....#covercurse
# 11 Bigman101 @ 11/15/15 06:11 PM
I think that's holm in the background
# 12 jeremym480 @ 11/16/15 11:30 AM
I was they would do what 2k did with 2k16 and release the game early to those who pre-order. I'll never play ultimate team so I would like some incentive for pre-ordering.
# 13 Moose Factory @ 11/16/15 12:59 PM
UFC ultimate team? smh. These pre-order packs are all shiat. I pre-ordered deluxe editions of Madden, Fifa, and NHL and all of the packs I get are all crap. Every single week. The "rare" cards that are in these packs are gold contracts or other lesser crap. SAVE YOUR money and just buy regular packs if you have to!
# 14 BCDX97 @ 11/17/15 07:05 PM
The people would spend money on these modes are to blame. If nobody spent any money, they wouldn't keep forcing this stuff on us!

I did actually have fun playing NHL Ultimate Team offline seasons this year, but I think I have hit a wall and am about done with it. And I would never spend a dime on it.

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