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Marvel apparel is scheduled to arrive tomorrow for NBA 2K16. Get ready to see all sorts of interesting looks at The Park.

Source - Harrison Barnes

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# 1 The 24th Letter @ 12/01/15 06:07 PM
Haven't played the Park in a while but I can't lie I'm gonna pick something up- big Marvel fan
# 2 JUSTlFIED @ 12/01/15 07:20 PM
Please have a Punisher shirt
# 3 Goffs @ 12/01/15 07:22 PM
Hulk smash hands please...so whenever my big grabs a rebound the chances of him being stripped will be lessened.
# 4 MontanaMan @ 12/01/15 07:32 PM
I hope there's actually basketball clothing (shorts, compression, jerseys) and not just hoodies.
# 5 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 12/01/15 08:32 PM
This is cool 2k lol good look
# 6 Shadojoker @ 12/01/15 09:15 PM
2k is on another level!!!
# 7 grgmths1433 @ 12/01/15 09:49 PM
Exactly what is this?
# 8 HowDareI @ 12/01/15 10:22 PM
Too busy putting stats on my guys to ever get a chance to buy any clothes or accessories...especially considering it's always a high amount.
# 9 swac07 @ 12/01/15 10:34 PM
Now thats Dope
# 10 RyanJS08 @ 12/02/15 01:03 AM
This explains why the Marvel Adidas pack of shoes popped up about a month ago. They were invisible and couldn't be equipped but I guess we know not that those are a part of this.
# 11 skinnybonez @ 12/02/15 04:28 AM
# 12 NBA2Kforlife @ 12/02/15 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by DemianX09
I so agree!! They really need to update ALOT of the players in the game and never choose to. But making money off VC is more of a priority so what can you do?
Three folks sharing one opinion.
# 13 mqt @ 12/02/15 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by FrequentFlyer15
I won't buy it simply because they are bunch of lazy folks there, they got time to add marvel apparel but otto porter wears goggles 2nd year straight, roy hibbert got a headband ??? WTF .. marvel apparel is somehow higher priority art update than current NBA season players ? this game is turning into call of duty series aka we will give you DLC maps for 14.99 $ but you won't get anything for free aka profit over everything.
Certainly a bold strategy for a for-profit company.
# 14 willh313 @ 12/02/15 04:25 PM
^Exactly, this is how it works people.
# 15 FRANCHIZE NW @ 12/02/15 05:08 PM
Don't get me wrong, I like Marvel and everything. But the last thing I am wondering while playing 2K is "man, wouldn't it be awesome if I could ditch my Jordan apparel, and rock some superhero gear out here in Rivet...."

Now, I know some of us older 2K players will be wearing this gear and that's fine, to each their own, but I can picture it now, a 13 year old kid, tatted up to the max, trying to zig-zag or spam Crawford, while dressed in some superhero costume... cant wait...

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