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What would it take to build a baseball team that could match the Golden State Warriors in terms of dominance? ESPN decided to give it a test using the baseball text-sim, Diamond Mind Baseball.

"The Warriors finished with an .890 winning percentage. Of course, that's never been approached in baseball due to the different natures of the sports. The Warriors played in a league where seven teams finished below .400. In 2015, only the Phillies played below .400. The highest MLB winning percentage since 1900 belongs to the 1906 Chicago Cubs, who went 116-36 for a .783 percentage. The 2001 Seattle Mariners matched the Cubs with 116 wins, going 116-46 for a .716 percentage. Including the postseason, the 1998 Yankees went 125-50, a .714 percentage.

In other words, it would be impossible for an MLB team to match the Warriors. Unless: What if we put together a team of all-time greats? How good would that team be? Using the Diamond Mind simulation game, I constructed a 25-man team of greats. Each player is represented by a peak level of performance (not necessarily his single best season). I then placed this team in the 2015 American League and called this team the 'New York Yankees.'"

The results from the sim are certainly impressive, with the team of all-time greats barnstorming through the major league schedule and racking up impressive win totals each season. In one case, the team of all-time greats managed a 153-9 record (that's a .944 winning percentage if you are keeping score at home).

Be sure to check out the full article on ESPN for the full sim results...

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