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The Golden State Warriors are on a bit of a tear right now. Their 19-0 start is amongst the best ever, and thus far they've been winning in several different ways.

We get it guys, you want to repeat as champs.

2K Sports recently ran a simulation using NBA 2K16 to project when the Warriors would suffer their first loss. The result?

December 8 against the Indiana Pacers is when the Warriors finally dropped a game (box score above) -- 103-99.

So when do you think the Warriors are finally going to drop a game? Vote in our poll and leave a comment on when you think they'll lose and also predict what their final record will be after 82 games.

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Member Comments
# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 12/02/15 09:48 AM
Tonight vs Charlotte! 😅
# 2 Rhouston @ 12/02/15 11:13 AM
They will lose their last 11 games, finishing at 71-11 and keeping the Bulls' record intact. It's a sure thing.
# 3 PS4FR3Ak @ 12/02/15 03:56 PM
They will lose in Jan. 2016
# 4 thmst30 @ 12/02/15 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by JohnDoe8865
Tonight vs Charlotte! 😅
Would be great
# 5 Smallville102001 @ 12/02/15 09:12 PM
They won tonight for win 20. I am going to say they lose there next game vs raptors. I don't think they win break the 33 in a row for single season. I just think that is one of those hard records that no one will ever break. The impressive thing is that a lot of there wins I would say like half of them they have been up by so much that there starters don't even have to play the 4th quarter.
# 6 Smallville102001 @ 12/02/15 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Rhouston
They will lose their last 11 games, finishing at 71-11 and keeping the Bulls' record intact. It's a sure thing.

lol to funny.
# 7 Blzer @ 12/02/15 09:35 PM
I wish my NBA 2K16 franchise went this way. I started off 0-3, because the game can't reflect contested shots accurately. But that's neither here nor there.

As a biased fan, I'd like to just see the undefeated season. It won't happen, but I want this to go as long as it possibly can.
# 8 CaseIH @ 12/03/15 03:33 AM
Would love to see it be the Pacers that give them their 1st loss since that's my team. Ive like Steph since he was at Davidson so I do tend to root for the Warriors as long as its not against the Pacers, an usually its hard for me to root for them against the Spurs too because Pops is from Indiana, so I do like them.

In a way I ouldnt mind seeing them break the Lakers record of 33 straight, but I think that record will be hard to break for even them. Heck Id love to see them break the Bulls season record, but that record I believe will also be hard to beak for them, but they sure are playing great basketball.
# 9 benw36 @ 12/03/15 11:52 AM
So a fan, with 2K's rosters (Draymond Green worse than Klay Thompson at what like 83-84 OVR??), ran a single season simulation to find their first loss? Sounds like a great sample size.

You'd have to have perfectly accurate rosters and stats (which you could better predict with advanced statistics as opposed to a video game) and run hundreds? thousands? of test cases and then take the first game with an average loss. Even then GS will probably never an an expected loss...

You'd have to have a game where it would be close and cross your fingers or guess that an injury will occur.

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