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We just learned about some new game modes in EA Sports UFC 2. As the information trickle continues, we're learning enough that most of you are making buying decisions on this year's UFC game.

At this point in the pre-release cycle, are you planning on picking up EA Sports UFC 2 when it drops on March 15?

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# 1 ghettofocker @ 02/25/16 02:29 PM
Day 1 for sure!
# 2 jcas007 @ 02/25/16 02:33 PM
Have had it on reserve for about a month already, counting the days down ,played the BETA and have been fired up since
# 3 unfriendlyghst @ 02/25/16 02:50 PM
Put me down for that ultimate team coach. Day 1.

I wasn't sure about how it would work, but after playing over 300 fights on the demo, UFC UT is where its at for me.

Playing online with the standard guys if fine, but the possibilities are endless within UT. My goal, top 100.
# 4 BSchwartz07 @ 02/25/16 04:17 PM
Pre-ordered for the Amazon Prime discount. I skipped the last version of the game, but I LOVED the old UFC games on PS3. Figure I'll give it a shot, but it is EA Sports, so my hopes are pretty low.
# 5 Buddywalker @ 02/25/16 04:47 PM
I will take a look at the game via EA Access.
If there is again no option to see the replay after a single player (offline) fight, I will not buy UFC 2.
Clear and simple.
# 6 mosdef328 @ 02/25/16 05:36 PM
Already preordered on Amazon. Event mode is the best part, but the new ground game and the number of fighters made it a lock as well.
# 7 Sphinx @ 02/25/16 06:52 PM
I had considered this and still may end up buying it at some point but I have been so disappointed in EAsports games lately that I can't make the day 1 purchase and then have to wait a month for them to patch it to make it play better. Past experiences are telling me that is the new status quo with sports games. Hopefully I am wrong cause the old ufc games on 360 were quite fun to me.
# 8 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 02/25/16 07:35 PM
For someone like me who is on the fence about buying the game, I need to play a demo before making my decision. Watching streams & YouTube vids can be deceiving. I need to get a feeling for the game. Bad decision for EA to only allow the Beta access to people who own UFC 1. Those people are probably going to buy the game regardless. They should've released it to the general public also. So unless we get a demo, I'll probably end up waiting for a price drop. I have too may concerns to make a day 1 purchase (will there be gameplay sliders? Will stamina drain correctly & not at the same rate for both fighters regardless of punch/strike output? Can players spam punches like I've seen in a lot of vids? Will power strikes have the proper effect? Etc...)
# 9 myghty @ 02/26/16 07:53 PM
I don't support violent sports. Will be picking up WWE 2K16 & all the DLC.
# 10 SeaTownGamer @ 02/27/16 07:57 AM
I'm iffy because it's an EA game. Will read reviews first plus Im not into UFC so it has to be an 8.5 or higher for me to even consider it. Right now I'm leaning on not buying it since there isn't a universe mode. Universe mode is a game changer for me. The lack of the universe mode probably killed the chance of me buying it.
# 11 Rules @ 02/28/16 06:51 PM
Already preordered! Must buy!!
# 12 slip3rman @ 03/02/16 12:59 PM
Based off the beta, UFC 2 seems like a GREAT game. Played the shiz out of UFC 1, which over the last 2 years i thought was the best game I owned and UFC 2 is such an improvement over 1. It will take some getting used to as far as new controls, new player movement and timing...but once you learn how to fight...it will be the best video game sim fighter you've ever played. It is everything good about the Fight Night series...but the beauty is the dymanics of MMA!!!
# 13 AvengedAgainst @ 03/03/16 11:58 AM
I will be using my 10 hours in EA Access and then deciding.
# 14 Futurestyl3 @ 03/09/16 02:18 AM
Im leaning towards buying it, will probably preorder it through the psn store later this week
# 15 marcuscouch10 @ 03/09/16 11:01 AM
Over 250 fighters, a mode with only Knockouts, an Ultimate Team where you can build a fighter, a career mode, an event mode to make things interesting, and Tyson! Why not buy this? If you are a fan of the product than I'd definitely get it!
# 16 THA C0G FATHER @ 05/12/16 01:09 PM
I loved ufc games

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