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Two new modes in MLB The Show 16 were announced a couple of days ago: Conquest and Battle Royale.

While neither is a 'traditional' baseball mode, they do promise some creative new ways to play the game. More details were released yesterday, with both modes being outlined just a little bit more in a new video.

So what do you think? Is Battle Royale and Conquest a good addition to the series? Will you be playing? Vote in our poll!

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 03/09/16 11:35 AM
Willing to give Battle Royale a shot and Conquest meh sure I will try. More excited for Battle Royale
# 2 MetsFan16 @ 03/09/16 12:05 PM
Loved DD last year. Played around 200 games.

However, as the year went on people had the same teams with all diamonds and legends and with only online game modes because of my mediocre wifi connection online gameplay was a bit of a pain and offline random games against the CPU felt like a waste of time.

With these 2 new modes, I don't know how many regular online DD games I'll be playing. Battle Royale looks awesome in that you get a pack and potentially 5-6 high quality cards for the price of 1500 stubs, compared to buying 1 player on the market for that same price. I don't know how I feel about the 3 inning games, gonna be a lot of extra inning affairs but hopefully it just means more excitement. You can play with a new team every time, you play with new cards you normally wouldn't play with especially if you have a much higher rated card in DD, but you also get to "try out" other big name cards and legends, see how you perform with them and make a decision from there. Plus you earn more stubs/tickets as you play so you could possibly make a profit in a BR, spend 1500, get a pack with good cards, earn stubs for each win, and get high rated cards.

Conquest mode looks like they'll be a learning curve, learning when and where to put fans to protect your territory, but also when to attack and where to attack. This adds so much more fun to offline DD play instead of wasting my time with random exhibition games. Again the 3 innings is puzzling but itll be quick to conquer more zones than a 9 inning game which could be very time consuming.

Loved what I heard, can't wait until the 29th!
# 3 chiwhitesoxGOSOX @ 03/09/16 12:40 PM
Definitely real excited for both of these new modes. I love the idea of risk for conquest and I'm also real competitive so battle royal should be a lot of fun as well.
# 4 ozcore @ 03/09/16 12:50 PM
like someone said earlier if the ps+ is required then i wont pay for that.
# 5 KennyJ1976 @ 03/09/16 01:12 PM
Its never a bad idea to add new game modes, you either like them or you don't. That being said, since I'm not a fan of the card collecting, fantasy type modes, I won't be playing either of them.
# 6 EnigmaNemesis @ 03/09/16 01:56 PM
Definitely will give them a shot, especially at work messing around with them through remote play.

Would be neat if there was ever a stand-a-lone app for Android and iOS for these modes to sync to. Then they would definitely get way more play time out of me.
# 7 HozAndMoose @ 03/09/16 03:06 PM
I might play them. I might not. All depends on how long it takes OSFM to come out. If i get bored of slider testing and preparing my franchise then ill give it a shot.
# 8 BookWork123 @ 03/10/16 11:57 AM
I think it'll be pretty interesting

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# 9 spoofrice11 @ 03/10/16 01:39 PM
Doesn't sound interesting to me. I don't plan to play it.

What I care about in Franchise Mode on Games (Offline for me). Hopefully every game has one like MyLeague in NBA 2K16. Where you can customize everything.
I don't care for the card games or gimmick modes.
# 10 decga @ 03/10/16 01:46 PM
I am an offline franchise player. But these modes seems pretty cool. Especially if you are a lover of fantasy sports. Hell I might give it a shot when I am not immerse in my franchise. Keep up the great work SDS....
# 11 TheBigTee @ 03/10/16 02:38 PM
I was a fan of diamond dynasty last year, but do not like to play head to head online. I am really looking forward to conquest mode. Will likely never play the battle royale mode, but happy they included a new way to play, with shorter game times, for both online and offline diamond dynasty fans.
# 12 cws @ 03/10/16 04:08 PM
I am not really into all these modes. I would rather have Sony put their time and money into enhanced game play with real-time weather, more classic stadiums, real TV presentation with interviews etc. MBA 2K 16 does the best job in the sports gaming business!
# 13 jada855 @ 03/10/16 11:11 PM
As someone who played. I tend to focus on Franchise mode for a more traditional experience. I wish Franchise mode would have gotten a little more love this year instead of adding the new modes. But I understand why they had to do it.
# 14 Balla Da Le Playa @ 03/13/16 04:25 PM
I probably wont get around to trying them out until november when i need a break from franchise season modes
# 15 aukevin @ 03/14/16 12:03 AM
Won't play either.
# 16 bacon96 @ 03/17/16 03:28 PM
Very excited to play both. I'm excited for the rewards in Battle Royale and Conquest looks really great. It seems like it will take a long time to finish entirely.

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