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The NBA 2K16 social media team is teasing a major event, scheduled to arrive on December 12. Any guesses to what we might see?

UPDATE: Kyrie Irving will unveil the digital version of the Kyrie 2 at MyPARK on Saturday, at 6:00 PM ET.

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# 1 Moses Shuttlesworth @ 12/09/15 11:35 PM
Free socks for everyone

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# 2 ItsJustaGame @ 12/10/15 01:53 AM
Hopefully not another MyPark-related disappointment. I beg those guys to just fix all aspects of Pro Am.. Maybe add rosters, tournaments, match-ups, private games, and the ability to delete teams...
# 3 JoFri @ 12/10/15 01:56 AM
just 2 days more. patch4? Lol
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 12/10/15 06:32 AM
Full blown College Hoops 2k? We can dream, can't we?
# 5 barond57 @ 12/10/15 06:38 AM
The return of 2k reel?
# 6 BellSKA @ 12/10/15 06:40 AM
The return of Jordan Rec Center would be my guess...

I'd rather get free socks
# 7 Rams_3 @ 12/10/15 07:14 AM
Free VC for everyone lol.
# 8 ballin2k0 @ 12/10/15 07:36 AM
10% off vc and any myplayer shoes or something worthless to try to get you to buy vc?
# 9 ballin2k0 @ 12/10/15 07:44 AM
they could just narrow the myteam packs into one pack called doo-doo pack that way it would atleast be honest the pack should say you are guaranteed atleast one of the worst players in myteam with no chance at a amethyst at all
# 10 itsVURN @ 12/10/15 07:48 AM
Guaranteed to be a let down. If it was anything of substance it wouldn't be a secret

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# 11 I Djm @ 12/10/15 08:07 AM
Compression pants

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# 12 ryan4131 @ 12/10/15 08:12 AM
the one month anniversary of couch co-op being 100% broken and unplayable? yipee
# 13 ehh @ 12/10/15 08:12 AM
MSG will finally have the correct shade of blue.
# 14 Walt Frazier @ 12/10/15 08:16 AM
Redone audio...crowds now actually react properly. No more crowds that suck the life out of the experience.

No more defensive block ...go down and hit a huge three...

.......And get a golf clap.

Jokes aside...I Would actually pay $20 just for new audio for crowd atmosphere.
# 15 HypoLuxa13 @ 12/10/15 08:33 AM
The fact that they are calling it an "Event" makes me think it will be some sort of online tournament/contest. something like "the top 3 players from each park can win an autographed Steph Curry basketball" or something like that.
# 16 The 24th Letter @ 12/10/15 08:36 AM
whine recognition tech is being patched in....whining directly into your ps cam or Kinect now grants you any in game wish you want.

Lol, this is probably something for Pro Am though
# 17 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 12/10/15 09:07 AM
Post game highlights when playing on quarters longer than 6 minutes actually work on PS4?
# 18 MarvinOida @ 12/10/15 09:08 AM
On the first day of Christmas, 2K Sports gave to me... A good ol Diamond Curry...

You get the point.

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# 19 Jslaughter87 @ 12/10/15 10:01 AM
Yall will finally penalize those who abuse turbo?

# 20 ChiliPalmer @ 12/10/15 10:11 AM
Community "managers" finally getting replaced for letting people sit in front of twitter for days?

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