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We recently go a chance to correspond with Cat Daddy Games' own Harley Howe about NHL Supercard and what the new update is bringing to the table. Check out our interview below:

Operation Sports: What would you say the core gameplay experience is for NHL Supercard? What do you want gamers to come away from the game thinking?

Harley Howe: Great question. At its core, NHL SuperCard is a collectible card game where you collect your favorite NHL stars and play them in battle against other players. From a moment-to-moment standpoint, you're playing matches against folks from around the world and afterwards you're collecting cards from a virtual draft board. There's a great strategic layer as well that lets you level up your cards to make them stronger and customize your cards by adding buffs.

We worked hard to make something that feels authentic to the NHL experience. We wanted everything, from the card stats and card art all the way to the animation, to feel like the NHL. It's a way to enjoy the NHL even more, you know? And that's something that's been resonating with the game's community.

How does Road to the Cup work?

HH: It's a live event (currently one of the two cycling events in the game) that follows the arc of an actual NHL team as it historically battled for its Stanley Cup championship win. Think of it as one part historical, one part celebration of a tremendous run.

It's a points-based event where you compete against the "teams" of a Stanley Cup winning team. As you progress (and earn some awesome cards) the match-ups you face get more and more competitive. At the very end, you get to collect a powerful card based on that historic Stanley Cup winning team.

How can you develop your roster in the game?

HH: Decks -- and deck strength -- are important components. The key is to keep finding better cards by building up the ones you have currently. As you collect more and more cards off the Draft Board, you get a higher and higher chance of collecting a card within your tier. When that happens, you'll want to switch that card into your deck. You can even collect duplicates to combine and form "Pro" versions that make your cards even more powerful. There's also a level up component, too. By training cards into your best cards, you can make your cards even stronger.

We want to thank Harley for taking a brief bit of time to answer our questions. You can find NHL Supercard in the App Stores for both iOS and Android today!

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