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The folks at Konami are doing something truly different, introducing a free to play version of PES 2016 which will feature seven teams and a few modes, including access to MyClub. This version will only be on the PS3 and PS4.

Are you going to be giving it a try? And be sure to comment on what you'd pay to get extra teams and modes in the game.

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# 1 davis420 @ 12/07/15 07:27 PM
I voted no. I would try it if I didn't already have the full game.
# 2 NZ Buccaneer @ 12/07/15 08:16 PM
I would if on xbox one
# 3 TerryP @ 12/07/15 08:58 PM
Why not, if one doesn't already have it (?).
# 4 GlennN @ 12/07/15 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by TerryP
Why not, if one doesn't already have it (?).
It is soccer, which doesn't interest me in the least. Not enough hours available to play games!
# 5 TerryP @ 12/07/15 09:07 PM
Guess I should have also stated if one is at least slightly interested.
# 6 tarek @ 12/07/15 09:44 PM
I've said no on the basis of principle. The direction of Konami recently hasn't really sat well with me, culminating in their treatment of MGS creator Hideo Kojima.

And also, I personally get far more enjoyment from the Football Manager franchise of soccer management than I do with FIFA or PES.
# 7 suabinhnonglanh @ 12/08/15 03:15 AM
I voted no. I would try it if I didn't already have the full game.
# 8 Sheba2011 @ 12/08/15 02:32 PM
As an Xbox One user Fifa is free to play for me thank to EA Access and it is not limited to 7 teams.

Unless you are a fan of one of those 7 teams it is kind of limited appeal, if it was on Xbox One I might download it just to try out PES (which has never really won me over) but that's about it. And that might be what they are going for here, kind of an extended play demo.
# 9 weaponz248 @ 12/09/15 01:26 PM
I voted no for 2 reasons. First I dont own a PS4 and second I just bought FIFA 16. No reason to make myself doubt my purchase lol
# 10 G_e_e_z_e_r @ 12/09/15 03:00 PM
Europe only? Nowhere to be found on ps3 or ps4.
# 11 asu666 @ 12/09/15 05:11 PM
No, I like my disc-based annual releases.
# 12 Cowboy008 @ 12/09/15 11:26 PM
No. Not interested in soccer games.

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