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New Hot Shots Golf (working title) is coming, exclusively to the PlayStation 4. While no release date has been revealed, the team did release a trailer, some screenshots and quite a few details.
  • With this latest iteration, we are adding to the mix character creation and customization, a robust online experience, and free roaming on the game’s golf courses including the ability to drive golf carts anywhere you want.
  • ...in New Hot Shots Golf, players start by creating and dressing their very own golfer, utilizing a deep set of customization tools. By playing and completing specific tasks, players can level up their personalized golfer and build strength for long drives, precise control for putting on the green, and more.
  • New Hot Shots Golf will include a variety of golf courses set in a variety of environments. And rather than being automatically transported to the tee for each hole, all golf courses will be free roaming, meaning you can walk around, explore, and more anywhere you want. Take a spin in your golf cart, or stop by the pond and try to catch a few fish. And you’ll see other online players going about their business as well.
  • Aside from just solo play, New Hot Shots Golf will offer a wide variety of connected online gameplay modes on PlayStation Network. You can unlock rewards by completing missions, compete in matches and tournaments, or play cooperatively with others. At PlayStation Experience we showed off a new team-based mode where players try to complete as many holes as possible within an allotted amount of time.

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Member Comments
# 1 Pappy Knuckles @ 12/07/15 04:10 PM
This looks pretty cool. I'll have to see how it pans out. Haven't played Hot Shots since the demo on PS1, but it was fun back then.

**** golf, though. It's all about fishing and cart races in this one.
# 2 bcruise @ 12/07/15 05:02 PM
Good to see Western confirmation of this game. Can't wait!
# 3 2kNerd @ 12/07/15 05:18 PM
I'm a sucker for Hot Shots Golf. Always been a fav of mine...lots of playing this on PS2 (or was it PS3?) while throwing back a few beers before heading out for the night.

I'd buy this on release day.
# 4 jcmreds @ 12/08/15 10:41 AM
I've always been a sucker for these games. They have the right balance of being easy to pick up and play and challenging to master.
# 5 tril @ 12/08/15 05:47 PM
love Hot Shot Golf. will definitely be getting this. I like the fact that we'll be able to create ur own characters.
and the online interactivity and free roam seems pretty cool.
I wonder if we'll be able to run over other users with our golf carts....LOL!!!!!

hopefully theyll have 4 day tournaments.
Hot shots Golf is a great game to play by yourself or with others. cant wait
# 6 buckeyedawgtribe @ 12/09/15 03:49 AM
Mlb the show.check..the last of us..check..uncharted..check.and now Hot Shots golf. The main reasons i switched from xbox360 and went to PS4 instead of the one..love it. Hopefully this game has alot of courses
# 7 C.J.S. @ 05/10/16 11:36 PM
# 8 Golfsprince @ 05/11/16 06:58 PM
Ugh, almost forgot about this thread about Hot Shots. What the heck happened? Now they'll probably postpone until 2018. *sigh*
# 9 Ronoko @ 05/11/16 08:08 PM
Please don't bump unless there is new info. Gave me false hope. Doesn't look good for anything at E3.
# 10 Golfsprince @ 05/11/16 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by Ronoko
Please don't bump unless there is new info. Gave me false hope. Doesn't look good for anything at E3.

Yea, the post before me got me scrambling only for it to be no info. I appreciate the video but it's not new info. E3 will likely have nothing.
# 11 Earl1963 @ 05/14/16 08:16 AM
Is this game coming out or not?

# 12 Pourvision21 @ 05/14/16 09:06 AM
They usually only come out with one game per generation the only exception being the PS1. Year or two sounds about right.
# 13 Ronoko @ 04/18/17 10:05 AM
# 14 countryboy @ 04/18/17 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by Ronoko
Hopefully that means a US launch is soon to follow.
# 15 Ronoko @ 04/20/17 10:19 AM
It's coming out on August 29th in the USA:


Also, there is a beta test announced on the Japanese playstation site for next month, not sure if they will do one on the English site but it has been confirmed for the first time there will be a single worldwide server.

# 16 countryboy @ 04/20/17 12:04 PM
Come on August 29th!!

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