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The free December update for The Golf Club is available now on all platforms. Check out the details below, along with some more information in the official blog.
  • 2 new themes
  • Ability to change textures on bunkers, fairways, greens and rough
  • Ability to change mow patterns on fairways and greens
  • Online multi-player with match play and 4 ball game modes
  • Loads of new clothes, some provided by the community
  • Plus lots of bug fixes

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Platform: PC / PS4 / Xbox OneVotes for game: 7 - View All
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Member Comments
# 1 Turbojugend @ 12/14/15 06:07 PM
Thanks for this, much appreciated.
# 2 Hoos @ 12/14/15 06:53 PM
You guys are a class act Anthony, bravo!!! Merry Christmas
# 3 AnthonyKyne @ 12/15/15 05:36 PM
There were a few people having issues with the PS4 swing. This should now be fixed. So try a round now if you were.

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# 4 ShivasIrons @ 12/20/15 08:28 PM
It sure was nice to play some online match play this weekend on the xboxone. It worked flawlessly, but I did hear of some connection issues with those who tried online fourball.

Also, apparently there is no sudden death in online match play? The match ends in a tie if it's all-square after the 18th hole? This needs to be fixed. The excitement level is really elevated when matches go extra holes. It should be in the game in all the online match modes.

And, I know I and many others who are playing online would sure appreciate and like to have online Alt Shot in the near future. 4-ball takes some time to play with all four playing individually, but with Alt Shot, four can play a match together in the same time that two take to play match play.

But, it's a very welcome update. Thanks!
# 5 AnthonyKyne @ 12/21/15 08:05 AM
Glad you're enjoying it.
We're looking into the Xbox connection issues. It's not happening to everyone so it's hard to know what it is.

No there is no sudden death, we decided to go with the Tie option like the Ryder Cup for 2 reasons. I like draws, I've never seen the need to have a outright winner, and adding this would have made us miss the december update.
# 6 ShivasIrons @ 12/21/15 11:15 AM
Anthony, ... understood on the tie/sudden death issue. It wouldn't have been worth delaying the update. Perhaps, you guys can reconsider it in a future update?

I play almost exclusively online with others in online multiplayer and enjoy that mode the most, by far. It's fun just to play a round with others while getting to know them and just have a good time. Some like playing with Turn Order "on" or enabled, and it's a fun way to play. A lot like to play with Turn Order disabled, which was called "fast play" or "stroke simultaneous" in some prior video golf games. I believe many more online players played this latter way due to it being a little quicker.

Could you guys consider making a change to how your disabled online mode plays? Right now, after a player finishes a hole that player is presented with a huge scorecard that covers the entire screen while that player waits for his playing partners to finish the hole. Links 2004 and a few of the prior EA golf games allowed the first players finishing to actually switch to the view of the players still playing the hole (like a spectator mode). If there were more than one left playing the hole, the ones who had completed the hole had an option to cycle through the actual views of the players still playing. It made the whole experience much better because after you completed a hole, it was still interesting to watch your buddies finish the hole. As it is right now, once you finish the hole, you just stare at the big scorecard while waiting for your playing partners to finish. So, is this something that can be incorporated into online turn order disabled play at some point?
# 7 AnthonyKyne @ 12/22/15 06:57 AM
Yeah, I'll look into that for March. No promises but it's worth a look

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