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SCEA has just announced they will be restarting the MLB The Show 16 servers in just a few more minutes. They are approximating an hour of downtime.

Let's hope the servers have improved dramatically after the update has completed. There have been complaints since launch and haven't been getting much better based off of feedback from Twitter and our community.

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# 1 ImTellinTim @ 04/07/16 05:28 PM
Nice picture choice
# 2 jb12780 @ 04/07/16 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by ImTellinTim
Nice picture choice
Better choice would have been Sandoval.
# 3 Side Effect @ 04/07/16 05:43 PM
Only good news out of this is it sounds like we may get a compensation package like a pack or something based on Ramone Russell's latest Twitter replies. He said "were working on a package for everyone".
# 4 myghty @ 04/07/16 05:47 PM
Here's to hoping that it does get cleaned up. It was crawling last night just going through the position tabs in the DD squad.
# 5 Perfect Zero @ 04/07/16 05:47 PM
Ugh cut me out of a good DD game... I hope this works out well.
# 6 Nickisimo81 @ 04/07/16 05:51 PM
I'm hopeful that things will be better once this is all done. I more or less bought a PS4 for the show last summer and loved '15. Feel like I'm kinda done with it next year though unless SCEA gets this under control soon. Sucks because it's a terrific game.
# 7 CSUFresnoClassof2011 @ 04/07/16 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by jb12780
Better choice would have been Sandoval.
Or the bottom of the 5th & 6th in the Giants/Dodgers game, which I enjoyed.
# 8 Kevin82485 @ 04/07/16 06:10 PM
Servers are back up now.
# 9 CSUFresnoClassof2011 @ 04/07/16 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by Kevin82485
Servers are back up now.
And is it worth it attempt playing?
# 10 japinard @ 04/07/16 06:16 PM
I had an enlightening conversation with Sony Parent Company Support: http://www.operationsports.com/forum...ound-good.html

I didn't put it in the official post I made, but off the record she thought they had not installed enough infrastructure to handle the load. "rebooting the servers" will kick a lot of people off for the night as they'll give up trying to play or run out of time (kids having to go to bed for school). Server and code updates aren't going to fix the fact they may not have spent enough money to handle the player load period.


Just noticed on the official forums they are closing nearly all the server performance issue threads. It's odd there's not even a tech support sub-forum there. So if they don't talk to official Sony tech, and there's no bug report option on their forum, how are they supposed to be notified of problems?
# 11 Kevin82485 @ 04/07/16 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by CSUFresnoClassof2011
And is it worth it attempt playing?
Yes, i'm not having issues at the moment. Just completed a DD game. Everything is loading quickly.
# 12 kac @ 04/07/16 06:31 PM
Everything running fast and Smooth now for me.

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# 13 CSUFresnoClassof2011 @ 04/07/16 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by Kevin82485
Yes, i'm not having issues at the moment. Just completed a DD game. Everything is loading quickly.
I'll test this out as soon as the Giants & Dodgers game finishes.
# 14 socalkid5 @ 04/07/16 07:03 PM
Hopefully it will be good tonight when I get home.

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# 15 Jgainsey @ 04/07/16 08:27 PM
Still just failed challenges over and over again in my online franchises...

Would be nice to play the game I paid $60 for at some point.

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# 16 mpulse24 @ 04/07/16 08:42 PM
I was still having issues about an hour ago, when I was on last. Hopefully its better when I get on for a bit later.

I personally believe that this issue shouldn't fall squarely on San Diego Studios' shoulders. I believe this is more of a Sony Playstation issue. Its no secret that their online gaming infrastructure, as a whole, isn't the greatest or most stable thing ever. I have had my ongoing connectivity issues with it ever since I got my PS3 back in 2009 and now with the PS4 that I have had since 2013. Don't get me wrong, I love my Playstation products and have been a PS+ subscriber since 2010. But PSN has gone through some problems in the years that I have been a user. All I want is for my online experience on Playstation to get better. That goes double for MLB The Show, a game, in which half of the content is basically unplayable for a bulk of the day right now.

I love The Show and I am no stranger to its online issues in the past. Last year's entry ran extremely well for me online, I don't think I ran into one connectivity issue with MLB 15 and I thought that Sony finally nailed things down and fixed their network problems, but sadly, those issues are back and worse than ever this year, I've already lost a 20 pack bundle and the stubs I had put down for it because of these online problems...But, I blame myself for that one, I shouldn't have bought that bundle with the network as bogged down as it has been. lol But thank god that what I lost wasn't the stubs and packs that I got in my Digital Deluxe pre-order. Losing real money would have really hurt.

I just really hope that Sony and SDS are able to iron out these problems with the online side of the game and get it running as good as MLB 15 ran for me last year. I like MLB 16 and I REALLY want to love it, but with the online side as problematic as it is, its tough for me to fully enjoy my game experience.
# 17 Kevin82485 @ 04/07/16 09:23 PM
Uh oh, I just encountered a server error after I completed a head to head DD game...I seem to have received credit for the win, but still troubling to see.
# 18 jb12780 @ 04/08/16 07:28 AM
Servers seemed to be better after the reboot. Connecting to DD game with a friend is a different story.

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# 19 myghty @ 04/08/16 10:58 AM
Seemed to run pretty smooth last night but I did play at midnight PST. Played & finished an online DD game with minor to no lag.

One thing I have noticed though for me, when I set up a game & I pick my stadium, say Toronto, I get alot of connection failed. But when I pick Baltimore, which is unlocked for everyone, I always connect to someone when I'm home team. It seems like it has a difficult time connecting to people that don't have the same stadiums unlocked. I don't know if it's been discussed before but thats just my experience.
# 20 Teirminator @ 04/08/16 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by myghty
But when I pick Baltimore, which is unlocked for everyone, I always connect to someone when I'm home team.
I was wondering about this too. However, I don't have Baltimore. I only have Arizona.

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